Little Things In Your Natal Chart Mean A Lot!

People tend to look for horror in their chart. That’s fine but don’t forget to note the little things or you’ll drop the plot.

For example, I have Venus (love and money) sextile Mars in my chart. No biggie, right? Wrong.  This aspect provides satisfaction in relationships.

I am not a hungry dog. I am a fed dog.

I am satisfied with money (Venus) too. This is true even when I don’t have any!
If I have a lot of money? Satisfied.
If I have a little money? Satisfied.
If I have no money at all, guess what? I’m still satisfied.

Compare this to someone with Venus in hard aspect to Mars. They are not blessed (and cursed… I’ll get to that) with these type feelings about things. If only their husband was blah, blah, blah. If only their wife did not have that cellulite on her thighs…

Something like this has tremendous impact on your life. It can also help you understand others.

Q: Why is Elsa satisfied?
A: She was born that way

Find a trine or sextile aspect in your chart and tell us about it.

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Little Things In Your Natal Chart Mean A Lot! — 55 Comments

  1. I am looking at my chart right now, but I just want to say I appreciate this exercise.. I have been soooo focused on the challenging parts of my chart that for a while there I thought I was born a square egg. Soo.. let’s see here, Sun trine Saturn, Sun trine Jupiter…Sun sextile Mars..Venus trine Uranus..Mercury sextile Venus..Neptune sextile Pluto.. Hey! Off to do some meditating..

  2. Thank you universe for making this one of the good things about my chart too. I like being a fed dog.

    I would say that those of us with Venus sextile Mars might be better at feeding our loves too but that’s a guess and maybe depends on the particulars of the aspect.

  3. Mars trine Jupier & nodes = good timing.

    Uranus trine Moon = Opportunity: “Do you want to try [whatever]? Me: “OK.”

    I’ll try anything once. Good balance for all my scardey cat Cap/Saturn stuff.

    Jupiter trine Asc = sure do like to play poker

    Neptune trine Chiron = dunno but probably helps my poetry

  4. Venus trine mars. I am not materialistic but I always have the things I want. Venus sext Moon. I had to look this one up. It states that relationship is very important to me as well as communication. With venus in scorpio and moon in libra I’m not sure how to iterpret this. I haven’t found a good relationship yet as important as it apparently is.

  5. Moon sextile mars tight orb. Not sure what it means. Venus sextile mars within orb. Same as you on that, and I think it has the same effect, although the Taurus in me really doesn’t love being dead broke.

  6. Only one trine & one sextile:

    Sun trine Neptune. As a Pisces, I’m guessing this makes me a very Piscean Pisces? (especially with my Mars being in Pisces, too). And being Cancer rising, happily married to a Scorpio – how much water is saturation? (glug, glug . . .)

    Moon sextile ascendant, which research is telling me means I need to belong to/be understood by a group. Not finding that really true of me – I’m kind of a loner.

  7. Venus sextile Mars too, seems to make me freakishly strong!! Sun trines my Saturn and Jupiter, which I am very happy about. Nice to bring to mind with a heavy earth chart.

  8. I also have Venus sextile Mars. I agree, I am easily pleased. Perhaps too much?? Oh well, I like being satisfied with the little things, or even lack of them as you said. I also have Sun trine Neptune and I am definitely sensitive, artsy-fartsy, compassionate, spiritual seeking, etc…I’d have to say those attributes are what I enjoy most about myself. I have to enjoy what I can out of my chart because those trines and sextiles are far and few. 🙂

  9. Uranus trine Sun/Venus/Mars, sextile Jupiter. Good things happen to me when I’m allowed to be free and independent. Luck comes out of the blue.

    Pluto trine Asc., sextile Neptune. Not sure what this means.

  10. Ok, I’m gonna write wat it says here & compare notes, then look ’em up.
    -sun (pisces)trine pluto
    -mercury trine pluto
    -venus trine pluto
    -mars trine asc. (scorpio)
    -neptune trine MC
    -moon sextile asc.
    -mercury sextile neptune
    -neptune sextile pluto

  11. Not sure how accurate my interpretations are but this is the impression I get when I read about these aspects.

    Sun Trine Moon – inner & outer balance, I’ve read that this aspect brings good luck, making life relatively easy.

