Looking Ahead: Outer Planets Play Nice Into 2027

outer planets

I wonder a lot! One of the things I wonder is how the stock market has not crashed. It’s a puzzle.

There’s a lot of things that seem to be in some sort of suspended animation.  Everything and nothing is happening on a daily basis.

The sky has been quite intense, particularly this summer. Many astrologers called for total collapse of the United States if not the entire world. I have wondered about this, astrologically.   What’s keeping us up?

I’ve consider Neptune and now Saturn in Pisces obscuring reality, with perhaps a Uranus in Taurus-style plunge in financial markets that leaves the collective in a deep depression (Pluto in Capricorn).  This is feasible but it doesn’t happen. It hasn’t happened.

outer planets 2024

I’ve been wondering if it’s because the outer planets are connected in good way. I’ve never heard of anything like this – it’s sheer speculation.  But I’ve speculating for months and months so I finally decided to advance this chart.  Let’s say, this does explain how things are being sustained.  How long will this last?  What’s next year look like?

Here’s next year.  It’s even tighter.

2025? Still there.

2026, these aspects are still there, and tight, even though all three planets will have changed signs.

2027, it’s still there but Uranus starts to break away.

Surely this means something, but what?

What do you think?



Looking Ahead: Outer Planets Play Nice Into 2027 — 47 Comments

  1. Tighter and tighter? Perhaps they’re holding the world together economically, but on Other levels it’s falling apart.

  2. I think Neptune has been obscuring. For example one of the big metrics that drives the market is the unemployment rate. But they are only looking are current people not working and collecting unemployment They don’t look at the workforce participation rate which counts long term unemployed who have collected all their unemployment checks and have fallen off the rolls. They also don’t look at weekly hours. Since the Covid employment disruptions employers are loathe to lay off. Instead they are reducing hours.

      • The Neptune = Uranus/Pluto midpoint according to Ebertin: “Sympathetic understanding of other people, knowledge of human nature, deep study of a subject of special interest, the inclination to delve into the supernatural realms. Insecurity and uncertainty, unfulfilled wishes, fatigue, nervous disease (neuroses).”

        Well, there has been a lot of talk about what our government knows about UFO’s or extraterrestrials. Hell, maybe it’s the E.T.’s that are holding us up at this point.

    • I live in Ohio, no one is reducing hours. There are help wanted signs every corner. Manufacturing is running 12-hour days 7 days a week because they can’t get enough help. I don’t know anyone who is getting unemployment or have stopped receiving it. I do know many younger people don’t want to work and are getting too much support from parents.

  3. Why not? I remember hearing sooooo much back around 2013 about Uranus square Pluto. If the square matters why not a harmonious aspect? Interesting theory!

  4. What if we have it wrong?

    What if it isn’t about money aka transaction of goods.

    What if people aka souls are now a commodity?

    This may sound out there but just a thought.

    Do the definitions/symbolism and representations of astrology (houses, signs, etc) ever change and morph with the times?

    • Thanks for making the comment. I’m open to hearing anything. I would like to comprehend this. We’re talking about the macro here, but I’m trying to figure how a person can benefit, as well.

      For example, all three outer planets support my chart. I’m still here, writing, against all odds. Seriously, and no one has any idea. I’m suspended, see?

      Maybe this will be sustained or maybe not. Right now, I’m scanning around, hoping for one of those revelations when I just know.

      Also, Jupiter will join this party, soon.

  5. I think it ties in with your disillusionment post, Elsa, it’s part of the collective stages of grief as we all go through an interior paradigm shift, as we are losing the faith/belief in the [now very hollow based]structures of society, reconciling our old thoughts with the emerging. And with that faith was a lot of our consent.
    Perhaps those still propping up the old are doing a service in the long run, for it would give further impetus to the inners that may need impelling, and give further time for the change to be not so fractured in results? I was going to say not so abrupt, but it will be!
    Considering we seem to collectively more open to our inners and the non-material etc, I really like to think that feeding of the soul covers where its going in flavour. I think Hazel’s thought re souls as commodoties is already happening, it’s the agency that will be taken back. Those like you who have been doing that anyway [honouring the whole] will be fine in it all.

