Love Letter to Taurus

love trunkTaurus, I love you.

I love you for the way you love the world. You’re the first to see the beauty in the bright blue of a robin’s egg or the lush greenery of the forest. You remind us that life is, at its core, a gorgeous miracle.

I love you for your radical acceptance of the world for what it is. You understand that everything and everyone was made to fill a niche, and everything deserves to thrive.

I love the way you cultivate. No matter what you’re handed in life, you can make it grow and bloom. You can transform salted earth into an abundant Eden through patience, love, and time. I love that in the same way, you thrive wherever you are, and you help others do the same. Anything can be nourishing if you put roots in the right place.

I love that you like yourself. You know that you are, in essence, just fine. And so is everyone else. You accept yourself and know you have a place on this earth, and so does everyone else. I love that you always meet people exactly where they are and accept them for all that entails.

I love your commitment to quality. You believe in surrounding yourself with things that are sustainable and long-lasting. You pride yourself in buying the best because it means you only have to buy it once. That KitchenAid mixer from 1963 is still kicking, and so are you. You know the value of that which endures.

I love that you always show up. When people in your life need you, you are there. You don’t believe in “thoughts and prayers.” You believe in casseroles and a shoulder to cry on and shoveling the driveway. You believe that love means being there.

I love your grounding energy. You are here to remind us that no matter how bad things are in our lives, sometimes we need to be reminded that we are right here, in our kitchen, cutting vegetables and smiling. The sun still rises and sets, beavers still build dams, and flowers still bloom in the cracks in the sidewalk.

I love that you know that life is meant to be enjoyed. Clean sheets, nourishing food, fresh flowers, and a loving companion are all you really need to be happy. Life doesn’t have to be grand or complex. It can be simple and sweet. The greatest moments are the little ones we experience every day.

Finally, I love that you know in deep the core of your soul that this is, indeed, a beautiful world.

Thank you, Taurus, for being exactly as you are.


Every sign, every planet, and every chart is a love story. Each person is so perfect and beautiful. If you want a personalized love letter to your chart, consult with me! I love to show people how amazing they are!



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Love Letter to Taurus — 9 Comments

  1. Another beauty, Midara. You are making a rainy, thunderstorm evening ….sunny! We all need some love letters in these difficult, uncertain times.
    I am really a Taurus but with the impatience of an Aries. Taurus could wait endlessly in a long unmoving line, Aries would NOT. Yes, Taurus is the placid bull in the pasture but look out and don’t
    wave a red flag. Their patience finally explodes sending everyone looking for shelter. I look forward to your love letters to each sign. Keep on bringing the joy!!!

  2. Thank you Midara , love All your love letters.
    So insightful and true.
    My love of land truly brings out my Taurean nature,I love to grow things,and look out into the thriving colorful yard, birds,bees and every humming thing.
    Yes our Love for beautiful things ,and “homey” things is legendary.
    Thank you.
    I also loved the Aries love letter,like Taurus,Aries also shows up! They make the most loyal friends.
    Thank you so much.

  3. My ascendant is Taurus 15, but until a couple of years ago i thought i was Pisces rising, then i found my hospital record and became a Taurean at the age of 56! So i love this generous affirmation you’re offering. Now Uranus is sitting on or about my ascendant degree before crossing over, and i believe this will somehow signify a another whole new phase of my Taurean journey, maybe the entire incarnational adventure. Matt x

  4. This Taurus rising says spot on. You’ve put words to Taurus’ ability to recognize, appreciate, find the beauty and purpose in all of life’s resources whether small or great, human, man made or nature created. Many thanks, Midara!

  5. “You don’t believe in “thoughts and prayers.” You believe in casseroles and a shoulder to cry on and shoveling the driveway. You believe that love means being there.”

    YEEEESSSSS!!! Taurus Moon.

  6. Such a sweet post! ❤️ I love your genuine, heartfelt take on Astrology Midara – even though Taurus’ are at the very last on my list for, um, anything..

    (I’m a Virgo with mars and asc in Virgo: but aspect that positively and you’re squaring my Leo venus/jupiter/mercury conj sun! Or you’re not making an aspect at all, either way I can’t have a stubborn, unfunny block of wood cramp my style can I..)

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