Little Things In Your Natal Chart Mean A Lot

People tend to look for horror in their chart. That’s fine but don’t forget to note the little things ‘less you’ll drop the plot.

For example, I have Venus (love and money) sextile Mars in my chart. No biggie, right? Wrong. What that shows and what it provides is satisfaction in relationships.

I am not a hungry dog, I am a fed dog.

I am satisfied with money (Venus) too, even when I don’t have any!
If I have a lot of money? Satisfied.
If I have a little money? Satisfied.
If I have no money at all, guess what? I am still satisfied.

Compare this to someone with Venus in hard aspect to Mars. They are not blessed (and cursed… I’ll get to that) with these type feelings about things. If only their husband was blah, blah, blah. If only their wife did not have that cellulite on her thighs…

You can see the tremendous impact something like this has on your life and how it explains other people.

Q: How come Elsa is satisfied?
A: She was born that way

Find a trine or sextile aspect in your chart and tell us about it.

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