Looking Back At The Uranus Pluto Conjunction (Late 1960’s) For Insight In 2014

marino restrepoMost who read here know that Uranus and Pluto will square each other, between 2012-2015 (see exact dates). The planets aspect my natal Mercury and Mars.  I am aggressively (Mars) interested (Mercury) in this.  My conjunction is in the 9th (education, perspective, expansion).

I am reading all kinds of things these days. A lot of what I read connects this period with the late 1960’s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. When you have outer planets meet like that, it’s the start of something. Now that the planets are squared off, we can see the results (for good or ill) of what began at that time.

I touched on a topic like this on the Neptune in Pisces / Virgo post.  Contraception in relation to the Catholic church was a hot topic back then. The heat died down for all these decades, but it’s come up again with a vengeance.

Recently a client referred me to the video testimony by Marino Restrepo.  I was interested, but not likely to sit in front of a screen and watch anyone for an hour and a half, so I bought his book, From Darkness Into the Light. I’m glad I did.

Marino was born in Colombia. He fell into the sex and drugs, free-love lifestyle in the late 60’s.  By his own testimony, he did very little but get high and screw, for 30 years.  He kept this up until he was kidnapped at 47 years old, and put through a horrifying ordeal.

I’m about halfway through the book. It’s interesting on a number of levels.

I read aloud, to my husband when I have something he might be interested in. I’ve read him excerpts of this book. That’s what this post is about!

After offering my impressions of this story, I asked him what he thought of the author, the situation…all of it.

My husband grew up in South America. He’s a Catholic. He’s been to Columbia many times and he’s familiar with the local customs. He knows about kidnapping, whores (mentioned in the book), and pretty much everything else mentioned in this book. I was interested in his perspective. His reaction surprised me.

He said that not everyone has lived a privileged life, the way this man did.  He doesn’t really relate to him. He believes that the man had a true revelation, but explained that he was also introduced to sex, drugs, free love, all that.  We all were. But not all of us took that path.

“I went in the service. I tried to raise a family…”

You can see the separation there. The split is stark and undeniable.

It was at this point people detached (Uranus) at a deep level (Pluto). You see where we are today. Interesting, no?

 Can you connect things that are happening now, with things that happened then?


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Looking Back At The Uranus Pluto Conjunction (Late 1960’s) For Insight In 2014 — 32 Comments

  1. The book author sounds like he was numbing out with all the sensory bliss. Those experiences dont do much to sharpen the spirit.

  2. I was just so surprised by my husband’s reaction. The two men have much in common, but they also have very little in common!
    I wrote this last week – I have since finished the book. The exposure to my husband’s perspective enhanced my experience.
    Someone writes a book like this and readers tend to fall into two camps. He’s a liar…or he’s something glorious. You then have to pick a side, I suppose.

    But my husband has an independent view of the story, based on his life experience. This post is as much about free-thinking as it is, anything else.

  3. Political purest comes to mind. People are questioning the establishment once again. I was born in the late 60’s so I’m more of a 80’s Sex ,drugs n rock n roll gal. I was reading up on a highly creative women I admire yesterday and was surprised she said she never did drugs. She is extremely psychedelic in her Art. What she has done is traveled the world three times over. We all make our choices and have to live with them.

  4. Inventions and growth in technology in the late 60s. Kids like Bill Gates/Steve Jobs were in their infancy of inventing where we are today. Perhaps the square has revealed the negative side of the world of technology?

  5. I have this – this is my generation. I’m probably not going to make myself very popular with my cohort when I say, I think we have a few problems to overcome before we make any sort of “impact” and they are (a) a lack of understanding/compassion towards other’s mindsets – oh that Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo – and (b) a tendency to feel those very others owe us something for some sort of lack we experience (Chiron/Saturn in Pisces). How this plays out natally depends on the houses, of course. If the Moon/Mars is implicated in this, you’re going to get real emotional explosiveness behind that Uranian detachment, which is badly expressed because the “self” is too committed to being detached to deal with all the messy stuff in a healthy way. Oh ‘ and you know Virgo: hair-spilitters to a fault ..)