    Sun Sextile Neptune – sensitivity to the ego

    Sun Trine Pluto – Pluto’s positive qualities adding power to the sun. (I’ve read good luck in regards to this aspect, too.)

    Sun Sextile Ascendant – ability to express oneself and be well received by people.

    Moon Trine Pluto – emotional intensity

    Mercury Sextile Ascendant – harmony between feelings and self expression

    Venus Trine Jupiter – optimism, good luck

    Venus Trine Saturn – success through hard work

    Mars Sextile Ascendant – ability to assert oneself

  12. Will have to check, don’t really know though in general I am happy and feel lucky.

    Elsa these posts are excellent. Makes me want to wrestle with my chart and squeeze every bit of info out of it to use to my advantage. (Like where am I lucky, how can I make a lot of money– in other words, the delusional tendencies of lottery players– just where do I find that??) 😀

  13. OK from what I understand, the difference between a sextile and trine is that:

    The sextile is about the 2 objects’ energy getting along with each other, which is a gift, so you need to get off your butt and do something with them.

    So like I have Mars and Jupiter sextile my Sun/S Node/MC. Mars and Jupiter like that spot in my chart – the Sun/S Node/MC so it would be smart if I work on stuff represented by that area of my chart?

    The trine is about the 2 objects’ energy getting along with each other yay, too, but you don’t have to work so much to turn it on.

    Is that correct?

  14. ok here is a shot
    1. 2Hmoon Aq * 12/1H Venus Sag
    I am happy and value being me- but i don’t flaunt it to the masses- i keep just under the surface.

    2. 2Hmoon Aq * IC Mars Aries
    I felt the driving need to create a new home for myself- and i did. I searched for people whom i could identify with- share values. I put alot of value in being a circuit breaker- cutting away- and blazing a new trail. Now, I have to use this energy again,a little differently= blaze a new trail, aries style- but not detach from what i value.

    3. 2H jup aq * 12H Neptune Sag
    i love big crowds/ concerts- places where alot of people gather together

  15. Is the conjunction a good aspect? Nobody has said.

    I have a Sun/Moon trine by sign but I don’t think that counts? If not then I really have very few sextiles and trines more opposites…

    Venus trine Jupiter (no idea on this one)
    Moon sextile Mars (aggressive emotionally?)

    How strong are asc connections? I have quite a few sextiles there?? I think perhaps my chart is meant for the follow-up blog about the hard aspects 😀

  16. Elsa is the pro, but, regarding conjunction, my personal opinion is this…what are the planets involved and how close is the conjunction? In my mind, it depends on that. Especially if the sun is involved because of the variable of combustion. That means the sun fries the planet it is close to unless it is 17 minutes away, then it is cazami which is AWESOME. That is 17 minutes tho, not 17 degrees, very rare I would think.

  17. ME:

    Sun Trine Uranus
    Venus Trine Uranus
    Mars Trine Uranus
    Uranus Trine Ascendant
    Mercury Trine Pluto
    Mercury Sextile Neptune
    Moon Trine Midheaven
    Moon Trine Neptune
    Moon Sextile Pluto
    Jupiter Sextile Ascendant (Leo!)

    I guess I over-qualify for this question.

  18. Am all trines and sextiles.
    I suppose this makes the squares(Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) to venus all the more ‘outstanding’?

  19. TRINE?? WHAT’S THAT????

    I am SQUARE,MAN. GRAND CROSS AND ALL THAT. Uphill all the way but I am very satisfied with what I have accomplished, most days. Just,sometimes, TIRED!!!!!!!

    I look at trine charts where my clientss have had their parents foot the bill for 4 years of college and living in the dorm for 4 years, trines where clients have landed into just the right job right out of school and lived mostly happily ever after. Trine clients with homes they bought and paid for in 1975, no housing crisis for us thank you. Trines trines trines — looks lovely!!!! !

