Love and Sex – What Is “Taboo” in 2015?

What is taboo these days, when it comes to love and sex? I asked this same question at the end of 2010.

I think it might be interesting to compare the responses, then and now.

What is “taboo” in your mind, when it comes to love and sex?

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Love and Sex – What Is “Taboo” in 2015? — 52 Comments

  1. Okay this is really bad because I’m posting this for the second time. What is Taboo in 2015? Gerbils. Any year and throughout history Gerbils have been taboo.

  2. One night stands are taboo to me. Never had one, never will. What’s considered taboo or not by society doesn’t mean anything to me.

    Born in the wrong century, my views mean nothing in the general scheme of things…

    • Really?

      Not even when you were drunk, or lonely, or when you were younger and more susceptible to succumbing to those base urges?

      I am debating on whether or not that is believable…I’m sorry, I’m not trying to pry. Just my curiosity getting the better of my manners, that’s all.

      • Really, Goldie, it’s never happened. My first girlfriend and I never even had intercourse during the 2.5 years we dated in HS. The first time I tried a couple months after we started dating, she got triggered and ran into another room crying. She had been raped a couple years prior. I didn’t know what to do but hug her and tell her it didn’t change how I felt about her, and decide to forever respect whatever boundary she needed. There was plenty enough intimacy between us, but she wasn’t ready to go all the way and I respected that.

        With the two partners I have had, I was unable to perform at all the first time it could have happened. I have Moon, Venus, and Merc conjunct in an 11th Libra stellium. I wouldn’t be able to have a one night stand if I tried, and that’s how I know it’ll never happen for me.

        The one time I’ve set foot in a strip club was to pick up a friend from work. The only time I’ve ever gone to a bar is to play pool or hang out with friends.

        It’s a struggle for me to not take it personally when I see people generalizing about what a man will do to get laid or assume to know the lengths he has gone to in his life to get some, because people that do so don’t have a clue how far off they are if they’re trying to see me clearly.

    • Whatever society thinks, it’s one of *my* taboos, and one that I’ve adhered to with ease. I’m in my early 50’s and have never done a one-nighter. * Moon and Venus tightly conjunct in Scorpio/6th.*

  3. I have noticed that, for many people out there, at least basing on the opinions I see posted on certain internet articles etc., the fact that people who are “overweight” can be sexual beings and be attractive is still a major cultural taboo. There’s still a lot of fat shaming and weight stigma poorly disguised as concern for health, around the interweb.
    As for me: everything that Allie and Tonya mentioned: necrophilia, bestiality, scat play, pedophilia. And incest, obviously.
    As for the rest I’m pretty open-minded. I have Mars square Uranus and to me, spontaneity and freedom are quintessential ingredients in my sexual Life. ***Third time I try to post my comment, I hope it works this time around 🙁

  4. When sex is not between two consenting individuals, including rape, parental incest, or person is lawfully incapable of consent(i.e. Mentally Disabled or Incapacitated).

  5. I would agree with other posters about anything related to children or dead bodies or animals or without consent…or fecal matter and vomit. Or blood.

    But maybe those last ones are just my germaphobe side coming out…

  6. Yay, Matthew! Some of us still share those wrong-century views!

    (Although, if Lee Marvin could rise from the grave to ravish me just once… Alive, not necrophilia!)

    I wonder if love and passion have become taboo. So much emphasis today on emotional detachment.

    • I wonder the same, and if self-respect has also become taboo, and lol @ a zombie ravishing =D

      Ironically enough, that reminds me of a b-movie called ‘Zombies Anonymous’, in which part of the story-line is the efforts zombies go to in order to deal with living with the taboo of being a zombie in human society.