  6. Perhaps what I see is limited to my Pluto in Scorpio generation but I have seen an alarming online battle for gender rights. The pluto sextile is empowering us in a way but its also making us aware of who wants power over us. Saturn in Scorpio is firming up our boundaries and values within the reality we’re living. There’s the pressing urge by modernists and femininsts (male and female) to redefine gender as something that isn’t limited to sex roles and on the other side there are “Men’s Rights Activists” – both men and women – who claim they are to bring back traditional gender roles but from what I can see it’s more about power and conqest.

    Lol it might help to note that we were the generation raised on “Girl Power,” “Riot Grrl,” and Murphy Brown.” Sensitivity was mandated for men, and hulky macho men were seen as backwards. I can see how men were forgotten along the way. Women are now being recognized as the heads of household and slowly but surely we’re also becoming heads of state and it does seem that the men who can’t adapt are being edged out.

    I can see both sides but there really are clear battle lines being drawn and I wonder how we will shift in the coming years. Again this may only be a focal point for the Pluto in Scorp peeps but I do find that it’s something I can’t avoid seeing on a daily basis, primarily played out via social media. The square really does seem to emphazise tradition vs modernity/the future and fighting for power

    • Anyone who thinks feminism is for the benefit of women is on drugs, stupid, or too busy to think. Exactly what part of feminism benefits women? The taxes? The working tooth, and nail 24/7? The lack of equality with men while men get easier lives and women get harder ones? The neglected, and abused children raised by television? The men who are taught by feminism to either be a nice guy (undesirable to women), or a bad boy (also undesirable to women)? The profits feminist leaders rake in off feminazis buying up the propaganda, and taking the trashy, lie-based college courses?
      “Traditional gender roles” = being a man, or a woman, respectively. It’s not something cultural, or changeable. It is hard-grained in our biology, and this is thoroughly proven every time it’s put to the test. Feminists hare misogynists who wish they were men, or hermaphrodites. They are not representations of healthy, or ideal women.
      Look into the ultimate goals of feminazis. Things like altering the species to be a load of hermaphrodites, or only have women, no men. Or, for men to be literal slaves. Etc. of insane things.

      Sorry, but you’re outright trash if you support feminism.

  7. Very interesting. I was part of the change, having spent the second half of the 60’s focused on what could be done to the body, then one day noticing people with good teeth and shiny hair and wanting to go that direction, leaving the drug-smitten zombies behind.

    I’m doing the same thing now, declining to make “loans” to family, I’ll never see it again anyway and NO is getting easy. I’m choosing a different direction and can’t visualize the future but it definitely will be without these people because they go silent when I say NO.

    Jupiter in sun sign Cancer must have something to do with this.

    Interesting and provocative post, I’ll be watching everything.

  8. I find my husband can shift position, he toured with bands, lived the life, we are both late 60s babies. Where I keep that mentality inside and display it when it suits me, he is now the ‘straight-living’ opposite. It can cause friction! I think many men are like that, quite black and white, and he is a Virgo ho ho : ) but it’s rarely boring in our house.

  9. It’s not so much to me what you choose, but what you do with your choices and how you act them out. Either life’s challenges makes you more compassionate or more bitter. And you can do that with any aspect and any life path. Honestly, some of the most ungenerous, self-righteous, paranoid people that I have met, have been people who feel claim they have committed themselves to the ‘spiritual path’. I have the Pluto/Uranus conj opp Saturn/Chiron too, in the 12th and in the 6th house, unaspected apart from their trine/sextile to Neptune which then again squares my Mercury, not the most stable fundament you can imagine, and finding away to gently release that tremendous aspect has been horribly hard and wonderful. Love is the only force that is stronger than fear…

  10. This is certainly a “make or break” kind of time we live in!. As for the notion of Free Will or Freedom of Choice, that was popularized in the mid 60’s with the civil rights movements in Western Countries. That is a concept which is highly dependent on the Political/Economic situation an individual is born into irrespective of Natal Chart influences.
    What I believe we are seeing is this concept of an individual’s Free Will or Freedom of Choice spreading across all corners of the world and the repressed crap of the past (think negative Piscean energy – “I have to suffer because its my fate, boo hoo hoo”) being exposed. Just look at the Arab world and all its turmoil the last few years, and the Ukrainian situation? What about the Euro crisis, is this really over yet? I’m sure there is stuff going on in “Communist” China too behind closed doors that we hardly hear of in western media. Lets not forget the African Continent and its seemingly never ending warring clans bickering over territory and resources. Is that mess going to go on forever?

