Living With A Grand Cross

Living with a Grand CrossI have a chart that causes astrologers to say “I’m sorry,” or as one reacted when my sister Elsa showed my chart to her, “How does she live with this?” I have plenty of aspects but what stands out to most astrologers is my Grand Cross in mutable signs. They wonder how I deal, what my life has been like and what sort of a train wreck I am! I’m not a train wreck and in fact I have a way of looking at life and at oppositions in particular that works for me and works for my chart! I’m happier than most people think and I’m very experienced in some tough things as people would expect. I’ve also been blessed where others are not so lucky and it’s all due to my Grand Cross and the action in my chart.

Opposition means balance. When one has a Grand Cross in their natal chart it means that a person is going to learn about balance and learn in a very deep way! When people of opposite signs learn to tolerate each other it is a high form of love and when a person learns to live with opposites in their chart at all times one learns to be open and have love for everyone and themselves as well. It’s interesting I worked and studied so hard to be a dancer when you think of the fact that dance is the hardest sport on the human body according to a Harvard study. Yes, one is a perfectionist when they study dance for they are looking in the mirror at all times seeing their mistakes and flaws mirrored back at them in living color. A Grand cross in your natal chart is much like this because any time you go too far to to one side or the edge you will see the mistake right away and you must correct it to go on! It’s all about balance, as dance is, so is the Grand Cross in your natal chart.

I have been forced to live a life of balance and if I ever go too far to one side of the cross, for example, become too emotional or too earthy, I’m going to suffer for it and I’m going to have to correct it! Rarely do you get in any trouble with a Grand Cross in your chart because life corrects you before things get too messy! If I have my Sun in Pisces I had better think of what a Virgo would say too because I have the opposition in my chart and the Virgo planet is going to have its say whether I like it or not. If I get too Sagittarius I can count on my planet in Gemini yelling out in one form or the other for attention until I hear it loud and clear and consider its lessons! Oh yes, it is a very balanced life and one is reminded of the saying “Everything in moderation.” If I act out I’m going to get caught and I’m never going to get away with anything, but on the other hand no one seems to get away with causing me problems either! It is a system of checks and balances where I see others “get their dues” when they “do me wrong” while I see those that do the right thing in my life rewarded greatly for it! I used to think it was all out of my hands until I mastered my chart enough to own some of the energy inside myself.

When I was younger and had a problem with a Scorpio, for example, a Taurus that was very strong would appear and befriend me and help me along through my problem with the Scorpio! I had to learn to do these things for myself but to this day I will have the same experience. If one sign gives me too many problems the universe sends me a person in my life that can advise me on how to handle the problem I have with a person of that sign hassling me! These people have appeared in the guise of lawyers, doctors and Indian chiefs. These helpmates have been of every sign but always a sign that is opposite the one I am having problems with and I end up learning how to “win the day” from the person that appears of the opposite sign.

I now have learned to act on the opposite side of my chart when having problems with someone or something and no longer do I find a person filling this role, or less and less a person has needed to appear. It is as if I’ve had angels that have come into my life to help me get out of trouble and they come in the sign that I have neglected to think like or about…. Since I have internalized some of this ability to be that balance myself I have needed fewer angels but they still appear when the issue is too much for me or something I have no experience with.

Accidents have occurred. If I am too Sagittarius I can expect an accident of some sort to befall me but it will be just enough to teach me the lesson of the Gemini inside of me and there will be balance restored. Being frightened of oppositions is not something I have ever suffered from for I can count on this action to take place in my life and in my chart so I know I will land on my feet. However I know not to push the gambler in my Sagittarius or go to far into my head when the Gemini is pulling on me too hard! If I am too Pisces I can count on a Virgo lesson to pop up that is just strong enough to balance my thinking out and set my life straight!

To the outsider it may look like my life has been tough but I have had the very best life has to offer and the very worse as I learned to balance my life according to my chart’s demands. I’ve had it horrible and the next day I’ve been fine. I’ve landed on my feet more times than my cat has in his life! I have more than nine lives because my chart will correct itself and therefore, myself before I know it. This has given me great faith and a deep knowledge of myself that comes from studying everything one can study with a Grand Cross.

