Live Your Sun: It’s Your Life Force

Many years ago, I coined a phrase: “Live your sun, satisfy your moon.” If you can manage these two things, you’ll be well on your way towards enjoying a fulfilling life.

Your sun represents your vital life energy. It seems it would be automatically expressed, but this is not always the case. I want to cover this today.

Your sun has to do with your vocation in life. It shows how your vital life energy is best expressed.

People think they live their sun, but that’s not always the case. Women often project their solar energy onto the men in their life. The man becomes their creative source of energy. The woman looks up to him as if he were Apollo, the Sun God.

When you are shining yourself, you’re less crazily concerned over whether some guy is interested in you. A woman becomes obsessed with a man because she thinks the man is the life force. She is living through his life, or even feels she is living because of his light.

Others divorce themselves from their solar energy by denying their ego: “I have no ego.”

Really? Then you must not be born yet!

Actually, that’s not true. As far as I’m concerned a baby in the womb has an ego. Why kick me unless you want me to know you are there? Why jam your foot in my ribs for a month and half, huh? Maybe that baby wants some attention after all.

Who wants to spend their life *not* shining? Who wants to have their life be listless, insignificant and unimportant? No one I have ever met.

If you think you may be living your life via another person’s light, while denying your own, you can check out one of my natal reports. Your solar energy is described in Chapter 3: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

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Live Your Sun: It’s Your Life Force — 33 Comments

  1. It was in my mid 30’s I realised I didn’t own my Sun – An Astrology workshop really opened my eyes! After starting my own Metaphysical business (Moon in Pisces) and seeing it grow and prosper I do feel that I’m living my Sun and satisfying my Moon. Thank you for sharing – love your posts!

  2. Gemini sun in the 11th house – I shine with others and my aspirations
    Virgo moon in 2nd house – the thing I value most is my knowledge that I’ve gained and am still building, no one can ever take that away from me.

    Virgo’s ruler, mercury, is in the 11th as well. I share my knowledge with others.

  3. Sun in 5th house- I shine with knowledge, speaking, writing, hobbies, performing, lyric writing, poetry, music, the arts, etc 😉

  4. Err… I think I have to take umbridge with you at least a little about everyone not wanting to be unrecognised or listless. You see due to the fact that no matter what is done by the self in this world, it being impermanent and not something that can be taken past death – despite what the ancient Egyptians thought – it is not worth trying to do anything as a ancient Chinese philosopher pointed out. You come into this world with nothing – you leave with nothing and all inbetween is an illusion spurred by the ego. I am actually striving to leave the way I came in all though this cant be helped. Its doing nothing between the two points that matters. BTW its my ego that wrote this!! Not me.!! And I am serious about this. We are not our thoughts our ego, our body. FTR I do have sun in pisces.

  5. This is exactly what i just got done explaining to someone, and if they ever read my message, it will be interesting to see if they are actually capable of receiving the message lol

  6. I witnessed my daughter’s sun last night – she is a Leo and she was “conducting” me and teaching me to sing. She was both teacher and performer and totally in charge. It was glorious to watch her shine.

  7. This is such an interesting topic. I know I’m not projecting my Sun onto the men in my life, if I project anything, it’s my Aries Moon in 7th and most of the time I own that too.

    But the Sun. With Sun in Sagittarius and a stellium in Capricorn (incl. ASC and Sun rulers) I don’t know how to make them work together. There’s this neverending dichotomy of wanting to optimistically shine but having something boring (hard work, poor finances) rain on my parade. People say I come across as strongly pessimistic which is so not a Sagittarian trait.

    • Oh crap, do I actually project it though? Sun/Uranus conjunction in 2nd house, my boyfriends are always better off than me (although that’s not at all difficult), they’re quirky in a way that’s obvious to everyone and they’re intelligent. I’m aware that I don’t come across as such to people who don’t know me. My closest friends know that those are actually MY traits and not my men’s. Pfft, do I really even know myself as well as I think I do?

  8. I love when things are simplified! It’s kind of disheartening to think about how much energy I put into trying not to be myself.

    I fall into the category, or rather FELL into the category of projecting my Sun. I did it for quite some time (or maybe all my life?) and now I’m trying to come back into myself. Wait.. who am I? What does my heart say? I’m sorry, self, but please speak louder because I’ve let myself become deaf to you! I stomped out my intuition a long time ago and now I’m trying to breath life back into La Que Sabe.

    I’m a Virgo, I was born to serve… but focusing all of that energy into serving one person was a mind f*** for all parties involved.

    I’ve got to keep my head on straight and get clear about who or what I’m serving… and the more I live, the more I realize that it’s a continuous check between a long term goal and the ever present NOW.

  9. How can I shine with my aquarius sun in the 4th house? I do like/need to be different, but “OUT THERE” where it’s happenin’, not in my own cave!

    • Sounds like quirky womanly arts to me. For example, I do a bunch of baking early in the morning…then go deliver breakfast (scones) to people at work (my dentist’s office, my hair salon), unexpectedly, for no reason at all. 🙂

        • Thinking about this in more depth now … it makes an awful lot of sense realizing that the enormous efforts required to shine in my profession, actually start behind closed doors, including making/designing my own clothes. Seems more worthwhile now. Thank you Elsa 🙂

    • I can’t answer your question, but I feel your pain. Sun Uranus conjunction in 2nd, who the f*** is going to see that when I just appear like the Libra rising that I am. And they don’t. A lot of people probably share the same issue of not being seen as they are, but with Uranian Sun it’s particularly annoying.

  10. I’m an actual introvert Leo (Briggs Myers certified), not sure how to do that. Gemini rising, with a guy who doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. Ever. I’m getting my license back after years of chronic eye problems, after I have it he can sit here all he wants. Chronically un- and under-employed and broke since 2009. Like has pretty much sucked every drop of joy out of me.