  20. mars trine midheaven, which is a good thing, gives me energy, helps keep me focused; mercury sextile uranus, a quick mind open to new ideas, love of learning new things; mercury sextile saturn, analytical, detailed, careful thought process; saturn trine uranus, bringing order to newness, organization skills (?),new things bring lasting change to me…?; moon trine neptune, very imaginative; jupiter sextile midheaven, a certain amount of luck; neptune sextile pluto – a generational aspect that lasted a long time – changes in ideas about religion, morality etc…

    I didn’t list conjunctions, not sure they are in this realm… Thanks Elsa, this was like opening up a little treasure box!

  21. Here goes sun sextiles moon ..sun conjunction mercury..sun trine saturn..moon trines mars..moon square jupiter..moon sextile saturn..moon square uranus..venus trine mars..jupiter opposition uranus..saturn quincux uranus..nepyune sextile pluto..neptune conjunction ascendant(scorpio)..pluto sextile ascendant…..dont know what it all means , and what bothers me is the squares and opp jupiter has esp since jupiter is in my 5th ruled by pisces

  22. Oh and i usually am happy with the lil things.I notice and appreciate how sometimes those lil things save the day and can make me smile inside and out

  23. sun/moon sextile. easy existential correlations… i am satisfied by the essential drives of my character……….? my emotional needs feed my soul’s drives?
    this is getting kind of out there.

  24. cronically unsatisfied woman here may be because my t-squared moon. However, very happy with my bright leo mars X house sextile mischievous mercury last libra grade. HOW! No problems to debate discuss discuss discuss and better still in public!!!! That mercury squeare Jupiter

  25. I agree with luci, I over-qualify for this question. I couldn’t seperate out the influences to save my biscuits.

    My Sun-Merc-Saturn stellium trines Neptune
    My Mars-Venus-Pluto stellium trines my moon and sextiles Neptune
    Uranus trines asc, so sextiles dsc

    And… I think that’s about it. *lol* Sometimes I look at a chart that’s full of squares and oppositions and, though I know it must be difficult, I get all excited by it. All that potential to mine! *swoon!*

  26. Do you want all the positive aspects Elsa? Or just the sextiles and trines?
    I’ll just put my sextiles and trines for now.

    This is a cool post. Thank you=-)

    *Moon Sextile Uranus: I need freedom to express my emotions. I have a very strong intuition.

    *Moon trine Venus:I express my emotions diplomatically.I’m mostly optimistic and I’m artistic.

    *Venus sextile North Node: ?

    *Saturn Sextile Pluto: I have strong emotions and I stick to my beliefs.

    *Saturn trine Neptune:Realism and idealism go together easily.I feel like I have one foot in this world and one foot in the “other”.

    *Uranus trine MC: I like working in a freer,but not chaotic, environment that allows me to be creative. By myself or for myself.

    *Uranus trine Ascendant: I’m inventive, creative and quirky.

    *Pluto sextile Neptune:I guess this is generational aspect and so not that important,but everyone who has it is supposed to be spiritual,idealistic and moralistic… which I am.

    *North Node trine MC:Fulfillment of life purpose is easier,more important and done through career?

    *North Node trine Asc:Fulfillment of life purpose is easier,more important and done through expression of Ascendant?

  27. I am so curious about one of my sextiles. MArs and Pluto. Not sure what it means exactly. Pluto also sextiles my mC.
    I don’t have the satisfaction aspect. In fact I got dissatisfaction to struggle with. I am learning be satisfied and content in this new life. T Pluto in the 3rd.

  28. I have one sextile between my Capricorn-Sun and my Pieces-moon and another sextile between Libra Mars and Venus Sagittarius. No wonder I am as lazy as can be. 🙂

    Someone has any advice for me to shake up things and to create some strife?

  29. Venus square Pluto. I vacillate between complete satisfaction and utter desolation.

    Love that black or white!

