Looking For A Modern Day Matchmaker?

love valentineMy husband and I have been watching old episodes of, “Married At First Sight”. I understand it’s some level of fake, scripted and just flat-out stupid on various levels. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn!  If nothing else, it verifies something I already know from consulting – a lot of people want to be partnered. Many of them struggle.

I like this show because this much about it is real – they offer ideas and instructions around how to commit and stay that way. They put people in a circumstance where they can practice. They also put a real effort into matching people who might actually match. For example, they put people who are close to their families with someone similar. Religious with religious. Free-spirited people steer clear of people who are overly stern or serious.

Some of the couples flop but virtually all of them can see why they were matched with the other person. The point is, they go beyond (or below) the surface in order to come up with the trial couples.

Being an astrologer, I work with a lot of Indian people; arranged marriage is still a thing.  That aside, it wasn’t that long ago that marriages were arranged in other cultures. For example, my husband’s grandmother had an arranged marriage.

I’m really thinking about this at this point.  People have asked me, over the years, to come up with an astrology matching thing.  While I would definitely use astrology if I were choosing pairs, I don’t know enough people to pull this off. If I did, I would do it in a second.  So I was going to write about this, but then I spoke with a client today…

She suggested I teach a class on how to partner, for real and for life. What is a reasonable expectation to have of another person vs. what’s a fantasy? Is it fair to expect someone to put up with your crap, or should you do that yourself? What are the pitfalls, benefits, risks…etc.

I do have this information on “insta-knowledge”. It’s my field, after all.  I have seriously studied relationships since I was a teenager.

I have gotten A LOT of people married over the years. That’s what they wanted and that’s what they got. I think this may be my Saturn transit through my 1st house.  Two and a half years to work this out for your benefit and mine.


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Looking For A Modern Day Matchmaker? — 9 Comments

  1. I think it’s a great idea! Alas…. You do have one or two of these classes already, so would this be about commitment perhaps? Or what do you think? The topic is certainly interesting. Because it’s often not for love. Or, at least love can be further down on the list as a reason.

    In regards to marriage, besides being a legally contract between two people, I thought about this whole thing last year. As an Aquarius rising, a moon in 8th locked in a square with mars, Uranus close to MC and 4 personal planets in the 9th, freedom is not a choice – it’s a deep need in all my relationships.

    So, last year I considered the topic ‘commitment’ and realized that:

    1) I have always had commitment anxiety and will probably always have it. Bad childhood – but also just who I am. Commitment is scary because you can loose what you love! I’d rather be freed from that pain. (Neptune quincunx Chiron – delusions leads to pain)

    2) My wish for marriage was in reality just a deep need to be 1100% accepted by another person. Which, I realized, was crap, because you need to fully accept you and your warts. When you do that, others follow suit.

    3) I discovered that, for me at least, commitment is when I don’t want to pass the other person on to another partner further down the line. When I want to keep this person in my life, no matter what, I know it means I am committed. Surprisingly, it’s usually not because of love or accept of the person. As you say, Elsa, it’s about energy and energy exchange. They feed me on a deep energetic level, whether it’s good or bad. Often it’s both. With my bagage I have to make sure I don’t let myself be fed with energy that in the long run depletes me or my health. (Cancer in 6th house – moon in 8th, affects my physical health).

    Often I find myself longing for the longing itself. It can be anything or anyone I long for – often I don’t know it myself. Jupiter and Venus conjunct is incredibly powerful in Scorpio – but can also make it difficult to be grateful for what I have.

    I think your workshop is a very good idea 😉

    • “I think it’s a great idea! Alas…. You do have one or two of these classes already, so would this be about commitment perhaps? Or what do you think? The topic is certainly interesting. Because it’s often not for love. Or, at least love can be further down on the list as a reason.”

      Yes, I have the Real Love workshop that goes deeply into issues you see with Venus/Saturn signatures.

      The video class, Finding Love Using Astrology, covers the most common relationship problems that I see in my practice, over and over.

      This workshop (or whatever it evolves into) will be completely different. 🙂

  2. Ten years ago Elsa coached me through a failing relationship with the absolute worst woman that I have ever met. I thank God lost that time. That failure set me up for this year where Elsa is coaching me through a love triangle relationship with perhaps the best woman that I have ever met and I’m probably going to win. Both instances are exceedingly complex and I am very unorthodox almost to the point of insanity. Elsa has been not only brilliant but empathic. The confidence she gives me makes her an invaluable friend as well as teacher.

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