  11. Your ‘Live your sun, feed/satisfy your moon’ mantra was going through my mind during the Gemini Full Moon. I have a Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury in the 10th with Chiron between them squaring Mars, and Saturn in Leo in the 8th; and a 7th House Pluto with a Cappy 12th House Moon. What do you make of that?

    • “People aren’t flat and [n]either is astrology.” That’s how you ended your original post “Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon” back in 2000. I’ve just reread that essay. It’s what I find true for me. I have many angles, sharp edges, old halls of mirrors and hidden dark spots to discover and uncover with my personal astrology. How grateful I am to be alive still to be paying attention and become the app in my Real life.

  12. 8H Libra Sun, 1H Pisces Moon, Aquarius ASC. My marriage (Libra) settled into an unspoken (Scorpio) business alliance (8H). My 8H Virgo Ceres asteroid sextiled my 6H Cancer Vesta asteroid – dogged daily service (6H Cancer Vesta) mistakenly equaled committed relational love (8H Virgo Ceres) in my marriage. After Tr Saturn demolished my 7H and 8H, I learned the difference between servitude and reciprocity. Today, I’m happily single.

  13. Brilliant, especially the bit about ego in utero. Both of my babies gave me hell when they were in my womb! I was delighted, though, imagining their strong personalities. I’m learning more than ever before that men are secondary to my life purpose. I absolutely want to partner again but right now I am struggling to come into my sixth house Aquarius power. Your hard-earned wisdom has helped me immeasurably. ☆♡☆

  14. I have Sun, Venus and Jupiter smack dab onto each other in a big astro sandwich… unfortunately I have them in an opposition to Rx Chiron.

    Therefore “my light” is kinda broken, and thus I’ve had a tendency to find broken men as well. Men who “steal” that broken light and leave nothing to me… until I reclaim it.

    My father has been the biggest source of pain in my life, logically, since he is opposite Chiron – and it’s been a long winding road to heal that. It’s in my 3rd house, Taurus, so communicating my values, own my sexuality (sexual abuse in childhood – Scorpio themes) has been a huge challenge.

    And somehow I tend to find men who lives far away… not foreign men but still men that is very knowledgeable about something. (Scorpio Sun 9H).

    My 8H moon is square Mars… it’s volatile. Pluto has been squaring that as well since 2013 and is now FINALLY moving his butt out of orb at last. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure, and I’ve had to learn that I *can* move. I’m not trapped in a situation, I am not locked… even if the square wants me to believe it and my moon can’t decide and thus hinders Capricorn Mars in acting 😉

  15. This is great, struck me because I am so Pisces (Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) but I feel like I express much more, and identify more with, Virgo/Mercury energy (Moon and rising, sun in the 6th). Because of this I think, I have an imbalanced life. I’m turning 31 soon, pretty much in the same place I was when I was 21 and realizing this is not living anyone’s kind of sun, that I’m depressed and frustrated and sad more often than anything else. Something I am really sitting with this winter, hopefully a funk I can pull myself out of. Thanks so much for this.

  16. Thanks for sharing this.

    About 10 years ago, I had a major epiphany about my life’s purpose and I left behind the soulless corporate world specifically to live my Cancer sun. It wasn’t easy but it was definitely the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made. And I consistently feed my Gemini moon–that’s without question. If I don’t read and learn something new and interesting everyday, I become hangry. (Gemini is insatiable!) So I devote time to that.

  17. This is a great point, Elsa

    “People think they live their sun, but that’s not always the case. Women often project their solar energy onto the men in their life.”

    When I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, women mostly were in supporting roles in men’s lives. Its changed slowly over the years where women can live their Sun, but many still choose to make the man in their life the light of their life. I’ve always opted to be independent, as most Saggitarius Suns do, but also supported my husband in what he wanted. It wasn’t in a support role like a secretary, it was as a peer. I never wanted my mother’s life.

    Even if you don’t have a husband, your own Moon placement can squelch the Sun’s influence. I have Sun in Saggitarius and Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. It took me a long time to figure out how to satisfy my Moon/Saturn criticism of what my Sun wanted to do, but eventually sunny Sadge put a damper on it and I’m free.

  18. You once told me Elsa I give up my ego in a reading. I was astonished and asked I do? You said yes you see it on the boards all the time. I have a 12th house Sun in Scorpio at 22 degrees and was in an incubator for three months before going home to my family. So I was isolated from the beginning. I know for sure I would shine in Spiritual areas or would if I spent more time in those disciplines. A spiritual incubation of sorts. My moon in Virgo in the 10th at 0 degrees is wanting to venture forth and serve anywhere I am. I should hone these two energies more!

    • My 12 house is Scorpio also I was held back at birth from Mom. I have a Taurus Moon so I know searching spiritual healing ain’t bad. If I slack I get trouble.

  19. Great insight as always Elsa!

    Mmm… Virgo Sun in the 5th house and Aries Moon in the 12th. Emotions always either too under control or out of it. My impulsiveness is feeling overwhelming as of late. I know it’s something I have to improve about myself, but for the first time in my life (maybe?) it’s something that slips out of my hands.

    I do recognize Virgo traits in me that I have stayed loyal to. I’ve always tried to have a healthy, clean, minimalistic lifestyle. I don’t feel any desire to break the rules set by authority figures like parents, elders, or academia (I have rebelled against society’s rules, however). I like to organize my life (day, week, month) ahead even though I know I’m never going to carry out that plan. That’s all I can think of right now.

    Is there a way that I shine with my Virgo Sun through my 5th house? My creativity is always cut short (by my own censoring self, maybe Saturn opposing Sun). *sigh*

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