Love Letter to Aquarius

love letter aquaAquarius, I love you.

I love your independence. It has never occurred to you, not even for a second, to concern yourself with what others think of you or your ideas. Sure, everyone loves validation, but you’re hardly going to change just because it doesn’t arrive. If other people can’t get behind what you’re doing, well, that’s their right. And their loss.

I love how easily you tune out close-minded criticism. You have to! When you have as many innovative and ground-breaking ideas as you do, people tend to get pretty uptight, projecting their fears all over you. But what are you gonna do? Turn off your brain for their comfort? Puh-lease. You’ve got too much to contribute.

I love that you are a world-builder. You are brimming with brand-new ideas all the time. But they’re not just random bits of insight strung together. Instead, you create SYSTEMS. You are a world-builder. You have the inherent talent to zoom waaay out to see how each aspect of the whole works in concert to keep the system flowing. You can see how each change would impact the whole. Like Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s even more brilliant brother, you are a living computer, able to synthesize seemingly disparate information to see how it all connects. You, then, have the magical ability to see the forest and the trees.

I love that your world-building is always based in true, high-minded ideals. You are, at core, a philosopher, but also a pragmatist. You have deeply-held beliefs about what is right and wrong, and how the world should treat people, and how people should treat each other. But what separates you from more Jupiterian philosophers is that you can see how and why our current system is getting it wrong, and you can even figure out how to go about fixing it. If more people had this knack, society might just, you know, function again.

I love that your ideals are rooted firmly in compassion. You know that every person has the right to exist exactly how they are. You also know that society needs every kind of person. Because of this, you have a deep love of weirdos, and you accept everyone as they are. It’s not other people’s fault that they don’t fit in. A good society would find use for everyone’s unique skills.

I love how you understand that normal is boring. Life should be interesting, and so should people! The universe is too grand and full of possibilities to stay in stasis. Sometimes we need a shock to provide perspective. Sometimes we just need to look at something different.

I love that you also understand that some things need preserving. You are a keeper of intellectual tradition, adding on and modifying, maybe, but also sustaining what works. And this is because you understand that life is bigger than any one person. Your personal desire for change or for comfort simply isn’t the point. The world is too big to be dependent on anyone’s ego.

And that is what I love most about you. You see how big things really are. Utilitarian to the end, you know that decisions should be made based on doing the most good for the most people. And you also know that sometimes making that happen means breaking a few eggs. But your greatest piece of wisdom is simply that we all have a right to exist. We have the right to be exactly who we are. Life is big enough to hold all of us. And if we band together, we can create a better world for everyone. That is your grand wisdom.

I love you Aquarius, for the weird, wonderful, compassionate light that you are. Thank you for existing.


Every sign, every planet, and every chart is a love story. Each person is so perfect and beautiful. If you want a personalized love letter to your chart, consult with me! I love to show people how amazing they are!



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Love Letter to Aquarius — 5 Comments

  1. How I love this!

    ADHD and Asperger’s with Aquarius ascendant at 2 degrees and Mars in the 11th.
    I am a weirdball 😉

    If I would have to add something, it would be that we are usually right about a lot of things, especially future-ish things.

    It annoys the bejeebus out of people close to us.

    • “If I would have to add something, it would be that we are usually right about a lot of things, especially future-ish things.

      It annoys the bejeebus out of people close to us.”

      Yay! Hell yes! And not just those close to us. No one likes a know-it-all but people Just Can’t Figure Out a humble unassuming smartass 😂

  2. I have 2 sons both Valentines , one turning 40, one turning 42 I think Saturn is in there sign , many
    Court events, old partnerships with
    Businesses that couldn’t keep up.Has not lost in any event, as just truth and honesty.
    Have accomplished so much.Very
    Different guys: one with children,
    One with a dozen pieces of land.
    I tell people I don’t have sons I have princes ,of the finest kind.

  3. i always attribute aquarius to the common people, and aviation. how strange when capricorn stellium happened in 2020; darkness descended and hardshiped happened when covid pandemic started; all of 2020, or most, airlines stopped for the majority to fly. the skies were clear though, and air pollution dropped. people had to stay home and went stir crazy. Especially for parents who didnt want to stay home from work, taking care of their children, and went crazy. didnt know what to do. And i notice that now that aquarius planets have come in, and away with the capricorn stellium, the new vaccinations, (technology, science, everything for the future) i see alot of humanitarian outcries and i see aquarius more for the common people, not so much royalty (which is their opposite Leo) and they do like to live their life how they want, and dont really want to be part of the group or follow.

  4. Thank you for the outpouring of Aquarian love, Midara. Perhaps only a Scorpio can see Aquarius this clearly. But then, I have Pluto in the first opposite Mercury, Venus & Jupiter in Aquarius & in Libra’s house. And Uranus square my Mars, Moon & Neptune Stellium in Libra in the third. And I have Capricorn Sun in 6th House w Saturn trine in Virgo.
    After almost 52 years of working w my chart (I’m almost 72), I totally can see the truth of me in your essay & in my life. I’ve often thought I made my life hard for myself but I was grappling w outer planet issues in a personal chart & holding myself to high standards of integrity, justice & inclusiveness. It’s been exhausting but I’m thrilled where I’ve landed in myself. Currently agog at Humanity though. Meanwhile watching the Capricorn stellium working out on the world stage & picking myself up from 2020 Saturn Pluto conj along w lunar eclipse right on my Sun (oh, come on, Cosmos!! Really!?!) the work, my work, is not done yet. But Shadow work & Projection never is, right? And it is always a bit lonely no matter the sign/aspect because only I know my inner landscape & must live from there. Now though it’s as natural & “easy” as brushing my teeth. I am eternally grateful to Carl Jung & my fellow astrologers, you, Elsa, Forrest, Arroyo, Tyl, Spiller, etc. who know astrology is not about how well our day will go! 😉

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