  30. Jupiter trine Uranus
    Uranus sextile Neptune

    This (per is good but personally, it feels like having to be the responsible one while everyone else gets to fall down drunk because they know I will pick them up. Sometimes I want to be the kid and have fun too.

  31. Well I’ve been thinking about this the last day or so. I tend to always look for the bad shit, Saturn is the first planet I look for in the charts of others because it so heavily weighs down mine. But there has been some Venus/Pluto talk here lately and I have been looking more closely at the trines my Scorpio Pluto makes to my Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces. As weak as I feel most of the time, there is an inner power and warmth there no matter what happens or how bad things become. It’s like a banked fire.

  32. Great post Elsa! I love looking at the positive!

    Scorpio Moon/Neptune/AC TRINE Pisces Mercury/Mars/Chiron (this is currently getting zapped by Jupiter transitting my DC)
    Aries Venus TRINE Leo Uranus/NN/MC

    Sun SEXTILE Saturn
    Neptune/AC SEXTILE Pluto

    Love my conjunctions too! 😉

  33. @SaDiablo and @Lucy, I appreciate that you both over-qualify for this position, but golly, I’d so easily (trine, get it get it) trump you both.


    Anyway, I’ll list a very few, just to teach myself to appreciate the good in life.

    Mercury trine Saturn – solid, structured, albeit slow thinking. Good for school, for getting the point across, for winning the respect of older people.

    Venus trine Uranus – a flair for the unusual; funny, cool socially

    Mars trine Jupiter – good energy & good effort & good outputs

    Venus conjunct Mars – by standard defn this is neither easy nor hard (but here, Sun is on the midpoint)

    And more trines, etc etc etc. ETC ETC ETC.

    Chiron sextile Jupiter

    Jupiter (wide) sextile Asc

  34. Jupiter trine MC & Neptune – I think of this as a Hallmark card aspect for me.
    Moon conjunct Venus
    Jupiter sextile venus
    Moon/venus trine Pluto
    – all of the above wants warmth, peace (and somehow passion, too – warm, not destructive).

    Mars trine uranus/asc. – More independent, and a more positive flow of Mars energy.

    Mercury trine MC – Needs to communicate in some way.

  35. Also, the first sort of grand trine? creativity – I loved drawing, painting, dancing, playing music. I’ve had all sorts of support creatively, and shot myself in the foot.

  36. Venus sextile Mercury
    The ability to express myself with flair and charm. My presentations are refined and I can provide a well documented and tactful delivery.
    Moon Sextile Jupiter
    I am tolerant of others and am apt to look for meaning in my emotions–and yours. I give people the benefit of the doubt.

  37. Mars sextile Jupiter, lucky actions and good timing. Venus sextile Juno, I guess this would be a good aspect for satisfaction from commitments!

  38. Upon looking at my chart based on an equal house system.
    Sun 6 degrees Scorpio in the 9th house opposed the Moon 1 degree Taurus in the 3rd house
    Neptune 28 degrees of Libra in the 9th house opposed the Moon 1 degree Taurus in the 3rd house
    Uranus 2 degrees Leo in the 6th house opposed Cirion in the 22 degrees of the MC in the 12th house

    Moon 1 degree Taurus trine both Jupiter & Pluto 28 degrees of Leo
    Lith 25 degrees Sag Trine both Jupiter & Pluto 28 degrees of Leo

    I don’t seem to have difficulty dealing with the Planetary aspects but aspects to Cirion are another story all together. Those seem to hit me like a ton of bricks.

  39. Well this post is a joy amidst the doom and gloom:) thanks!

    1)Venus sextile Mercury/Uranus: I LOVE weird information.
    2)Venus trine Jupiter: I tend to have good luck.
    3)Venus opposite Saturn: I keep my nose to the grindstone and I don’t notice my good luck….
    4)Venus sextile Mars in Aries: Uhm, never mind:)
    and last but not least 5)Mars sextile Saturn: I keep myself under control (which isn’t always easy…Mars opposite Jupiter)

  40. WOW I feel like I ‘hit the JackPot’ here or did I?

    Sun Trine Mars
    Mercury Trine Mars
    Saturn Trine Uranus
    Neptune Trine Ascendant
    Sun Sextile Jupiter
    Moon Sextile Ascendant
    Mercury Sextile Jupiter
    Neptune Sextile Pluto
    Pluto Sextile Ascendant


  41. I’ve come to feel so blessed with my trines and sextiles. And grateful that I have four squares too to keep me going!

