Love Letter to Libra

love letter libraLibra, I love you.

I love the hard work you do, even though it is so rarely acknowledged. You are always striving to create harmony, to help people get along, and to keep life running smoothly. That’s the kind of work no one notices until something goes wrong. And even then, they’re unlikely to understand how much effort you’ve expended trying to prevent social catastrophe.

I love that you possess enough foresight to be willing to create and abide by social rules. Sure, people may see it as fussiness or even superficiality, but you feel in your bones something they can’t – we’re trying to have a society here. Life is bigger than any one person. We need to work together to survive. And if we’re going to do that, then we need to lay ground rules and share the same basic expectations. If we don’t, nothing will get done. You are the lubrication that keeps society’s gears turning. You are vital.

I love the way you use your cardinal air to direct ideas and communication. And because you also bring in the influence of Venus, your method is always building consensus. On a large scale, this makes you an excellent diplomat. But this shows up even in the micro. If you and a group of friends are trying to decide where to go for dinner, it doesn’t matter if you secretly know in your mind where you’d live. You are going to solicit input from each person and, using your magical mental algorithm, find the perfect place to please every single person. This is because you are, in your deepest core, essentially fair. You know very well that no person is any better or deserves more than any other person. So you naturally gravitate toward solutions that take everyone’s interests into account. If only everyone could look outside themselves like you do.

I love your grace under pressure. Even when people become unruly and your best-laid plans begin to fall apart, you manage with such aplomb that most people never even know there’s an issue. You pivot and redirect without a hair out of place. You make crisis management look easy.

Of course, even the best of us lose our cool at least sometimes, and that’s when people encounter the next thing I love about you – your sleeper fury. You’re so graceful and kind and charming that no one sees the anger coming. They just keep overstepping their bounds until you finally snap, unleashing a torrent of frighteningly accurate observations that read like a laundry list of all the person’s faults and misdeeds. It is quite a spectacle, but almost always richly deserved.

But you’re not always calm and retiring. Many Libras choose to move in a different direction, creating larger than life personas that can shepherd people and conversations forward. I love that you have so many creative ways to achieve the same goal.

I also love your subtle, dry humor. It’s not easy being so measured and harmonious all the time. Sometimes your real thoughts just have to come out. But when they do, you have a knack for placing just the right word with the just right inflection to prevent conflict but still cause everyone within earshot to laugh-gasp into their drink. A mega-Libra manager I once worked with would often take customer complaint calls. He was the most pleasant, reasonable man in the world, but always managed to calm a customer down while leaving the entire office in stitches. Really, Libras invented subtle shade.

I love how you create beauty in whatever you touch. Whether it’s your tastefully decorated home, perfectly coordinated outfit, or the easy grace you bring to every conversation, you make the world gorgeous in so many ways. You radiate beauty and light to all who meet you, and that is a special gift indeed.

What I love most about you, Libra, is your idealism. You know that the current hyper-solar, ruggedly individualist values that dominate our culture just can’t work forever. You know that community and good relations with others is the way forward. You remind us all that being a person doesn’t mean being an island. You remind us that life is made of love.

Thank you, Libra, all that you give and all that you are.


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  1. This reminds of one of the best compliments that I’ve ever received. From a Pisces friend “You tell people to fuck off a lot, but do it in a way that makes them think they are getting a compliment.” Haha.

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