Love Letter to Capricorn

lettersCapricorn, I love you.

I love your deep inner strength. No matter how many times life knocks you down, you always stand up, dust yourself off, and keep going. You are a cosmic Weeble wobbler.

I love how you endure. Conditions that would make any other sign throw in the towel don’t even phase you. You have a deep, innate sense of grit and determination that powers you through anything. After the apocalypse, there will be cockroaches, Twinkies, Keith Richards, and you.

I love your ambition and commitment to doing everything as well as you possibly can. And your ambition is not confined to career and climbing the corporate ladder. It can be hosting amazing dinners for friends, writing delightful children’s books, or keeping an immaculate garden. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Whatever you do, you’ll be the best.

I love your dark humor. Life as a Capricorn can be tough, no doubt about it. But your gallows humor transforms life’s horrors into comedic gold, helping the rest of us cope. Add in your penchant for biting self-deprecation, and it’s no wonder that some of the best comedians in the world are of your tribe.

I love your sensitivity. You may not like to show it, but beneath that rough goat hide lies a soft, loving heart that feels everything with breathtaking intensity. You choose your loved ones carefully because you know it takes a special breed to see beneath the surface and love you for the sweetheart you actually are.

I also love your compassion. You genuinely care about other people and want to help lift them up. And because you have been knocked down so many times, you are the expert at helping people get on their feet. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word and a little boost. Sometimes it means improving the other person’s material conditions. And sometimes it means MAKING people stand up and keep going, even if they’re exhausted and stumbling the whole way. You can’t give up and nap halfway up Mt. Everest, and you know that life is Everest. So you simply have to keep going. Your willingness to share that wisdom is a boon to us all.

What I love most about you, Capricorn, is your increasingly youthful heart. Capricorns are known for reverse aging, and for good reason. You start out in life with more than your fair share of hardship, making you serious from a young age. But eventually this starts to change. That’s because, once you have survived the most terrible and exhausting things in life over and over, you realize that nothing is actually that bad. After all, you keep living through it, right? And when you’ve been hit by the big stuff, the little stuff bounces right off. You figure that the best way to live is to enjoy the beauty in the gaps between difficulties, and you see more and more as time goes on. You teach us the most important lesson I can think of – that a life of hardship doesn’t have to break you down. In fact, it can lift you up.

I love you, Capricorn, for the many, many gifts you bring to the world. Thank you for being exactly who you are.


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Love Letter to Capricorn — 17 Comments

  1. Cappy here,weebles wobble but they don’t fall down
    My grandson recently told me I could take a day off from worrying from pushing the pedal I’m trying to encourage others to keep going he’s 17 I’m not sure he’ll understand I progress , as to escape my lonely dark inside ;I blame it on having been born in a snowstorm in winter.Cold.
    But I melt easily

  2. ‘After the apocalypse, there will be cockroaches, Twinkies, Keith Richards, and you.’ Funny, when times get hard, I repeat the same saying to myself, it’s a bit of a deja-vu but with cockroaches, eagles and me. *I have a capricorn stellium. I love me some guitar riffs so no complains about Keith Richards but I wanna say Betty White, what an honorary capricorn, woman is 99, will turn 100 in January. I really enjoy reading this series. I read it for all the signs and makes me very cheery to read something nice about everyone! Keep up the great work, Midara!

    • “I have a capricorn stellium.”
      Yes, me too. My saying is “It’s all an adventure” -and- “I have an empire to maintain”. Probably something about having an Aquarius Sun smack in the middle of the Sign and also being born on the day of an ancient witch ceremony.
      I’ve lost track of the number of people who have asked various flavors of “What would you do if one of your legs fell off in a death race?” I’m sure you have your answer. Mine is “Get to the finish line and then deal with it.”

      • I like your sayings, both very capricornian! With the first too, some people forget that a capricorn is stimulated by challenges and mountains to climb and dynamism- cardinal sign, and adventures as you called them. About the race example, I’m gonna worry, then deal with it. I always tend to worry first and then use my plan/keep going. It’s my moon that’s in capricorn sandwiched between neptune and uranus all on my rising.

  3. This is another beautiful description Midara, thank you. I have no planets in Capricorn but my Descendant and South Node and still can relate to it very well.

    Have always said that the older I get the happier I get but that’s probably more me moving into the Cancer North Node or, better still, balancing the two sides. I can do the hardship bit easily but these days I try and include some care (for self and others) as well.

  4. This is great! I have a Capricorn moon in the 10th house. It really resonates with me; especially the getting younger with age part and the determination to enjoy life between the blows.

  5. Do you know what your sect is? That is, were you born between sundown and sunset? If so, you have a night chart (and vice versa). I have not come to a position on sect but I have a strong urge to think that my night chart makes my Taurus moon much more influential than if I had a day chart. Maybe Midara or elsa will say something about this.

    • Hey again, I assume you were addressing this question this to me. Yep, I have a night chart, born five minutes after midnight, moon is stronger in my chart, sun is in my 4th not very shiny. If I remember correctly, moon in taurus in a night chart is even more fortunate in terms of wealth and also giving strong intuition and psychic gifts.

  6. Yes. You…
    I must have missed something. What financial and love aspects I might have, they both turn out to be either flood (the minority side of this) or famine (the majority side). Now, on the intuition/psychic gifts, I am either the 5th or 6th generation with these characteristics. The prior generations appear to have rolled off an assembly line. They’re all dark, curly haired, female, green/hazel eyed, around 5 feet tall, 2nd decan Pisces and lived to be between 90 – 100 years old. I apparently never made it to the factory, let alone the assembly line.

  7. “After the apocalypse, there will be cockroaches, Twinkies, Keith Richards, and you.” Well played Midara!
    And thanks from a goat…

  8. Awwww. My BF has a Capricorn ascendant and this is quite possibly the adorable description of incredible strength and belief in me I have witnessed during our 2 year relationship.
    He has his Sun and Mercury in Cancer, so a funny mix of sensitivity and strength.

    I have Mars in Cap myself,and at some point – you just not care about any of the world’s minor issues anymore. You survive the shittiest things and still come up to breathe afterwards.

    So thank you, Midara, and thank you again for this amazing description of the sign <3

  9. Capricorn Ascendant here and can relate to a lot of what you described in such glowing terms. Thank you for your wonderful letter!

  10. some of my favourite authors are capricorns, my son has capricorn ascendent, although its on the cusp of aquarius. i have some capricorn but they are soaked in 12th, so is my moon. its hard to express myself, that 12th house kind of sucks. lol i dont like ambition and want to be alone at home alot like a hermit. Its so true about 12th house even if its got capricorn there.

  11. I’m not sure what your meaning of cusp is here. Typically the first (0-1) and last (29-30) degrees of a sign signify pronounced characteristics of the sign. The other 28 degrees confer the characteristics of the sign. The only other considerations I am aware of are house placements and decans.

    FWIW: Tarot cards
    Devil – Capricorn (think goat)
    Star & Fool – Aquarius (think brilliance & head in the clouds)

    I think that this area of the chart is probably the strongest, most intelligent part. Think the best parts of the thinker & the realist.

    All you snorting behind your hands, thinking that my Cap Stellium and smack in the middle of Aqua Sun can go on and pound sand…

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