    My point is now its the global time for “push comes to shove” with the evolutionary forces of Uranus/Pluto cyclical patterns in relation to Individual rights (and responsibilities!) blending or co-operating (even being forced into this – square aspect) with larger Political forces (Pluto)

    Fascinating topic indeed!

  11. I saw him a couple of times live in person at Marian gospa prayer houses. He is inspired by the holy spirit but he upset me when he spoke against a young romantic gay couple who were 14 yrs old.
    Jesus spoke through him directly to me and I don’t remember what he said unfortunately.
    I felt called. I still do but annoyingly I can’t do anything right!
    Anyway I remember his story too. He tells it every where he goes, preaching the gospel Jesus came to him etc etc. Just an obedient man by all means.

  12. I lived it so I can’t really see similarities to now. Two brothers and I were in casts with broken bones all at the same time. My grandma died. My brother was killed. The singing nuns arrived at my school. The new religion books came out and we were singing songs like Kumbaya, If I Had A Hammer, Born Free, Impossible Dream. I think that was when mass went from latin to english. It might have been just before the population studies came out suggesting that parents limit themselves to 2.1 children instead of the families of 8-12 that were prevalent in my area at the time. The parochial school I attended for 6 years was full up so my class got shifted to public school for grades 7 and 8. We no longer had to stand up when answering a question. I think the dress code was changed sometime around then and girls could wear pants to school. We had to do phy ed and wear ugly blue gym suits. I was a kid so I was just doing it. I really didn’t form any opinion about it then. Oh the weirdest thing was that my best friend dyed her hair blonde and told me her new name was Dawn.

  13. I did think of something. We were no longer able to swim in the lake because it was full of floating dead fish. This was late 60s. These type of conditions ushered in the Clean Water and Air Act of 1970. I was thinking of this in relationship to the dirt cloud arriving here from china. The corporations that did not want to clean up their act moved to countries with no environmental protections for their people and are now facing the ugly truth. I did hear one talking head say that he thought we would be amazed at how fast china would clear the air. ?

    Neptune was in scorpio at the time period mentioned. I wonder if that lent itself to the the obsession of both the pro war and anti war people that polarizes yet today. Wouldn’t the other obsessions too be influenced by neptune in scorpio as well. And then there was saturn in pisces (suffering) and aires (war). What better than some neptune (escape).

  14. I’ve been recalling those times a lot lately, because of seeing relationships around me take on that flavor of interconnectedness of those times. They were disruptive, but if anyone remembers the song phrase, “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother” that was the charitable and heartfelt sentiment for many. Woodstock made history as an astounding, huge event absent of any violence. The baby boomers are still relevant, though aging, and many endorse marijuana to this day from what I’ve been experiencing in the thick of it (Florida)

    Not to change the topic, but what I’m wondering is how Pluto’s prominence factors into the here and now. Back then, all a sudden, corrupt folks and powerful people weren’t getting away with anything – ie, Nixon and Watergate. . . Oliver North takes the heat for it and etc.

    Awaiting this influence hopefully will help stop unscrupulous power players like Nancy Pelosi and her CRAZY – You- have -to- pass -my bill -to find- out -what’s -in -it. (scares me)

    Haven’t had time to research this – Maybe someone here has some ideas about the combination of these planets?

    • Like I wrote . . . polarization. Politics and winning is the name of the game. What my party does is 100% good and what that ‘other party’ does is unscrupulous. Only time will tell how all this will mash its way out.

