The Truth About Living with a Grand Cross

I live with a Grand Cross and have all my life. It is in my natal chart and it’s mutable.
Life is simple, really, WATCH MY KARMA.
If I go ANYway, one or the other, or the other, or the other too far off, I’m going to get my butt kicked, it’s that simple. Live life right, reflect, never forget to check yourself and do things right for you, for others, and lastly, for humanity.
I know, this sounds pretty corny and simpleminded.

No matter where that cross is going off in your chart, and mine goes off every which way every day, it means I have to FLY STRAIGHT and if I don’t, I’m going to get the message and I’d better be listening every chance I get in case I am going off in one direction too far. If I am tilting, my life will become more and more unbalanced and things go wrong.
At this time, so will yours. Walk straight, follow the arrows, follow your soul, there is no other way, and there never will be. Period.
Annalisa (40 years of astrology study)

Do you have a grand cross in your chart? Tell us… the truth!

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The Truth About Living with a Grand Cross — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t have a grand cross but I have a couple of yods. I FINALLY learned that if I keep butting my head against a brick wall I need to back up regroup so I can see the path around the wall!! lol Simple I know but I seem to try to exert my will a lot and that is what happens and is my clue to stop and listen.

  2. Annalisa’s observations are excellent.

    Living with mine has taught me to listen to my own guidance, and to closely screen advice, well-meaning or other. What works for the mass generally does not work for me. As Annalisa says, “Walk straight, follow the arrows, follow your soul, there is no other way, and there never will be. Period.”

    It is lonely at times, and you win no popularity contests, yet none of that matters if you are still getting up the next day and actually are able to not only smile, but be truly joyful.

  3. I’m going to have a grand cross on my solar return chart. Only one lonely trine.
    Doesn’t a solar return indicate what your year will be like?

    Looks like it’s going to be even more no-shirking on top of a Saturn return.

  4. a T square that’s loosely a grand cross. depends on the orb you use.

    but. yes. i have to completely concur.
    it’s like i have a geas to answer questions directly and accurately.

    and, more recently i’ve discovered that extends to acting authentically for myself.

    otherwise i get burned, and bad.

    thus the appeal of buddhism- right thought, right speech, right action, and let go of attachment to the consequences as you can anchor yourself on the fact that you’ve done your best.
    tricky thing to master, though….. more like a process, in my mind.

    i’m curious about grand crosses in synastry- wen one person’s opposition is square the other’s. this keep happening to me…

    • Ditto. Cardinal Grand Cross formed by Mars in Aries,Chiron in Cancer, Neptune in Capricorn and Moon in Libra. Suffering, restlessness, self-undoing/escapism and need for harmony are always battling each other inside of me. You can really mess up your Life when you’re young and don’t know (or don’t really intend to) keep all of this in check.

  5. Wow, your words hit home, Annalisa. My fixed grand cross in tight orb features Venus, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. The moon could be thrown in too in 10 degree orb conjunction with Jupiter, but why mess with a good thing *tongue in cheek*. i would say that this configuration is what lead me to astrology in the last few years for the purpose of trying to figure out more about myself. I try to visualize the energy as traveling in a circle around me in the center. And, like a calliope,blending together as it spins in my view.

  6. I JUST discovered I have a Grand Cross, although my ACS is at 26 degrees in Cancer, and a 29 degree Mecury in Capricorn (which I believe is essentially in Aquarius due to the house placement).

    I’ve always known I’m my own worst enemy since I’ve yet to meet anyone who can bring me down regardless how hard they try.

    It’s a damn good thing I read and study Taoism and Buddhism. As you said: WATCH MY KARMA. I try. Saturn in Scorpio is certainly making me do so.

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