Logical vs Abstract Thinking… Saturn In Virgo

abstract_art_masterpiece_b.jpgThe soldier characterized me as the queen of abstract thinking some days ago and  fair number of people who read here couldn’t see it.

(Do You Believe In Astrology… Beware)

I am afraid I can see it and I am suffering because of it.

With Saturn is in Virgo we are all supposed to be learning about and working to improve our thought processes and ways of communicating. And I have a 9th house Mercury conjunct Mars which is a reckless, gambling mouth signature if there ever was one so you know Saturn is going to put a squeeze on that!

Last week it had me questioning my beliefs and particularly any attempt to shove them down another person’s throat. In regards to writing the soldier’s son, I said this:

“…I am just thinking how my beliefs might impact him.  For example is there a difference between saying, “You are a Libra so blah blah,” and “You have not been baptized so…”

Probably not.  And now it’s my abstract thinking being scrutinized.

You don’t think I think in the abstract? Well what about the idea that I believe the soldier’s son will survive his tour in Iraq because he is a storyteller (Jupiter) and therefore will be protected.


If you want to find out just how “abstract” you are, trying telling that to a TRUE logical mind because if you so you are probably going to be humbled.

Now this does not mean I intend to change my thinking or avoid communicating my ideas but by God, I should be aware of this. I have Mercury in Libra that demands (Mars) I see the other person’s view and be considerate of it.

The next job (and it is a job) is find the courage to preserve (Saturn) in my attempts to communicate in service (Virgo) and one more thing:

Damned communication better be clean too. (VIRGO)


Logical vs Abstract Thinking… Saturn In Virgo — 6 Comments

  1. Elsa- I love your abstract thinking! It is a nice balance to the practical saturn and capricorn stuff too. I can do both and appreciate abstract thought in other people, except when I am trying to be serious for crying out loud. hahahaha… which thankfully doesn’t dominate or I would be as dull as a butter knife.

  2. Heather – Thanks and I got news for you. I know this is true because I have this experience with my sister and we are very like:

    Somethings you read here are not going to occur or actually sink in for 10 years. It because of our Capricorn I guess and boy when I am dead, it’s going to be great.

    Mark my words, when I am dead, I am going to be more popular and appreciated than I ever was when I was above ground and I figured that out with an equation of course. ::laughs::

    My first husband loved math and chased me down the road with a math book once. He said I’d like it if I would just sit still and let him explain it to me. I ran right the fuck out of the house.

    The soldier is so advanced in math, he has exhausted every math course in existence and moved on to creating / coming up with his own mathematical theory. (Seriously)

    Now just try to tell people like this I think in some kind of order. You do it because I sure as hell not going to!

  3. Argh! It makes my head hurt sometimes. My husband just says stuff without regard and it makes me crazy, but sometimes I go the other direction and am so considerate of other people’s beliefs that I don’t hold true to my own and say what I think needs to be said. I’m finding it easier as I get older to open my mouth, especially if I think someone will benefit. And I’ve said it before, if you write something that someone mulls over for days or weeks, that’s pretty darn abstract and you (Elsa) do that alllllll the time.

  4. 😉 maybe a little abstract, more specifically, though, i think you’re expressing the nonlinearity of thought, and how much you let your subconscious do the hard work (why not?)
    just my guesses, though….

    i’ve been feeling forced to actually _say_ more of the thoughts passing behind my eyes. it’s kind of unnerving. but that virgo ascendant of mine is also trine mercury (taurus) and sextile uranus in scorpio… so some of those things are… not quite tactful.

    but i can’t seem to make myself shut up the way i used to. in a way it seems i’m obligated to speak what i see no matter how uncomfortable it might be.
    which scares me because people often get really irritated at me when i don’t censor myself. but i seem to have some sort of immunity to that right now. i don’t know why that would be. maybe because my peers are no longer teenage girls. *shrug*

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