Love Letter to Cancer

love letter cancerCancer, I love you.

I love your fierce dedication to what you hold dear. You don’t love in half-measures. You throw yourself head-first, with deep determination, into nurturing what and who you love most in the world. And you never give up, no matter the cost.

I love how hard you try. Whether it be a family, group of friends, or anything else, you relentlessly take on the hard work of keeping things together. You are the mortar between the bricks that stack to create a home. You are a home.

I love how protective you are, both of yourself and of others. The crab shell you retreat into isn’t just a bunker for one – it is a shelter for all you hold dear in this world.

I love your brave face. When the whole house gets sick, you’ll break your back to nurture everyone even as you suffer the same symptoms. When a heart is hurting, you’ll soothe it to sleep while swallowing your own aches. And when the world tries to crush you or pull things apart, you always show up with gravel in your gut and spit in your eye, ready to go to war. You’ll fight to the death to protect the people you love. Those crab claws aren’t just for show.

I love your loony humor and impish grin. When you feel truly safe and comfortable, the whole world just opens up into a field of sunshine. You are the brightest day and the coziest hearth. You are hot chocolate by the fire and a warm blanket. You are playing in the creek and skipping stones. You are Mom’s spaghetti.

I love how emotion is your native language. You understand the world by feeling it, and in that way you learn the incredible power of emotions, both to heal and to harm. You wield this power judiciously, and you never forget the double-edge of the sword.

Most of all, I love how you revel in sincerity. You’ve never been too cool to care, because you see those people for what they really are – scared. You know that vulnerability isn’t weak. Far from it. Vulnerability requires strength and confidence. You value that strength in yourself and you celebrate it in others. This is because you know that sincerity breeds the deepest intimacy, and that intimacy creates security. Your strength reminds us all to be brave. For you, life is a series of connections, of heart-strings, of love and dedication, of relationships nurtured over years and years. And you, in that way, live more completely than the rest of us could ever know.

I love you Cancer, for loving others as deeply as they truly deserve. Thank you for all that you are.

Every sign, every planet, and every chart is a love story. Each person is so perfect and beautiful. If you want a personalized love letter to your chart, consult with me! I love to show people how amazing they are!


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Love Letter to Cancer — 9 Comments

  1. 🥰 Thank you for this, Midara! Cancers deserve all the hype and all the love! ‘Looney humour,impish grin’ it’s very accurate & skipping stones at the creek, brilliant sensory description!

  2. “Loony humor”…people miss that about Cancer in the astro world. My Cancer mother usded to make a cabbage hat out of the outer leaves and come out of the diner kitchen and entertain customers on fish and chip fridays lol

    • I love this mom story, jana. My husband is Cancer man, six feet of him and one Christmas he was the Christmas elf, and is one most days, as loony as they come. Swell Midara, just swell.

      • Lovely examples! Made me reminisce as well. My cancer mom used to make me a handkerchief mouse when I was little and made it jump. It always made me so happy, especially if I was sick.

  3. My husband is a Cancer sun and Cancer moon with Libra ascendant. I love this description of Cancer. My husband is indeed a very funny guy when he is safe and secure. I’m grateful for all the laughter in our lives.

  4. I just sent this to my daughter- she and I are born a day apart in the sign of Cancer (she was my birthday present). Although we often bemoan our highly emotional sensitivity… we are glad to be deeply empathetic caregivers. Thank you for your beautiful description.

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