Balance – It’s Not That Easy To Come By: My Thoughts On Love ‘Cross Generations

I’ve been listening to music I like, music I listened to in my 20’s and it’s impossible to miss the common denominator. I primarily like male singer-songwriters and invariably they’re men who love women.

Some of them pine, some of them work for love, some of them strive for love or wish to co-operate with the woman in their life to work out a problem. Some of them out and out slobber over the appeal of some gal; they’re just crazy for her and I realize very clearly that growing up listening to music like this set the standard for me.

As an effect of this when I ran across a man who did not respect a woman, I was done with him in an hour if not minutes because he just wasn’t in the movie I had in my head. I try to think about women who younger than I am. I have to because I work with a lot of them and it’s important I be familiar with what their standards are and where they originate from if at all possible.

I see women settle for and accept very little from men as a matter of routine. It makes me uncomfortable and so I spend a few days escaping (Venus Neptune / music) back into my world where men love and cherish and respect women… who warranted it by the way.

I thought of Valentine’s Day last week. It’s almost considered rude these days to celebrate it as many are without love and we have a culture that doesn’t want anyone to feel bad. I thought about it and then decided to put hearts on my twitter page anyway.

I didn’t do it to be rude. I did it because I love, love. I love partnering and I don’t think people like me have ceased to exist.

Surely there are people out there with Libra in their chart. Surely some have 7th house Suns or stelliums in the 7th. Surely there are others who really very badly want to be partnered, as I did from as long as I can remember.

Considering this, I think I should be the music I listened to when I was young. Let it be out there somewhere in the world, a message that love exists and it is glorious and it moves you. You can love someone to the bone and be loved like that in return. You can live like this even if you’re the only one on your block or in your building that does.

On the balance thing, my challenge is in straddling the gap between the way I idealize love and the jaded, harsh and sometimes devastating results of love that characterize so many people’s experience. I also have to balance my own bias in order to be effective… at anything. This is personal to me, with Mars in Libra. Last, I am a Saturn-ruled person. With Saturn in love’s sign, Libra, I feel responsible to stand for love in a mature way, as an elder so this year, it’s GAME ON for Valentine’s Day.

If you don’t like candy hearts; if you think the whole thing is sickeningly sweet and commercial, that’s fine. But some us think it is appropriate to celebrate love and loving so if you’re one of these people, this blog is for you!

Anyone other LOVERS wanna come out of the closet?



Balance – It’s Not That Easy To Come By: My Thoughts On Love ‘Cross Generations — 30 Comments

  1. whew. I like valentines day. seventh house sun/mercury. everyone has a right to their own feelings about it… but so do I!

    my cancer son informed me this week that he will be getting me a heart shaped box of chocolates, like he always does. he kills me, in a good way.

  2. I’m out and proud! πŸ™‚ I’ve bitten my tongue for far too long about this, I love my man and he loves me back and I think its the coolest thing ever!

  3. I’ve never been much into the expected rituals of romance, including Valentine’s Day. I DO have a huge romantic streak…but it’s quite buried under my sun in cap conjunct moon in aquarius. That’s enough to put a rational damper on any outward display of emotion. Phew.

  4. I haven’t “celebrated” V day with my current partner but I’ve already beed “Told” it’s all crap & not to expect anything at all. I’m not that into it myself either but Hell, it would have been nice to have a discussion about it. Romance in Feb? Not boding well…..

  5. I’ve always been in love with love. I have no trouble saying or showing it. I have no saturn ruled cappy 7th house planets, but north node is there. Libra rules my 4th, I’ve got uranus and juno in there, but they are in my 3rd. I do admit that happy “love” surprised do put a smile on my face (venus trines uranus, but it’s also conjunct saturn).

    I had a boyfriend in kindergarten. We’d hide under the art table from two other little boys that wanted me to be their girlfriend (and sneak quick peck kisses on the cheek :o) LOL!). Then we moved and in early grade school I remember being a popular target for “kissing catchers” at recess. In middle school, I had three years in a row where there were some boys smitten with me (always bring me presents & stuff). But I didn’t really like them much. Once all the innocent middle school stuff started turning more serious, it all tapered off till my jr. year of high school (I’m sure my parents were happy about that).

    Anyway, write all you want Elsa, I’ll enjoy reading it :o)!

  6. Well I feel empowered because my husband also always wanted a gf and my son is also like this. It’s fallen out of vogue – love – but really love is timeless. There are always going to be some people born with a yearning to connect.

    It is not all syrupy either. For example, I mentioned this song to satori

    Bonnie Raitt’s, “Love Letter”. She’s sitting in front of the man’s house… obsessed and smoking cigarettes while she writes him a love letter. I can relate! “I know that you’re goin’ let me in…” she wails. I understand that too.