    Repent, as a word, before being utilised within Christian doctrine, simply meant “I changed my mind” i.e I believed this, I now believe that. It was a declaration, not an atonement. The sin and shame was a conflated addition. We are re-aligning our thoughts and reviewing our consent in all its forms.

    • I should clarify, not gonna be an Age of Aq hippie utopia. more like, it’s not via the front or back door all these aspects are coming in, but the *side* doors. They’ll only show when you’re in the flow, then you grow/get unstuck.
      Disclaimer – I cannot hold a sensible thought or flow in convo for the life of me, so word salads it is, apologies.

      • I second this opinion! I’m definitely seeing it happen in my own life – major lessons had to be learned, but once that happens it’s as if a hidden side door opens into a brand new Universe. And getting “unstuck” is a major theme here.

  6. I think the collapse is happening in stages. We see on the news the cohesiveness of mob mentality smash and grabs at the various high end stores around the country, forcing many shops to close and people forced to do their shopping online. First stage.

    Second thing occurring is the rapid increase in homelessness. Inflation in the housing market, many families can no longer afford their mortgages. Second stage.

    Last is the credit card debt. Many if not all of the country is basicslly living on credit and bills due and not paid are exploding rapidly.

    The safety net is holding on by a thread.

    • I agree with u Melissa ..I have seen this in stages also as costs go up something has to give ..people won’t be able to pay for it alll so someone’s going to not get paid and right now it’s the credit cards especially now they just raised interest to 35-37 % and people realize I paid you back 3x what I borrowed already. So what’s more important to eat get my kids what they need or to keep paying you 5x what I borrowed. Uranus in Taurus is going to effect money one way or another. Last time it was in transit we had the Great Depression. Maybe we learned from that and it won’t be that drastic but it will be notable. We shall see.

  7. Great comments, providing perspectives I’d never considered.

    There is so much illusion happening, it’s no wonder we are all pondering this.

  8. Relooking at your chart pics Elsa, would Chiron and true node in the middle add a particular extra theme to it all? I’m already biased [as seen above!] but it feels to maybe add to the inners transforming in collective concentration?
    The anti-borg borg? Integrate [your self/psyche/inners] or Perish!

    • I might think about Chiron and node in terms of the midpoint between Uranus and Neptune? But I’m sticking with the outer planet trio as it will be sustained without fail for this number of years.

      • Ah thank you, that makes sense.
        also the word I was after was individuate, not integrate- whole diff meaning there! Integrate into the collective [outer planet generationals] via integral individuation!
        Yeah, I’m a bit too full of roughage here now. I look forward to your further gleanings on it all.

  9. Hmmm, very interesting stuff, here.

    It seems Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus would both be a little uncomfortable, whereas, Neptune in Pisces is absolutely feeling just ducky. If Pluto and Uranus is supporting Neptune with the sextile, I think they would strengthen Neptune because Pisces is mutable, and takes change easily. Pluto, the cardinal need to change the structure and existing disciplines. Uranus, fixed dependability and fixed values regarding earthly resources undergoing disruptive change because thats all that can move good ‘ol stubborn Taurus. Those planets really supporting Neptune’s changes of spirituality and compassion, in a very powerful way, in the collective.

    Perhaps the 27 deg Virgo completes the kite formation and gives that sextile the oompf it needs to make something happen. Mars is getting there…

    I don’t know what happens to the sextile when Pluto goes into Aquarius, that would be a out of sign type aspect, right? But, I guess Aquarius has similar Saturnian qualities that Capricorn does, so there’s that.

    And if these sextiles are keeping us all from completely losing our (bad word here), thank goodness for that!

  10. I’ve been noticing this, as a 29 degree Pisces. I honestly do t know how I’m still here. Granted Neptune (along with Saturn) hasn’t hit exact yet, but I really feel the support from the other outers to Neptune. I hadn’t followed this all the way to 2027, but it’s a comforting thought it will be there.

