Venus: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!

Dina asks on  He’s Not Into You:

“But, Elsa, what if you’re fat? Or what if you’re unkempt? Primping is so emphasized in our culture, playing the courting game, wearing clothing that flatters and changes you.. “Staying just as you are because someone’s looking for you..” I don’t know.”

Dina, one person’s fat is another person’s desirable. What is unkempt to one is casual and relaxed to another. Less you think this answer is a cop out, let me make this very clear…

Fat and unkempt is a condition that is in the moment. I have been fat and unkempt at times in my life. Matter of fact I have been very fat and very unkempt. These things can and do change especially when someone comes along and loves you.

It’s far more important to develop your individual character if you want to attract satisfying relationship.  It’s very simple. Would you rather be happy… or beautiful?

Actually happy people are beautiful. People want to be around them because they make you feel goo. Fellow astrologer, Jack Fertig, now deceased, said it best:

“Whatever you may think, it’s never your age, your weight, your hair, your height, or your abstinence from gymnasia. It’s ALWAYS your attitude.”

I agree with him. Pretty (handsome) only gets you the first date. If you are a boring jerk, no one is going to love you and furthermore I have had people date my hair and it was not what I would call a good experience. In fact, I would call it a demoralizing experience.

Develop and open your individual heart and mind and soul. How else will love get in?  But let’s ask people. Let’s experiment because I betcha the answer to this is incredibly varied.

What type person (appearance or otherwise) do you find most attractive? Where is your Venus?

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