I’ve had psychotherapy for twelve years to get to know myself and I’ve studied tarot, astrology, numerology and other practices. I’ve had to do all this to understand myself and make sense of life with the Grand Cross living in my chart! There are also “ways out” that are key aspects that help me escape the Grand Cross if I need to and transcend everything. For example, I’ve Sun trine Neptune and if I go there it all can disappear for I am peaceful, sure of my beliefs and able to relax. Still I will have to return to the lessons of the Grand Cross whose lessons are very powerful.

The Grand Cross teaches us to allow for another’s ideas and thoughts. It shows us that other’s ideas and opinions may be valid for something we need to know in life. The Grand Cross in your natal chart teaches you that people are very important in your life and that you should honor them for who they are. Most of all the Grand Cross teaches one that life is large and open and we can all do just about whatever we want to do so long as we have thought it out, felt it out and most all, stay open! When there is a Grand Cross in the sky it is our opportunity to find our balance again and right our wrongs.

Most of all when we meet someone of the opposite sign of our own we would do well to remember that they may have something to teach us that will better our lives!

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Living With A Grand Cross — 44 Comments

  1. I can relate. them them all you adhere to william of orange, “to persevere with out the need of hope, to strive with out the expectation of sucess”

  2. A beautifully written, eloquent post (seems to run in the family! 😉 This helps to flesh out why I felt so balanced during the Aries stellium. I don’t have a Grand Cross, but I’m a Libra Sun with a stellium in Libra and I found all of those oppositions suited my Libran’s need for balance. Maybe that’s just how I used the energy, I don’t know. I know things weren’t perfect for me during that month, but somehow, all of those oppositions served me well and I loved the oppositional energy. Your post has made me think about how I can use the energy of this Grand Cross and it underscores everything I’ve been thinking about lately. Thanks for that. 😉

  3. We have quite a lot in common Annalisa. I have a grand cross in my natal chart too. Your timely message really spoke to me. Thank you!

  4. I have a lot of oppositions in my chart due my Gemini and Sagittarius planets and I can totally relate! If I become too big pictured like a Sag, I suddenly become more Gemini, Lol.

    -Nice writing-

  5. Excellent post, Annalisa! Thank YOU!

    I don’t have a grand cross (at least I don’t think I do)- but, I have had to learn to manage some oppositions… Namely- Pluto. It opposes Mercury/Mars/Chiron and by a wide orb- Jupiter/IC.

    The challenge of this opposition has been to find the best way to channel all that intense energy. To heal or to kill… 😉

  6. I have a grand cross too, in fixed signs, and I agree/identify with a lot of what you said here. I think I’m capable of anything because I know I’m capable of anything. The past several years of my life have been difficult, and the next several will be difficult too, maybe even more difficult, but I always managed to pull myself out of it (nearly all on my own), and I’ll do the same this time. I’ve had plenty of chances to fall apart, land myself in a truly bad situation, and even end up dead, but somehow I always pulled through. I suppose it helps that the grand cross links up with a mystic rectangle at a couple points. It’s hard to hit a dead-end, because there’s always a way out, if not several.

    It hasn’t always been this easy, but as I’ve matured (only 18/19 years old here), and have had astrology assisting me, it’s become easier to work with my chart instead of having it steamroll me.

    • That’s my story, fixed grand cross in my natal chart. I was told years ago, I had a grand cross which meant I was capable of greatness, for good or evil (same as everyone with a grand cross). In my case, I know that once I’m fixated on something, I am relentless. I will pursue my goals. It doesn’t apply to people though. If someone tries to block me, stop me getting my goal, I will step around them and continue to push forward. I’ll just disengage from them. This might be the Aquarian in me… It’s nice to meet a community of other Grand crossers though. It makes you realise that there are people out there that might understand how you might see the world.

  7. Great post, as a person with a fixed grand cross I appreciate your insightful piece. One year ago a close friend gave me a Michel Parks print that speaks volumes on balance and harmony. Your observations about oppositions and balancing is a must for a Grand Cross chart. I am wondering if you have a Grand Trine also. I do and Saturn is the anchor for both.

  8. This was a treat for me to read. Thank you. I have a T-square but can’t remember what type or what it’s in etc. Have it written somewhere. Anyway, my life has been very similar to yours. And it’s just a breath of fresh air to read someone who understands and experiences life the same way.

  9. very well written! No grand cross here but I do have a mystic rectangle, which balances out a couple of intense oppositions in my chart.