  11. I am looking at all this from the other end of the world – eg Africa – and I do not see a collapse but a major shift, slow enough to not create panic but irreversible and unstoppable. The financial (and therefore power) dominance of the Eu and USA globally is being eroded and replaced by decentralised markets and currency that favour the countries who are flexible (in other words, deemed unstable) and adapt quickly to new situations and chances. Same for people and societies – change will be the challenge and favours those who are not under the illusion of safety (eg laws/finances/stable government). Some 1st world people think that Africa is mud huts and tribal wars – but the truth is that digitalisation is moving fast, broad and innovative, not hemmed in by century old structures that resist change. People who have ‘nothing to lose’ are much more adaptable to change than those who sit on a lifetime of accumulated status, power or finances.

    Another shift will happen regarding knowledge and the status people have after having spent years and most of their money to learn something that AI can do faster and better. Professions as we know them today will become obsolete, people will be out of their vocation unless they do something that a machine can not do. They must be equipped with something beyond their intellect, only then they will be relevant. The plain accumulation of information, analysis and projection of facts will no longer be a valuable thing in human faculty.

    To prepare, people must be able to do something beyond their intellect. We have many layers of intelligence, intellect is only a small part of it but right now our education system is completely dedicated to the intellectual development of the human being. We think that this is the peak of what is possible – I don’t think so.

    What is it that human beings are and can do beyond their intellect ? That is the task, the question to ask and the shift that will happen.Is it scary ? Yes of course, but also liberating and innovative.

    I see Pluto as dissolving age old structures, add Uranus as innovator and Neptune in the middle as a means of recognising what we all have in common – including spiritual needs beyond safety. That the three of them will be changing signs while being and staying connected I see as a chance to shift and not break. Pluto in AQ and Uranus in Gemini – well here we have major innovation on every level. Neptune in Aries ? If all goes well, the energy and impulsiveness of Aries will serve the quest to find out who we are and what we can do beyond our intellect.

    • Beautiful.
      I think the possibility you suppose is not only feasible but seemingly more and more likely as days progress.
      That’s real macro stuff to me n totally fits!
      Thanks for your insight.

    • Thank you for this perspective. I like the idea of shifting and not breaking and I am also optimistic about what is going on in the world in general.

    • Pluto has been traveling my 12th house Capricorn since 2012 with the square to Uranus as the introduction… Talk about shaking the ground from down up!

      I have Aquarius on my Ascendant, and soon Pluto will move into that.

      As Pluto is house-wise answering to my extended 1st house Pisces, it’s been quite the ride….

      But during these years, I have had the opportunity to get deeply creative. I struggled through the financial crisis and came out transformed – and with a job.

      But I have been living kinda on the edge of society the whole time.
      Human souls and the collective is the center of my attention. Information has become the power and the currency. What we make of the information plaque is the question.

      I think you are absolutely right in your observations. I think agility on a structural level will be of the utmost essence, creating holes and opportunities while the old comes lagging behind, untill it collapses.

      I think of art and the soul. AI has taken over the pictures – on http://www.haveibeentrained.com you can see if your artwork was fodder for training AI picture robots.

      I don’t know but I think it’s all in a beginning of a transition phase, or at the verge of it, right now.
      Uniqueness is the new common, before uniqueness becomes common.

      Astrology is about cycles. The (divine) feminine will be the new black. Neptune is feminine, and feminism will take a whole new turn the next 10 years, influencing everything from companies to culture.

        • I agree with Annette. For a long time I’ve associated Neptune with the feminine in readings and analysis, though I would never admit it in Astro circles. I have no real argument except that I thought the balance of planets skewed a bit more to the masculine than I felt was representative of the balance of energies in the universe. And Neptune has lots of feminine qualities I’m not prepared to debate. Just makes sense to me and Neptune is fine with that. Pisces female here!

      • I agree, Annette, especially with what you wrote in your last paragraph. The Divine Feminine has been re-emerging in a big way and is being acknowledged by more and more people. “She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes.”

