Looking Deeper At Reinventing Your Way Of Relating To Others

rest in the gardenMy husband loves to write things on chalkboards and/or whiteboards. He’s got a new whiteboard with an easel. He’s currently planning the rest of our life.

I have a lot of confidence in his ability to do this. He planned our move here, eight years ago.  It was a long way off but time flies, sort of, and here we are.

I just posted about the Uranus’ trine to Venus and Mars. I’m reinventing my way of relating (Venus), but why?  To liberate (Uranus) myself and others but I’m moved on a deeper level.

Pluto in Capricorn is aspecting the Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo.  Pluto in Capricorn is concerned with the reality of death for one thing. But in whatever case, I walked into the living room and read this line, “Rest in the garden” on my husband’s (backwards) flow chart.  There are only four items on the list so it jumped out at me.

“What is that?” I asked. “Rest in the garden?”

He laughed and said the garden was the place we’re going to be buried, or rather, inurned.  We chose this place some months ago. I guess he’s named it.

So basically we have X time left…and four things to do. One of the things he’s got on the list is that we make our “final contribution”.  Think about that.  We’re thinking about it.

With things like this, set as goals, how much time and energy do you think we have to play psych games?

Try, none.

People pop up and want to mess ’round like everything is they way it was five or ten or twenty years ago.  They think I am a mirror of them. I’m actually an individual, on the move.

I wrote a book about when I was young – Heaven, I Mean Circle K. If there is one thing consistent in my life, it’s that I set far off goals. Once I do, I pursue them relentlessly.

I thought ya’ll might find this interesting.  It’s a nice lead in to Saturn in Sagittarius.


Looking Deeper At Reinventing Your Way Of Relating To Others — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been directly impacted by this. A beautiful surprise gift, a lucky encounter with resolving some car trouble. Things have weighed heavily on my mind at the same time. I have been thinking how serious it is to transform how I relate to others. The value I place on myself. And how much I have changed. How much I have yet to change. I feel like it’s a precursor to what I’d like to achieve when Saturn hits Sag.

  2. Elsa, you wrote, “liberate (Uranus) myself & others” – please know that you’re a colossal agent for change for me. You and your team. You renew my hope, my ability to imagine what could be. Thank you. Really. Very. Thanks.

  3. Deep post. This Capricorn Pluto is some heavy stuff. Feels like time is running out doesn’t it? I mean, when you look around you and nothing is as it were 5 years ago, it’s sort of heavy, because it’s almost like you blinked and everything was different. It certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve been married for 7 years. It doesn’t feel like my son should be 12. My dad’s retired and getting gray hair, my sister and brother both have 2 kids each, people I went to high school with starting to show signs of aging, I’m developing arthritis….yet, the world doesn’t slow down. Its getting faster and it seems like no one has time to look around or soak in a moment.

    • You said it. The Pluto in Capricorn transit has been tough on nearly everyone. And a lot of people in my family are Cardinal qualities and oh my, the break downs and problems have kept coming. Uranus hitting as well is just nightmarish.
      Every thing is changing and life is flying by too fast now. It is rather depressing to see how things keep changing.

  4. ST and I have been working on end-of-life and estate planning stuff a bit. He has mild heart failure, and the life expectancy for the average person who has it is less than five years.

    The other day it hit me that I’m knocking on 40 and slowly running out of runway, my parents are getting old, and I’m now dealing with a mild free-floating dread of the future that comes and goes like the tide.

  5. Today I was cleaning a linen closet and came across a set of sheets I bought my mother two weeks before she died. I’ve never washed them, just folded them and put the sheets and three pillow cases (she always had four pillows) inside a pillow case. I was so sad…because I have missed her so much over the past 15 years but because my children will one day feel this way too. That is love. That is relating. Come into my life after twenty years and remember me as I was and I will embrace you.

    • Wila, this is lovely. If I still that linen closet (which I see as clearly in my mind as if I do) her sheets would be there. And that feeling … yes, I’d know that feeling, too.

  6. The art of goal setting and keeping is something I need to keep investing energy in. Reading about your goal setting and reaching is curiously very comforting to me. It really is an art form though… feeling out the right goals, working with time, finding the right path. It’s not super clear to me, goals and tunnel vision… I burrow in the details. …but I’ll get there.

  7. all i can say is : “thank -you Elsa….your posts are resurrecting my life, and making me fight to get my spirit back.” you are pure gold!

  8. time to figure out what you want to leave behind when you go. i’m thinking about that a lot lately. what is going to be the meaning of my life?

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