Love Letter to Gemini

love to geminiGemini, I love you.

I love how much fun you are. You bring a sense of verve and freshness to everything you encounter. You see the world for the glittering smorgasbord of delights that it is, and you’re always ready to dig in.

I love the way you’re always collecting and processing new information. You are a giant antenna, catching and parsing infinite data. And contrary to popular belief, this makes you extremely thoughtful. There’s no point in having all that info if you’re not going to think about it.

I love your surprising empathy. People may mistake you as flippant and uncaring, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, you have the power to think yourself into or out of anything, meaning that you can put yourself into anyone else’s shoes. You can always see where someone is coming from. You freely give the priceless gift of making people feel understood.

I love your wit and wordplay. Language and communication are necessary and utilitarian, yes. But that’s no reason they can’t also be fun. Puns, quotes, and double entendre are your stock in trade.

I love that you keep things light. You don’t often get bogged down in heavy emotions, and even when you do, you crack a joke and laugh through your tears, and you help us all learn to do the same. Gallows humor is a survival skill, and you’re the teacher.

I love how you bob and weave, side-stepping drama and conflict with a grand flourish. Life is too short to dig in your heels. Far better to become adept at fencing, staying light on your feet and ready to parry at a moment’s notice. No one ever benefited from brooding. Just ask Hamlet.

I love your fierce intelligence. Whether you gloss it over with a coat of charisma or push it to the forefront, no one can deny that you see and understand far more than you let on. I love how you experience the world through the lens of your intellect first.

I love your commitment to entertainment. You are a walking encyclopedia, filled with enough obscure and hilarious factoids to keep people laughing for hours. And if you don’t have something interesting to say, you’ll simply make something up, all in the name of keeping things moving. Some might call it insincere, but I call it social skills. Reading the room and being a good conversationalist are underappreciated skills.

I love your love of novelty. If it’s new, different, colorful, or shiny, you’re all about it. You remind us that being trendy isn’t about being a follower. It’s about joyfully engaging with what’s new. It’s about an ongoing conversation between each of us and the culture around us. It’s about the pleasure of experiencing what the world has to offer.

I love you most of all, Gemini, for reminding us that life is made up of moments. It’s made up of friends and funny stories and silly hats and weird food and so, so much laughter. Collect enough moments, and hey, look: you’ve got a life! And if we look at it that way, you live more than the rest of us combined.

Thank you, Gemini, for all that you are. I love you.


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Love Letter to Gemini — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you for this, Midara! How can I go to sleep now? My brain and tinnitus are both buzzing with delight. I appreciate the Geminis in my life. I know if I meet one, I’m gonna have a good time. And if not, a good story to tell. 😁

  2. Love Letter to Midara: Gemini here, following and absolutely loving your gift for seeing the powerful positive attributes of each sign. Keep those LOVE LETTERS coming – what a gift to the world!

  3. As I began to ready this, I knew it was written by you! This is wonderful. Such a great way to understand one of my daughters. Now I would love to ready about my other daughter, my cancer baby.
    Love to you and thank you!

  4. I was thinking today about what I know – from people I know, or have known – about the differences between Sun sign x, Moon sign x, and AC x.

    Moon is basic… in a different way from the nature of our Sun. Anyhow, what you wrote about Gemini, Midara, I know through experience that it’s true about Gemini Suns. And, beautifully said. It’s equally applicable, in less overt ways about Gemini Moons like me (9th house, sextiles Aries Mercury). Thank you for this!

  5. As a Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and MC woman in Gemini I thank you!! Gemini is often glossed over as lightweight and ephemeral, and I appreciate your in-depth and joyous approach all the more because of this.

  6. Hi Midara, really fun and lovely work, Thanks! How much would a personalized letter be? (I think of it as a present for my daughter:)
    All the best, Shanta

  7. My seventh house is ruled by Gemini but I’ve never had any Gemini friends nor do I have any Gemini family members. But when I came across Geminis Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson, I understood the pull of the seventh house!

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