        • Last time Pluto was in Aquarius, there was an uprising of central female figures in history as well as in female leadership names/positions.

          I guess it’s the Aquarius’ orientation towards equality.

          All the big corporations
          we are seeing failing and and go down is male-driven. If they had taken on more females on the leaderboards they would have made it, and even thrived.

          The patriarchal influence is on pause to be pretty upheaved by Pluto the coming 10-15 years.

          Female nerds (Girls with ADHD and Asperger’s are on the rise and being the new brains of power in tomorrow’s companies. Look to Scandinavia and Northern Europe to get a glimpse of that development).

          The era of the nerds are probably on the rise, bit so is the female influences…

  12. That’s an awesome observation. What first comes to my mind is this: Deep (under the surface) changes without public notice. (KI, currancy, food supply, etc.)

    • Valid question – Why do we equate Taurus with money (i do know but)

      Why can’t we give equal value to land. In other words Taurus equals land (value) and agriculture more then actual paper money/markets.

      Maybe the stock market (bull) is not where we should be looking. We all know that is controlled and manipulated. Maybe land grabs are the new thing and geezzz they happen so quick (hmmm) via fire, chemical spill etc…and whatever means heading into the future.

      • Taurus is about value. Money is only ‘real’ money when it has value. There are countries that have lost theirs and people are making jokes about burning it now. Ideas about ‘value for money’ ‘An honest dollar’ ‘Money up in smoke’. I think you are right about the land. If the land is polluted where do we live? How do we live? More and more land is lost, taken, leaving crumbs for us and nature to survive. Yes, we are sold illusion, but we buy illusion too. Taurus is the natural world. It is not doing so well and we are part of it, but we will limp along for a while longer…

      • Very true!

        For those left in the future, renting will be the norm and digital currency as well – BUT with a booming beautiful black market hopefully.

        Who knows, we are all speculating and heading into the abyss. I am of the camp that ‘we brought this upon ourselves’. I include myself cause despite shouting from the roof tops and loosing peeps around me, I should of punched a few (and many more) right in the nogg’in.

        Big ass sucker punches might have worked better when I look back :-0

  13. Hi Elsa. The stock market may not have crashed (perhaps that’s jupiter’s influence) but the financial world landscape is changing. will take time for the dust to settle because there’s a lot of horses running on that track! Niger, a former french colony in west africa, just had a coup late july. African countries that are oriented (or locked in) towards the status quo wont move a finger militarily, which means, let it burn. But the real thing going on is that China and Russia are making progress in both Africa and Middle East. That’s where resources are. Meanwhile US will keep sending taxpayers money to laundry in Ukraine and Europe is in too deep in that sh*t to go back now (which was in the plan all along since the EU is built upon an American requirement for the Marshall Plan’s money to come after WWII, and the cons of NATO now seem to outweigh the pros in my opinion, tho it served a purpose for stabilizing Europe at the time, it certainly should have been dissolved at the time of the Kosovo war and our internal affairs resolved…internally. Now we’re just a crippled block of countries, ridiculous really but I’ll shut up now…
    As portuguese and, our fragile economy based on services and tourism stand to both suffer from this ever increasing cost of living (prices of housing and electricity are through the roof) and profit because we’re geographically opposite to the conflict epicenter, so my country is a good choice for vacation and real estate investment.
    Regarding the planets’ positions. I’d check 2030 for real change, because then the affairs of the Agenda 2030 for the world should be attained internationally. Veils should drop by then for A LOT of people…

      • I did want to keep it short… but i also didnt want to just say ‘look at 2030’ without making a point why that date, or itd just seem like im guessing. Mundane astrology becomes interesting only if geopolitics interests you at some level, which is my case. Mars opp saturn, you know…you got similar at home so i thought might just throw in some of that for your entertainment?! Hope i didnt use any words that alert the web censors :/

  14. For me it’s Neptune in pisces that is giving that illusion of holding things together. It’s a very foggy situation we are in and I believe when it hits 0 aries we will face reality, see what was really going on all that time..

