Looking Ahead At Transits

double dutchDo you look at upcoming transits? When I look ahead for clients I’m conscious about being totally realistic. When I look ahead for myself it’s the astrological equivalent of watching infomercials at 3am. For myself I tend to either underplay, “Look at that, what a load of hokum!” or overplay, “Yes, I’d like two please…” In my case I can see this as the interplay of my Jupiter (expansion: Wooohooo, awesome!), Neptune (fantasy: This is it, this is the one!) and Saturn (restriction/realism: What? Are you DRUNK?).

I have Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn in a grand trine turning double dutch ropes, then along comes my Mars. Sometimes it sails right into play and sometimes we all end up in a heap. In any case, clearly I need to treat myself as I do my clients! I’m my own client everyday and I give myself the lousiest advice, saving the best for others! I can change that. There’s enough “best” to go around.

What’s your relationship to expansion/fantasy/contraction (Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn)? Does your Mars interact gracefully with your version of reality? How well do you advise yourself?

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Looking Ahead At Transits — 7 Comments

  1. At one time many years ago I studied Astrology was totally serious as my children got older I was not as serious or something not really sure what happened. I realized that I am not good at detail and for some reason I now am like totally a novice now. I am enrolled in the Class Elsa has going and I find it so very interesting but I will never be an astrologer. That is why I order charts done from time to time. It is like I am blind to what is happening up there in the heavens. I know something is happening and that it can have an effect on me but for the life of me I just can not connect the dots so to speak.

  2. I said that about my sofa. LOL.
    Neptune in second house equals I project magical power onto the things I value/own.

  3. My Jupiter does play footsies (aka ‘biquintile’) with my Saturn and it sextiles my Neptune. I’m incredibly grateful that Saturn doesn’t touch my Neptune because I’m such a Saturn person that I need all the Neptune I can get!

    As far as Mars goes (in Sag), he sextiles my Jupiter. I’d say I’m fair at advising myself, but I like the optimism, even if it doesn’t really work out. i like being a glass half full person. It helps with all of the Saturn.

  4. I can’t look longer than about a month ahead for myself, never have . When I look at transits I just focus on the fallpits that I am warned about. I just came trough a period where it said in my astro short
    report that I might overestimate myself , so I tried being very concious of that.I have jupiter in the 8th and mars in the 11th,they square. Saturn in the 6th . Looking at others is much easier. Neptune in the seventh. I can predict my friends wealth 10 years from now, advise her , not a problem. I can’t do that with myself. The only thing I can do is do on the minute pep talk: Tear this domino down, and get to the others. And that blocks me too. I can’t belive anything big. Love the picture and the post:)

  5. I don’t really advise myself well. I can’t see the forest for the trees. I see one tree & get all caught up climing it, I get lost in the branches. I stare at each leaf. I can stay up there for days… (sometimes there are squirrels!)


    As with most of my life, I can get it together for others, but when it comes to myself, welllll.

  6. Try not to look too far ahead, like plan too far ahead because I think I might tunnel-vision-miss- something on the way. General direction is good and leaves room for modification. Also cuts stress.

    About transits, I do look ahead abit once in awhile (but mostly learning by experiencing them).
    Do keep an eye on my optimism (jupiter) because it down right annoys people at times. It gets in their space. Also have to be careful not to take on too much.

    Using your definitions, I would say I’m a dreamer whose dreams are ever expanding so that I need to discipline myself to get myself into action. The functionality test of any dream, vision, fantasy, etc works. Can I bring it to fruition. That’s the test. I can go on a meditation or dream bender that can last for days and days and days with nothing else. I like the aura of it so have adapted myself to life is a dream I’m living in or dreaming, and that is a good integration for me. Row row row my boat gently down the stream . . .

    To maintain my sleep walk or dream walking, had to do some work. I got the n-mars rx in pisces so I think I have had to learn to accept alot of things I was intercepting to easily dissolve them because disdain and anger and hurt depletes my energy to physically function. It seems I’ve had to learn to pull back from getting into the mire over human slurs without pulling back completely from participating, if that makes sense.

    It was much easier to just pick up and go when I was a young lass. Lass, ha, not a word that really fits my rebellious youth.

    I’m windy today. Airy?

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