      Uranus is supposed to be exalted in scorpio. Maybe somehow we will cut through the crap and get the needed governance without all the attached fear and fervor. Just a balanced structure we can run on. It will be interesting when saturn conjuncts pluto in capricorn to see if we have made any progress. That people are increasingly getting tired of the hype and games is probably a good sign. Technology (uranus) is playing a huge part in this war (aries). The internet makes it really easy to lynch people. It is getting ridiculous. I heard last week that 1000 people wrote the president to get justin bieber excommunicated from the usa. What is going on? But it’s looking at that kind of stupidity in the mirror that may turn things around.

      And I think it’s important for me to remember that just because abortion is legal does not mean everyone has to have one. Just because lgbt’s have rights to be who they are does not mean that I have to change my sexual preference. And just because marijuana is legal does not mean I have to smoke it. The important thing is to keep choice open. I think there is great danger when people want everyone to be like them. We may just get what we are asking for. Enter google glasses. A caller inner said he liked them because he could look at a sign in foreign language and the computer glasses would interpret it. Handy yes. But it’s not such a stretch to see google glasses interpretting everything we see for us. And then we will truly all be programmed to think alike. That’s the power of intention. And this seems to be mass intention.

  15. What I experienced in the late 60s was the end of my family unit as I knew it (my father passed away). What I am experiencing this time around is the ending of my relationship with my children (their choice). I also see the subdivision of our nation as we experience the neocolonialists that have taken over the federal government here in the USA (Pluto moving in on our nation’s natal Pluto). I also see an ending (death?) for a political figure here in the USA when Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto for the second time on April 23rd while Mars conjuncts our nation’s natal Saturn in Libra. The unimportant social issues that scream their way into our daily lives as of late are just a cover for what it really happening behind Congress’s closed door meetings (Neptune in Pisces). The welfare class is being led into unknown territory. What an awful picture I paint, but reality is difficult to avoid nowadays. A specific person’s experiences are what they are,,,,,but we really need to be diligent concerning the collective when reading the skies today. Government as we know it within our borders, and around the world, will come to an electric end as Uranus frees we the people and helps us to rebuild our lives with the skills and knowledge we have accumulated over our lifetimes. Survival of the fittest will become mandatory as we leave the Age of Energy (Pluto) and move into the Age of Technology (Uranus). God Bless us all!

    • Don’t find it awful at all. I think everyone could profit, from not just astrologers thinking collectively, but everyone thinking more collectively. But yeah, go for it astrologers. I know it can be difficult because we all have our loyalties and prejudices.

      • My loyalty is to those I love, Notch. Why did you use the word “prejudice”? I sense your dislike of my insight – I can’t help it – I have Neptune at 1 degree Scorpio. I refer to that as gift.

        • 😀 My progressed neptune is just in scorpio. I really don’t like or dislike your insight. I no talk pretty. Misunderstood muchly.

          I really meant that I agree with collectivity in all my day to day interactions here on the ground. And the difficulty comes in my and the other(s) loyalities and prejudices. And I am accepting that that is human while at the same time working to rid myself of them in my interactions or at least keep my mouth shut about them.

          I think in relationship to others and things. No can help. Libra mercury. Did not mean to step on your comment. I think it is good you addressed if you have concern. To my understanding, Elsa kind of has a sometimes spoken law here about what bloggers sense about other bloggers and herself the blog owner. I read it as the sensing is in the mind of the one sensing. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone. It’s what makes this blog interesting. Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves. Or at least that’s my take. There was a great post a week or so ago how we all get egg on our face. She got the mars mercury. It’s a mental workout. Stay cool. I will stay out of your way. Thanks for the warning.

  16. ‘When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.’ – Winston Churchill

  17. Love this thread! Since I first posted my question, a barmaid at a local club spiked my drink with a roopie. Her chart has Neptune square Mercury, and she’s been obsessed with my husband. He considers her a friend only.

    My take on this is that she daydreams great plans for a future with him, if only she could get me out of the picture. How dark is that power play? Supports Notch’s analysis of my way is the right way. Yikes and whew. She’s out of the picture now.