    With all my trines and sextiles coupled with Neptune harsh aspects I often take for granted my luck or even complain too much when things are not ideal (I know, so ungrateful at times.) Can feel quite entitled at times with life when things don’t go my way…

    My husband and mother keep me grounded, and Saturn and Mars hard transits even x years continue to help me grow up and to be more grateful!

    Moon Pluto
    Moon Venus
    Venus Mars
    Sun Saturn (keeps me going)
    Sun Ascendant
    Jupiter Midheaven
    Mercury Mars
    Mercury Uranus

    Mercury Jupiter
    Venus Jupiter
    Mars Jupiter
    Mars Midheaven

    • Forgot to share something about each aspect…

      * Moon Pluto – natural psychologist; emotional resilience

      * Moon Venus – charm, joy with children, popularity (not with everyone, hehe, got 8th house planets and Scorpio rising)

      * Venus Mars – easy to attract a partner; assertiveness

      * Sun Saturn (keeps me going) – responsible; enough integrity

      * Sun Ascendant – can be myself most times; like myself enough

      * Jupiter Midheaven – easy to get promoters or supporters; intuition regarding career issues/vocation

      * Mercury Mars – active mind; good communication; always learning

      * Mercury Uranus –
      interested in science; can think ahead of my time; can explain complex things easily

      * Mercury Jupiter – always learning; can teach and inspire others; can exaggerate a point or be dramatic in my communication to make people ponder or consider something new; can learn languages; can be overbearing/dogmatic (puff)

      * Venus Jupiter – overall good friendships and relationships; friends and ex-lovers from various cultures and religions; love languages and anthropology

      * Mars Jupiter – learning gives me energy; dramatic and inspiring teaching gigs; husband (and exes) from other cultures

      * Mars Midheaven – when driven I can reach career targets; straight forward in my business/career dealings; assertiveness

  42. It’s seems I’m definitely overqualified here, as well. I counted 16 trines & 9 sextiles in my chart. (I also have a lot of oppositions & squares, for balance.) The planet with the most seems to be Pluto, with 4 trines & 2 sextiles; 3 of those trines are Venus, Mars, & Saturn. So, I’m sure I’m wrong but, I’d take this as showing how well I’ve handled the frequent dismantling & rebuilding that has occurred in my life. I’ve lost all of my possessions more than a couple of times. I’ve “started over” many times but, it tends to work in my favour & I always learn something from it. That’s my interpretation, at least. Guess I’ll look everything up now. ??

    • I agree. With such a strong and well supported Pluto your capacity to re-invent yourself, survive and transform yourself is MASSIVE.

      Immense personal power too. Wow

  43. Very few trines, most squares & oppositions.

    Sun/Ascendent trine moon
    Mars trine Uranus
    Chiron trine Venus/Jupiter

    I have always worked twice as hard for half the return, it seems to me. It is not unusual for things to not work out as expected. Occasionally, they will even blow up in my face. I course correct and keep at it. Maybe I’m an eternal optimist underneath it all. Maybe it’s just that there’s no acceptable alternative.

  44. Mercury trine Uranus but I am really bad at math. I am good at foreign languages though, or was. I also have Chiron in Aquarius in the 3rd House..

  45. Moon trine Jupiter. Abundant inner joy; can find that silver lining amidst adversity.

    Flip side: when I am down, I don’t come across that way. People think I’m never depressed. I do get that way. I am human after all !

  46. I have Mercury and Venus tribe my AC and Uranus. I also have Jupiter trine Uranus, Pluto (exact degree), and moon. Jupiter trine Moon is my favorite. It does keep me optimistic.

    I also have Neptune sextile moon. Lots of unsaid understandings.

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