    I have found your writing about Grand Crosses natally as very helpful in understanding how to benefit from the current grand cross in the sky. I have taken alot from your writing and interpreting it through where the current grand cross falls in my chart.

    Very constructive blog, Annalisa! Thanks!

  10. I’m looking at my chart with its many and varied oppostitions and I see a cross with 2°27′ Scorpio Neptune, 3°39′ Leo Uranus, 5°26′ Aquarius MC and 29°42′ Aries ASC. Is this classed as a grand cross even though ASC is out of sign and MC is included as opposed to an actual planet?

  11. Thanks for such a considered and thorough post Annalisa, this makes a lot of sense. I was reading Barbara Handclow yesterday and she said ‘Grand Crosses are my favourite configuration because they always get the job done’.

  12. Thanks for reading everyone! I’m happy to see that people see their oppositions as opportunities instead of road blocks! There is a nice balance there that makes us wise and life wonderful as soon as we stop fighting the lessons that the aspect brings! Yes, I do have a grand trine in fire but the grand cross is involved. There is, indeed, always somewhere to go and the knowledge of that helps us in life tremendously!

  13. Thanks for this. I’ve been curious about what it must feel like to have those conflictions in a chart.

    On saturday I’m attending the 1 year birthday of a child who was born during last summer’s cardinal cross dance. June 20th. He’s been on my mind!

  14. I have a T-square in my chart. Nice to read that these aspects aren’t as negative as made out to be. Thanks Annalisa

  15. Excellent post! My daughter has a Grand Cross and she was always asking me about. I would explain it from the outside in, this incredible post is from the inside… deeply digested..very powerful. Thank you!!

  16. Tima, I’m sure your daughter will have a special life with a grand cross! It is NOT as negative as some may think and it can balance you in amazing ways! One stays on track and again, can live in moderation very well which is the best way to live. Knowing the other side of things is a gift, not a curse!
    Thank you for reading!

  17. i like my oppositions and squares! now that i’ve had some practice growing into them…
    i only have a grand cross if you give the moon an 8 degree orb, but the t square’s pretty tight, and teaches me a lot.
    it involves my chart ruler, and fixed signs. can be really darn good at pulling me out of ruts if i get the energy swirling…

  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and share it with us. I found this article after googling “Living with a Grand Square”. My daughter, who is only 19mos old, has a Grand Square and it has made me very concerned. I know a young man in his 30’s who also has one and his positive outlook is similar to yours. It is comforting to me to read your words. It give me hopes that my sweet baby girl isn’t doomed for some horrible life of heartbreak and sorrow. Thanks again!

  19. Annalisa, I wanted to thank you for this post. This helps me see oppositions in a more constructive light. Ok, so while integration is key when it comes to dealing with squares, balance is indispensable when dealing with oppositions. Now I see how I can deal with the two oppositions in my chart. Ok with Moon in Sagittarius (9th) opposite Jupiter in Gemini (3rd), I have to balance the emotional with the philosophical and the big picture with the little details. For Neptune in Capricorn (10th) opposite Chiron in Cancer (4th), I have to balance the ideal with the healing process, and the outer world with the inner world.

  20. I’ve caught a few of your writings, Annalisa, and they are always beautifully written, profound and insightful.
    Have a Grand Cross & Kite Formation (hinged on a Pluto/Jupiter axis) coming up in my 2013 Solar Return. There’s also a mystic rectangle in this cardinal configuration, so looking for clues.
    Your suggestions of keeping balance makes perfect sense! 🙂
    Thank You!!

  21. Annalisa, I am a mutable grand cross, with sun in Pisces.
    I know what you’re talking when you speak about having a grand cross; sometimes seems a neverending bad story …and sometimes a special thing, a blessing… (!!!). Is an eternal fight.We must improve every day or …we die.
    God help you and all Grand crosses.
    (Excuse-me about my bad english, I am not english)

    • I have Sun in Pisces, Pluto in Virgo, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagitarius. Also a yod sat nep with Mars as receptor. Life is tough but I consider myself a happy person.