      So, I definitely have to add being a zombie to my list of one-night stands for what’s taboo in 2015 🙂

  7. Well the ones listed above are obvious. I’ll speak to my specific taste. San Antonio is booty call central. Few men are willing to take a woman out on a date and spend time exploring. It’s instant sex. Cheap. Fuck then move on. I have had three offers of sex from three different men this past week. Last year I would have jumped. I’m saving myself for my third and final husband. Casual sex does nada for me. I want total connection and authentic intimacy with one man. My bar has been raised sky high.

  8. Dead baby gerbils drenched in blood and fecal matter?????

    I’m born in the wrong century too, but don’t know compared to which one.

  9. Consenting Gerbil? Boring.

    @ Misti : how’s the Gerbil population doing in San Antonio???

    @ Vicky – thanks for a great laugh!!!

  10. what’s with the gerbil? the poor animals. that’s beastiality. gross. I heard that Richard gere was into it. *looks up richard gere’s chart* lol cancer/libra/virgo dominant.

    • i actually went up to search for it online. It says rumour, but… well i dont think it has anything to do with placements, astrology; i believe it’s free will and people will do weird stuff, if influenced.

  11. I feel like there not much taboo because all of this can be disucssed online but these are stuff I feel are lingering people’s thoughts but don’t want talk about it or don’t know much about it.

    1. re-enacting what you see from porn / Thinking that porn’z methods as basis for lovemaking/having sex
    2. Ephebophilia
    3. Cross-dressing and femininzation
    4. Forced sex fantasies.

  12. I thought some more about this question and it occurred to me, that polyamorous/open relationships are a taboo for me. I have nothing against poly people, actually I envy their self-confidence. In my mind it actually even makes sense to think of Love as free, boundless, Universal, freely shared, even romantically. But the idea of putting this to practice in a relationship honestly scares me. I’m not psychologically suited (I need exclusiveness) and I’m probably more traditional when it comes to romantic Love.

  13. How about this one–the idea that disabled people can have a sex life.

    There, I said it. Even in 2015, there are folks who still see anyone with a disability as asexual. Imagine being a young quadriplegic man in a nursing home and wanting to be intimate with your girlfriend or wife. Good luck–you jump through hoops just for a little privacy. I never hear people talk about this. It’s considered gross, I guess. :/

    • @blue_rose, believe it or not, i even asked my husband about disabled men and sex ( we have strange convos) lol
      and he said that they have (in north europe mostly where it’s afforded?) services for disabled men, where the government pays for a professional prostitute to take care of their needs. yeah i was also shocked but well, they need some too.

    • I don’t know what I consider grosser… a man (or woman) who finds it challenging to have sexual intimacy due his/her disability or the fact that people now have this ‘infantile’ perception of this disabled person. I think the latter is grosser. It’s only a taboo because why are uncomfortable with it. Have you ever heard of Ashley X? Interesting read.

      • That reminds me of something else. Another thing that is gross to me. Men who like to dress up as babies and have their women treat them like babies and I won’t go further….URP!

  14. Taboo is literally a porn genre. It is mostly incest. I think a good indicator of taboo is what is illegal. So yeah violence, non-conventional etc. It’s confusing though because something that is not taboo is talking about taboo things. And seeking out fictional depictions of them. And then discussing that online. I have no idea what this might astrologically mean. But it seems to me to be about communication and the internet providing a window on other anonymous people’s psyches.. I feel like uranus might be involved.

    • It seems internet provides “info” on whatever crazy stuff a person can look for (including things they might not have thought up by themselves), but mainly it provides anonymity. No exposure, no shame, no punishment.

      Internet for hidden communications (?) & secret subjectss – is that Plutonian?

  15. I saw a few people here mention polyamory/open relationships. I don’t personally find this to be taboo but I definitely agree that this is widely considered taboo these days. In the more leftist and queer circles that I (sorta) run in, it’s considered pretty normal, but most people have a lot of trouble digesting the concept.

  16. I was recently confronted with the fact that interracial dating is still a taboo to some people. Not just to old crusty folks from red states… But socially liberal guys in their 30s! Can’t handle the truth.

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