Little Things Go A Long Way

Pisces fish salt and pepper shakersI notice, with all these planets in Pisces, it’s very easy to slip. Slip into, whatever.

I also notice that something very small can soothe a person at this time.  I’ll give you an example.

I have not been able to write my newsletter this week, which is unusual. Outside of Christmas time, I’m pretty reliable with that thing but I just lost my way. Or rather the time I would have used to write the letter, either disappeared this week or never appeared in the first place.

It started to weigh on me. Today, I was finally able to write a newsletter for tomorrow. I made an effort to compensate for the missing letters. I sent it to satori, asking her to edit it quickly if possible. I never ask her things like that, ever. I just wanted to feel on top this one control. Because I am an early person; she’s an evening person. So I wanted to set the thing to send and have it be done.

She was able to do this for me and I can’t tell you how much this means to me. There are always so many things going on in my life, hidden from the blog / public. I just want to say, if you have a chance to do something nice for someone, even if it’s small you may literally being throwing them the rope that gets them to shore.

Thanks, satori.


Little Things Go A Long Way — 8 Comments

  1. Our hens are laying. With your post, I filled a half dozen carton and walked them over to our friends across the orchard. “I was just gonna make one of my egg casseroles. These are unbeatable!” she said. Timing. Little things.

    • Yeah, I had this thought after I posted this…there are people out there, lots of them, who never do anything nice for anyone, ever. Just an offering, I mean. Just because you can. 🙂

  2. love you Elsa, we’ll be here when you return, keeping you in prayer. I gave away a lottery ticket yesterday I had bought for myself, I hope it was a winner for that person.

  3. Interestingly (to me anyway,) is that I’ve been in a “helping strangers” mood for a couple of days now. I feel like doing nice things for people, just because I can.

    Since yesterday, the universe has been sending obvious opportunities to help strangers into my path. (I guess it is also possible that I’m just noticing something that happens all the time, but that I’m often too busy or hurried to notice.)

    For instance, yesterday, not only did a stranger benefit from a small amount of extra effort on my part (I offered to push a wheelchair-bound young man uphill when I saw him approaching a long incline), but the interaction felt good to ME too! I’m strong and healthy, and I’m going up the hill anyway. Why NOT help a brother or sister out while I’m at it, ya know? A stranger may decline help, but that’s no big deal. I think the thoughtfulness still makes a difference. In my case, I got to glimpse an earnest look of relief, gratitude, and appreciation pass across the face of this young man, my fellow earthdweller. He said his faith in people’s goodness had been renewed. The stranger benefitted, and I benefitted. Offering help to a stranger… highly recommended 🙂

    (In a giving mood like this, though, I really have to remind myself that it’s good to offer help, but equally important to respect “no thank you’s” too. The magic is in the OFFERING, I think.)

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