  15. Hi Elsa
    I always struggled with the more esoteric nuances of the latter signs in my formative years of learning the language of Astrology but there is a reason why these latter signs, particularly, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces which are heavily influencing these outer planets are given more weight in the natural flow of Spiritual evolution as described by a language that has been developed over thousands of years.
    This natural flow applies to us as individuals, collectively and even as Nations and Globally.
    The veil is extraordinarily thin at present (Saturn in Pisces) so even though we may be unaware of it, we are always surrounded by energy from our ancestors and guardian angels and with a particular reason for being here (think Elsa, after having an encounter with a gravel truck doing 55MPH)
    So the wisdom of thousands of years tells us that even an Entity such as a Country also inherits Karma (both good and bad) and an associated Soul.
    (the author, by the way, is one of your own countrymen, who lived in Australia for a while and now lives in Italy (and not my views necessarily, purely for enlightenment purposes and an alternative perspective on the characteristics of our present global transition)).
    Pluto in particular in the anaretic degree of Capricorn and heralding in an extraordinary leap in Technological change now and even more so when fully in Aquarius next year and quite possibly carrying the stock market to new highs (and potential) alongside Uranus in Taurus looking for whatever changes are necessary for stability.
    It may seem a bit far fetched but the cosmos is distinctly telling us we can explore outside the realms of the norm.
    Who is to say while the veil is so thin and while we are in the realms of those etheric principles, that the goodness and integrity (and good karma) resident in the hearts of the individual (and the USA) en masse, could even be responsible for the balance evident amidst the turmoil we are seeing.
    The language of Astrology also tells us that profound change does not occur without pain (also symbolized by Pluto) for whatever entity, be it individual, collective or country.
    The power of the collective and this extraordinary transition may well prevent us (and the global stock market) from going over the edge despite the bleak outlook foreseen by many.

    Bob (in Australia)

  16. …gen X with virgo pluto/uranus and aries saturn finally getting a break :hopefully recognition for their masterhood after years and years of (pain) blockage! good news thanks:)

  17. It looks like mining the last bits of past resources. That could be last oil reserves, last bits of inherited wealth, material or not, last bits of stability, last bits of foundational background, be it traumatic or sustaining or both (trauma still provides stability as it holds back big changes and thrives on status quo). This whole last bits process is supported by the feeling that things are infinite and never-ending, there’s always more to mine as resources keep coming up against reason or logic (neptune flows on and on). So the real agent here and the decisive point seems to be Uranus.. will these last bits be used to find innovative ways to move on or will the cracks just burry us deeper and deeper? The change of all three players in Aqua/Aries/Gemini is obviously about the quality of it all changing. Mining the past runs out, almost dematerialises in Aquarius (or becomes wildly innovative), Neptune is really uncomfortable in Aries, feels almost like a false/fake start, or a start that can fizzle out, or starting over and over again to no end (also feels like a geyser) and Uranus becomes very very very local and fragmented in Gemini while it loses some of its potency (being in a mutable sign is quite different to feeling the whole earth move beneath your feet) . .

    • All in all, in my eyes, the qualities of these signs and the dignity of the planets in them will be decisive.. and the faster planet seems like the most productive way to get a handle of it all, to use as a tool in a way, which is very Taurus as well, taking raw materials and using them in very practical ways to serve your needs..

  18. Martin Armstrong, of Armstrong Economics says the reason the dollar is not going away yet is because it is still the best looking of the 3 ugly sisters. The Euro is doing even worse than the Dollar and money is flowing into the Dollar from there. He has a free subscription service and is very insightful and had the first AI in the 70’s, and was in jail for 10 years for contempt of court for denying the Government access to it. They let him out once it reached the Supreme Court.

  19. I have an 11th House Cancer Sun (conjunct Mars and Uranus); 11th House Gemini Moon; Leo ascendant and Taurus MC. My baccalaureate degree (earned when I was 50!) is in Economics. I will look up Martin Armstrong. Sounds like my kind of economist!

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