Love Letter to Virgo

love letter virgoVirgo, I love you.

I love your unassuming nature. You’re one of the least-appreciated zodiac signs, which makes absolutely zero sense to me, but you never seem to mind. You’re so happy to work behind the scenes to improve things. I love that you don’t seek glory, just results. What a wonderful world we’d have if everyone was like you!

I love your sharp mind. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gets past you. You notice everything. And instead of just collecting information, you organize it, categorize it, and make the world make sense. You also have the often overlooked ability to smell motives from a mile away. Because  you are so tuned in to the world, you can sense disturbances in the force long before a crisis arises. In that way, you’re able to keep your life peaceful by weeding out the drama before it even arrives.

Accordingly, I love your discernment. You are the living embodiment of Thessalonians 5:21, testing all things and holding on only to what is good. You can tell when something or someone is unhealthy for you. You can tell when a situation isn’t quite right. You can also tell when something is wonderful, wholesome, and nourishing. So many of us have to learn things over and over, and usually the hard way. But you? Whatever the rest of us are learning, you’ve had figured out for years.

I love how adaptable and prepared you are. The restaurant you were going to is shut down? No problem, you know 4 others within a 5-mile radius. Miss your flight? That’s okay, you just happened to have researched all the other flights going to the same place, and you know there’s another in an hour. Water heater burst? Now’s the time to break out that binder of good contractors that you had created just in case. It’s amazing to see you just take control and fix the problem before most of us can even process what’s going on.

I love your special brand of practical caring. You are so loving and service-oriented. You’re the one who’s willing to fight to get a grumpy loved one to take their medicine and follow doctor’s orders. You’re the one to wash the dishes and take out the trash because you know your partner had a bad day. You love so deeply, and you do it in a way that measurably improves the lives of those around you.

I love your snarky humor. Being so put-together all the time can leave you frustrated with how much the rest of the world can’t manage. And when you unleash that exasperation through humor, you can absolutely level a room. You have a way of seeing the absurdity of life and using your incredible observation skills and razor wit to poke holes in the silliness. You’re relatable, fun, and truly hilarious.

I love your hidden wild side. Being so excellent at everything wears on a person. No one can be that perfect all day every day! That’s why every Virgo has one side of their life they keep private. And usually, that side is dark, surprising, fascinating, and incredibly fun. You’re the accountant who moonlights as a drag performer. You’re the preschool teacher who goes to horror conventions. You are, to drag out the old cliché, the librarian who takes off her glasses and lets her hair down and becomes a whole new person.

But what I love most about you, Virgo, is that you magically improve everything you touch. You make the world smarter, more logical, and more efficient. You remind us that accolades are wonderful, but you have to actually do the job first. You remind us that the only way for humanity to move forward is to adapt, pivot, and improve on what we’ve been doing. And you also remind us that real improvement means doing the right thing.

Virgo, I celebrate everything that you are. Thank you for your tireless work, and thank you for being fun and wonderful to be around while you’re doing it. You deserve all the appreciation the world has to offer. I love you.


Every sign, every planet, and every chart is a love story. Each person is so perfect and beautiful. If you want a personalized love letter to your chart, consult with me! I love to show people how amazing they are!


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Love Letter to Virgo — 8 Comments

  1. @Midara
    This is so sweet. You do get Virgos! I have a Virgo Moon so feel drawn to them. Great post Midara! Can’t wait to hear what the Virgos out there think!

  2. I’m a Virgo through and through, and this is right-on! Although my hidden wild side is less hidden as the years go on. We do love to have fun even though it may not appear so. Thanks Midara for seeing our razor sharp wit. We see it ALL and love to poke fun in the absurdness of life.

  3. God, that was fun. My Cancer Sun hubs is Progressed Virgo Sun … yup the razor sharp humor on the guy who shovels the sh*t literally cause who else will do it, will kill you with his obtuse humor like his native crab genetics.

  4. What a very kind version of Virgo. What to do when a Virgo is over the top in all of this? So organized that they become supervisory, live in their own reality, they do improve everything they touch but hat doing it. So much more to this story, but glad to see your version Midara!!! Always glad to see that. 🙂

  5. BF has Saturn and Mars conjunct in Virgo.

    Attention to detail?
    You bet!
    Fixing stuff, making things better, complain about stupid people?
    He’ll yes!

    But fixing things and taking care in a quiet way because you have a partner who is home sick?

    Stomach ails due to internal pressure. Unfortunately yeah.

    I love my Virgo Cancer BF.
    My granny always said that I should go find me a Virgo and here I am. Go figure.
    They just grow on you with their silent care and organized ways.

    The comment about flights though?
    Spot on down to the very word. That’s him. In a nutshell I dare say 😂

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