    Natal Mars in Libra has made it difficult for me to make women friends, and this is the second power play type thing with other women in my life. I can’t get over how cold blooded and calculating some people can be. I’d been casual friends with her for a couple of years, and she felt free to come over and visit us around the bend wearing her swimming pool attire. Strings of her cover up dangling down the front. She comes in and plops down next to my husband. The next sexy outfit left most of her pendulous breasts hanging out.

    I got hard core, and decided to do some manipulating on my own, Instead of being upset about the situation, I decided to fight fire with fire. I’d play this like a chess game (love chess) and be just as detached as this sociopath. She’s outta here, too.

    Please excuse the babbling, but I believe these incidents happening almost back- to-back illustrate the energies we’re discussing. In this case, it’s on an individual basis. Life is like a mine field with these big power planetary players. At the same time, other heartfelt connections feel like the Age of Aquarius.

    Amazing quote, Sabrina.

  18. There’s an awful lot of information/speculation going around online about how the whole hippy peace and love schtick was manufactured in order to facilitate the breakdown of society. That’s a ridiculously short paraphrasing of it, but it’s interesting that the motives and intentions of that time are being reexamined. That’s quite apart from the huge backlash against feminism, which I find quite scary. I think we need to chart a course into the future taking the best of what happened then, but I fear that the fundamentalists might succeed in abolishing much of the freedoms we take for granted now.

  19. Pluto has to do with karma/consequences, past lives, and soulmates.
    So, I would expect Pluto and Uranus Transits to always trigger sudden, quick, and unexpected karmic retributions, and soulmate meetings. As well as maybe sudden changes in karma, as it could for some trigger suddenly changing course down a better, or worse path. It could also indicate the starts, and ends of soulmate patterns, and karmic patterns from people making changes.
    Obviously, we are seeing this. And, it was clearly seen in the 60’s, during the Conjunction.

    For me, I will allegedly, suddenly, unexpectedly get married… And, get pregnant, perhaps with multiples. Whether or not either would cause the other, or if it’s just a full jump into things, I don’t know. Because I don’t even know who it could be if it happens, because there isn’t anyone. I want it to happen, however. Just… Not so suddenly, unexpectedly, and unpredictably. For this Transit to go to waist would be a sorry hint of a lonely future… I really don’t want to die alone, and childless. And, I want Transits good for those aspects of life to actually happen. I hate how many of my good Transits just be nothing.
    And, my real parentage, and heritage may, or may not get revealed, but at very least I’m now aware that something is very wrong in that department. If I was adopted instead of it just being paternity lied about… I will disown all of them ASAP. They deserve it. If I have only been lied to about my paternity… It’s still a big deal, and she will still pay the consequences whenever I have solid proof, if I ever get any.

    As for a bigger picture thing… The United States is definitely seeing the consequences of choices made by the baby boomers. My generation, and other generations that had no say in it are devastated, and greatly suffering. The world we’ve been given is a heap of trash. Both in terms of the environment, and socially. And, there’s little-to-nothing we can do about it. In fact, my generation has been designated a doomed, skipped generation status by the “shadow government,” and gets ZERO power, and ZERO control even over ourselves, with all possible paths to find happiness being removed from society rapidly. f.e. Dating sites are rigged to prevent finding love. They usually push at you people exactly like you want to avoid, and nothing like you’re looking for, and hide what you’re looking for. All ways to meet we are granted are full of drugs, and predators, and not conducive for getting to know anyone, or falling in love. (f.e. Bars, clubs, music concerts, raves, etc.) And, attempting to meet other singles anywhere else is taboo, and often against official rules.
    My generation also can’t do anything. The generation before us is to have the generation after us, and raise them to be soldiers. the generation after us is to be soldiers. Well, what about us? Nothing. We’re not designated anything to do, and anything we might want to do is blocked.
    Right now… The world sucks. Life sucks. It’s an unlucky time to be alive. and, those who are at fault of setting up the world this way will never pay proper consequence in the life they did it. They will have some bad future lives for this horrific, selfish legacy.

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