Love Letter to Pisces

love letter piscesPisces, I love you.

I love your infinite compassion. You are deeply sensitive to the human condition, and there’s almost nothing you can’t find some measure of empathy for. You make space for the rejects, the broken people, and anyone else society deems unworthy. You understand that a true utopia includes everyone, and you feel in your core that nothing is beyond redemption. You are a beautiful soul.

I love that you are deeply forgiving. You have a way of extending quiet grace to everyone around you. Someone has to cancel plans? No big deal. Someone just isn’t themselves? That’s okay – you’ll sit with them while they ache. Someone crosses a boundary? You’ll keep a sharp eye out in the future, but for now – no sweat. It’s an amazing service to provide. Everyone feels totally accepted in your embrace.

I love that, no matter how soft you may seem, you are no pushover. You are the epitome of the iron fit in the velvet glove. You have a spine of steel and nothing can stop you. If you encounter a roadblock, you simply flow around it. And you have a deep well of strength that can see you through anything. Just look at fellow Pisces Elizabeth Taylor. She survived getting married EIGHT times, and two of them to Richard Burton! If she can do that, you can do anything.

In fact, you can transcend just about anything. I love how you inherently understand that the solution to any problem is simply to rise above it. The little things that trouble us in our daily lives matter, sure, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re nothing. There are higher, larger, and more awe-inspiring things to focus on. Everything else is mere minutiae.

I love that you are a little flighty. I love even more that you accept it and are able to laugh about it. When you’re floating in another dimension, somehow leaving your keys in the refrigerator for the third time this week doesn’t really make much difference, does it? Rigid rules, confining definitions, and sharp edges simply don’t apply to you.

That’s because you are perpetually in tune with another reality. I love your unique perspective. The longer I live, the more I suspect that the reality you are tuned into is possibly more important –and more real– than our own. In this way, you become a bridge between worlds, creating meaning for us all.

And that is what I love most about you. You remind us that everything is connected. We can’t hurt each other without hurting ourselves. All of us – people, plants, stars, everything – is all one organism, one perfect universe breathing in tandem. And that is the most beautiful thing I can possibly imagine.

Thank you Pisces, for all that you give to the world. I love you so much.


Every sign, every planet, and every chart is a love story. Each person is so perfect and beautiful. If you want a personalized love letter to your chart, consult with me! I love to show people how amazing they are!


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Love Letter to Pisces — 10 Comments

  1. And we Pisces inspire the world with our visions of beauty and fantasy:
    George Harrison
    Frédéric Chopin
    Drew Barrymore
    Dakota Fanning
    Jon Bon Jovi
    Carrie Underwood
    the list is SO long….

  2. Lovely description of how I live in the world with my Pisces ascendant and my 12 house Pisces Mars. My 8th house Scorpio sun and Mercury and other 8th house planets support this way of showing up in the world.

  3. That’s very nice and finally more accurate then the usual. Glad to not be overlooked in someone’s blind spot and misinterpreted by seeing kindness as weakness and wussy, or even swampy in some severe cases-which all actually say a lot more about the lack in the perceiver of course, but most of them never find out. How did you overcome the obvious disadvantage (since at the end of the line is indeed the most overview) of not being one yourself?

  4. Love this love letter. Reminding me of my Ma, who could transcend, and did, most everything. With her flashlight and safety pins, she had room for everyone and loved my Dad without reserve. Holding things together was her specialty and being Scorpio, my appreciation for her grows with all my experiences with being FIXED, but broken. I have a nephew, born days apart from my Ma. We have a relationship that sweetens my Pisces Love as he raises his family, and grows a new business. He texted me to help write stories to grow that business; I ask him questions he fills in the spaces. Water filling water. Lucky me.

  5. I struggle to love my plethora of Pisces and have always identified more, and leaned harder upon, all the Virgo. It seems what I absorb from Pisces is alcoholism, escapism, delusion, manipulation, projection, self-pity, self-indulgence, etc., etc. Maybe one day it won’t be so.

    • Pisces people have suffered a great deal in the material realm, that’s why they are in tune with suffering. The wounds are deep and sometimes impossible to resolve. A person may not even be in touch with what they went through due to dissociation and illusion, a better story is woven on top to forget. Pisces Moon here, the price of a ticket to transcendence is always high.

    • Midara’s descriptions of each of the twelve archetypes are very beautiful, and the trick is to understand that each archetype works in pairs or polarity that necessarily complement each other. Like light and shadow you can’t have one without the other.

      Your opposite, Virgo, can give you the necessary ground to stand on from which to embrace your Piscean nature. The essence of both signs is Service and the recognition that you carry the opposite in yourself, which is why you may be equally attracted to or repelled by it, will complete you. In other words, your toolbox contains more than you are aware of.

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