  22. Wow I don’t know how I missed this post before! I love the new site. I’m seeing so many great threads that seemed hidden to me before 🙂

  23. Well written, I felt relieved reading this, my life at 62, I am on a hard conjunction Pluto transit `11 degree riding on my Cap sun 12 degree, and it gets worse LOL!!! I am glad I can laugh….Oh yes I have a grand cross and study astrology for years now…this hit is hard looking deep inside AGAIN!! But my life has not been all bad, but, a degree of concern deep … security has been shaken….your blog reeled me back in….TY

  24. Oh my! I resonate very much with every paragraph. The four quadrants of my chart for a very tight (less than 2 degrees apart) grand mutable cross in very late degrees of each sign. My Sag MC is dead on the Galactic Center. I, too, have had similar experiences with checks and balances in my life. I, too, was a ballet dancer for 7 years, also a horse rider specializing in dressage and a home school mom; all of which demanded tremendous balance of various kinds. I find it very interesting and a Spiritual blessing that I happened upon this article two days before the April 2014 Virgo full moon that hits my AC/DC axis to the exact degree! Annalisa, you are yet another Angel sent to me before I knew I needed it.

  25. Fixed grand cross of 1999 here…

    I have mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Taurus, Neptune in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo…

    Not to mention my t-square with Moon conjunct North Node square saturn and opposite uranus…

    My chart is VERY crazy. its only been a year i’ve been acquainted with astrology but i’ve begun to learn alot..

    its frightening for me…

  26. Learning and being open is the key to balance and it is not easy to maintain under trauma conditions. I have been on a spiritual path probably since birth but it kicked into high gear at 48, 10 years ago. I always wondered why so many negative events impacted me so early. After living through a call which for a long time appeared as a spiritual double cross that destroyed everything, material and mind. It took many years of recovery and getting a Psychology degree did not reveal the real answer. I discovered the answer on my natal chart just this week. Boy I wish the Sun sign newspaper propaganda did not create blindness but for decades I had a low opinion of astrology because of the newspapers. I see in my natal I have two fixed grand crosses, centered around Pluto – Solar Fire says Roseta too. Through the process, I see my spiritual trauma as a double cross but it is healing to see it as a learning experience that lead me to Astrology.

  27. Wow, its great to hear from someone else who has a Mutable Grand Cross! My moon is Gemini, mars Virgo, Saturn Pisces and Venus/jupiter in Sagittarius. I feel like I’m constantly being pulled in all directions and then forced to look back in upon myself. I can really relate to what you were saying, I’ve also felt like the whole world was on my shoulders almost to breaking point but the next day I’m perfectly fine, strong even. I am my own worst enemy in a lot of ways but always independent and detatched. In other ways I could easily blend and get along with most social groups if I chose to, if I ignored the social anxiety that comes with being so self conscious. Thank you for your post

  28. The last two posts really threw me for a loop, as I can totally relate to both. I have been saying for the last 50 years, what the hell is wrong with me? But a few days ago I printed out my natal chart, which I have done before in the past with only a minor curiosity. This time however, I saw a square pattern with my planets and knew, deeply to my very core- that I found an answer. It took me this long to get here- What a crazy path to the truth! I dont know if its fixed, cardinal, mutable or what, but I am about to find out! THANK YOU all for your posts!

  29. I have 2 Fixed Grand Crosses (Sun, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter/Pluto conjunct). I have lived through several deaths of people close to me. I survived triple negative breast cancer. I have lots of health problems. I’ve never kept a job for more than a year in my life. I’ve been married 4 times, widowed twice, divorced twice, and my mother married my first ex-husband! My last parent died when I was 59, and my inheritance was given away to a ‘relative’ who came out of the woodwork to claim it. So, yeah, living under 2 Grand Crosses can be challenging!

  30. Another Grand Crosser here, fixed, tight and on the angles! Born at exactly a full moon: Sun (conjunct Mars) Scorp 1st, Moon Taurus 7th, Uranus Leo 10th and Chiron Aqua 4th, all (except Mars) within 1°. Not one single positive aspect to this Cross. First off I was quite intensely abused my entire childhood (3-14), have been on my own since age of 15 and have had painful anxiety my whole life, like one big tightfisted knot. It has not been easy. Having an exact sq between Venus Libra and Saturn Cap doesn’t help much either. I’m a fighter when I need to be, and a survivor. It gets easier as one gets older, perfecting the balancing act! Thanks for the very positive and uplifting post with a refreshing perspective 🙂

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