Venus: Love And Money Compatibility

“You’re the only woman I have ever seen eye to eye with when it comes to money,” my husband said. ‘We’ve never had a problem with money.  Back when we were kids we never had a problem or got in a fight about money. I thought it would be that way with anyone.”


“No, and I had no idea at all how hard it would be…”

Though we’re both strong personalities and strongly opinionated, my husband and I have never had a conflict over money. We agree on when to spend it, why, when to save it, when to give it away and every other thing you can think of.  My Venus (which shows your attitude towards money) is sextile his.

That goes a long way but I also think there are  complexities in the money-side of relationship that can be traced to the individual’s chart.  For example, he has not seen eye to eye  with other women in regards to money but I have seen eye to eye with every man I’ve been involved with.

Do you and your partner have compatible styles or attitudes about money? What is the Venus situation?


Venus: Love And Money Compatibility — 10 Comments

  1. Venus in Virgo.

    I’m very careful and picky when it comes to money and some people can’t stand that!

    I’ve had some trouble getting along with some ‘partners’ because of my detailed and analytical approach towards money.

    But people who love me when it comes to money REALLY love me!

  2. I have venus in virgo. I am very “frugal” with money now, but this was not always so and I’ve had a lot of cheap ass boyfriends in the past who were jealous of my spending habits. Like, I impulse bought my 52″ Plasma TV. I don’t really worry about money. I like, and I want more of it, sure. But, I’m not worried about it. Maybe this is because my Sun and Mercury are in the 8th house in Leo. I’m anal retentive about other people’s money. When I’m with a guy who is having financial problems, I get very stressed out. I’m stressed out because I hate to see them struggling and worried. I want to help.

    But, cheapness and I just don’t gel. My last boyfriend, on our first date, whipped out a coupon to pay at the end of dinner. It made me sick to my stomach and I never forgot it. I have a Sag (libra moon) friend who had the same experience. She would never call that guy again.

    Another time, same boyfriend, he picked up his phone to dial #411 while I was driving. Through the corner of my eye, I saw him pause, hang up his phone, then pick up MY phone and dial. To save a dollar. He would always be conveniently looking at a magazine or something when we were checking out of a store…conveniently didn’t hear the clerk say the price, and I would end up always having to pay. And that dog just won’t hunt.

  3. “…jealous of my spending habits.”

    This sounds ridiculous of me to say, but it’s true. It was an annoyance in their voices that I heard as jealousy. They would go out of their way to dismiss something I was buying as frivolous, only to go out and buy the same thing several months later, after they had saved for it. …it was definitely jealousy.

  4. We have no venus/venus aspects, mine is 21 degrees gemini, his is 6degrees cancer. We don’t really have much money compatablity, but we’re not incompatible either. It’s kinda, no man’s land,

  5. no partner but with friends my virgo venus likes to make sure the bill gets split even and fairly. i ain’t paying for your glass of wine if all i got was a coke.

  6. Venus in aquarius. I am big on saving (Virgo mom), and I hate spending money on little things, like starbucks everyday or eating out too much, but I don’t really care about spending money on myself or on my loved ones, so I do that rather freely. He has venus in Virgo, which falls in my 2nd house , but his other personal planets are Leo, so he tries to be frugal, but it doesn’t always work out.

    I think we are both spendthrifts, but we’ve agreed to save the splurges for when it counts, like an anniversary, because we both know we love to spend. It’s not a tense issue, however, as it’s something we can work on together and we are both very organized and talk about it all the time. His moon, mars, and merc also fall in my 2nd.

  7. Oh hell no – I am the saver, he is the spender. I have Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo and he has Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sag. We do take turns giving in to the other – he will agree not to buy that expensive toy sometimes, and I will agree that sometimes we can splurge.

  8. He has Mercury conjunct Venus so we discuss it, and we have Venus in Virgo conjunct so we tease out the details (how bad does the spender really want it, if we should wait for a sale, etc.) before the decision is good to go. Just like a conjunction, we make large unnecessary spending decisions together.

  9. I’m too generous with my money, especially in relationships 🙁 When I’m crazy about someone I like to spoil them. The only way I work around this is that I’m extremely picky about who I date. If there are no sparks, I don’t waste time trying to invent them…

    Venus in Leo trine Neptune.

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