    Point is there may be an edge. There may be a challenge but the drive and the valued thing is the LOVE.

    We are supposed to hide our love now and why? So people like me can grow up with no hope???

  7. It’s the best part of life to me, why would I want to hide or deny that? All love, not just love of a partner, but for my family, my little ones, my parents, my siblings, my friends, etc, etc, etc. Sure we have our differences, but what would be the point if we didn’t? I just can’t understand hiding/denying such a natural part of life. I guess I’d not heard that it was rude to celebrate it. Even if I had, I probably would have thought that whoever started that was bitter or a prude. This goes right along with “do you realize you can’t please everyone?”. If you’re not celebrating, fine, just don’t come to my house, cause we are :o),

  8. This is so beautiful! Yes I love love. Brightens my evening elsa! πŸ™‚

    In mexico Valentine’s day is known as “Dia del amor y amistad.” Day of love and friendship. I celebrate all my loved ones.

  9. Well, you know there’s people out there that would show up and expect you not to celebrate cause they don’t “believe” or whatnot. So I’m giving fair warning, that’s all :o),

  10. I spent over a decade madly in love, and I don’t regret a moment of it. I miss it. But I’m still grieving, so I must avoid that kind of love, and give my love to my family, friends, and passions.

    When I’m ready, love will come back for me again. I know this.

  11. I don’t understand this – who is asking who to hide their love? I have never heard anything like this. All the people I know that are in love flash it all over town. Personally, I could ask for a little decency, but never to hide it.
    Maybe Valentine’s Day is being played down out of consideration for poor bastards like myself that want love, like you, and don’t get it. But it makes no difference, when you are in love I assume Valentine’s Day is every day.

  12. “In mexico Valentine’s day is known as β€œDia del amor y amistad.” Day of love and friendship. I celebrate all my loved ones.”

    I love this. πŸ™‚

  13. I love to love!!!!… I love candy, flowers, chocolates, bears and angels on clouds… I am a dreamer of love. <3 <3

    I tell my loved ones, I love them all the time. πŸ™‚

  14. I have fond memories of Valentine’s Day as a kid – my Leo Dad always came home with boxes of candy for all of his daughters, and of course a big box for my Mother.

    My husband and had our first date on Valentine’s Day, about 30 years ago. We didn’t pick the date for that reason – it was more like “Let’s go out this Saturday!” – we have been together ever since, but strangely enough, we don’t go overboard on Valentine’s Day. We do cards, I get my flowers, and that’s pretty much it. We are still crazy in love, so I suppose that’s why we don’t need to prove something to each other every February 14th – we know we are forever.

  15. I know some might find this funny coming from a Venus sq Saturn, Saturn in the 7th, but I do like being in love. It’s been a long time, yes, but it’s at my door step now and he has Venus sq Saturn too! We’ve both been through hell, are older and are ready for something real and lasting.

    I know he’s going to be away on Valentine’s Day, something that was planned before we met, oh well *Sigh*, will have to have a belated date when he’s back in town.

  16. My husband and I celebrate our love most days of the year and so never put a huge emphasis on Valentines Day, but this year is going to be different! He’s away working, so we’ve not seen each other in weeks- So, when he gets home (just before V-Day) I’m sure we’ll be doing it up this year with the works… candy, flowers, dinner… ahem… well, you get the picture.


    I fell in love in kindergarten with a certain boy and loved him through 2nd grade. That is a mighty long time for a kid. I wrote love letters to boys in school, in the neighborhood, I brought them bouquets of flowers, I planned a wedding in 1st grade for that boy with a cake and flowers from the garden and my two friends as bridesmaids and I called him up and told him to come over w/o mentioning it! He must have heard something in my voice ’cause he didn’t come πŸ™‚
    I love flowers and dinner and pink and purple and jewelry and all that jazz.
    Libra Venus- BRING ON THE LOOOOOVE!!!

  18. I had my first Valentine’s Day extravaganza last year at 32 and it was great. Very old fashioned romantic, candlelit dinner on a roof at sunset. Flowers and everything. I thought….whoa this is a TRIP! LOL!

    This is me, in relationship with Venus in Leo. Love on the rooftops! And I loved every second:)

  19. I need a lot of space – but I utterly believe in love. And when I love it never dies, and I’m utterly suffering for it right now, truly deep down suffering. So St V’s Day will be just another damn thing to get through as best I can, like Christmas and birthday!

  20. I have a ton of Libra and a Venus-ruled chart and I can relate to all of this. I’ve always listened to that sort of music and I’ve always loved love. Sometimes I don’t understand it, and sometimes I’ve the urge to hide it, but if there’s one thing I know about myself it’s that I’ve always valued love and a good love song. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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