Little Mike: The Night I Woke Up With Naked Stranger In My Bed

Some of you know I like to tell true stories. I’ve wrote a book of stories that I finished in 2005, but never published. I’ve decided to make this the year I make my work available.

To begin, I am going to publish some stories as singles.  I don’t have a master plan around this. I’ve selected three stories that are diverse in scope, but highly readable.  You’ll rip through them, I promise you that. With Mars conjunct Mercury and I don’t waste your time or mine.

This first story is called,  Little Mike: The Night I Woke Up With A Naked Stranger In My Bed

This is the book description:

“What if you woke up in the middle of the night, isolated in the middle of the desert, with a man who had broken into your house, stripped off his clothing and got in bed with you?

This is what happened to me, and this is the true story of what happened next.”

This is a true story that has not been embellished. It’s raw and revolutionary in that it’s honest in a way that’s uncommon.  It’s also funny, shocking and it might be unbelievable if it weren’t so obviously true.

I hope if you like the story, you’ll tell others about it and consider leaving me a review.  I have gone through a lot in my life and I much to say because of it. I would like to get back to storytelling, at least part time and the only way that can happen is if people like my work.

If you do decide to buy this story, please be aware it includes swearing, but the foul language is not gratuitous.  If you woke up with a naked stranger in your bed, you might swear a bit as well.

Thanks, everyone.

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Little Mike: The Night I Woke Up With Naked Stranger In My Bed — 58 Comments

  1. if I remember well you, Elsa have a natal Jupiter – Uranus conjunction. am I right?
    ‘This is what happened to me……’
    unique life experiences…

  2. you are very Uranian to me. your life, your blog, your thoughts, your childhood in desert. and very Saturn-ian, too.
    how’s your friend, Ben? you used to tell us so many things about him. not anymore lately. is it because you do not have planets transits through your 11th house?

  3. Omg this was excellent – I was so bummed when I finished – I wanted to keep going and know more.

    You have GOT to publish your book Elsa – it’s going to be a page turner for sure.

    Now I am late for work but it was so worth it. 🙂

  4. ‘I find the smarter a person is, the better they treat me, but I don’t know why this is.’
    (Elsa P.)
    I use to say that smart people are relaxing my brains. Smart people comfort meeee.

  5. BOOK!!!

    Bookbookbookbookbook. 😀

    Wowza, Elsa. Congratulations. I will do my best to save the nickels for my copy and spread the word.

  6. The Kindle app can be downloaded for free from Amazon for you phones and computers. It’s very easy to download, buy the story and read.

  7. I wrote a review but it says may take up to 48 hour to show up.

    Thanks Elsa – I was hoping this would be one of the singles!

  8. I downloaded the free reader at Amazon. If I was able to do that, anyone can! It was really straight forward & took less than 5 mins to do =)

    I have read half & am saving the other until the morning. Man! It’s some story guys!!!

  9. Highly reccomended. I read it last night before bed, but im going to mull over it and read it again as I was too sleepy to write a review.
    It’s definitely a punchy and fast read.
    Congratulation and well done Elsa.

  10. I am back from work and have not finished it yet.. But thinking all day about what I read and has affected me deeply. So many women- me included- have been in a similar situation where they felt like a victim, felt violated, but b/c something “worse” didn’t happen second guessed yourself about you reaction to it. I still second guess myself about an incident where I felt like I had “frozen” and just let the thing happen. I buried it for many years with this guilt that I had let it happen but it wasn’t like I had something REALLY horrible happen so I really shouldn’t be upset, yada yada yada and you go round and round.. …Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the story. I loved it and I loved the empowerment I felt coming from you. And I also love the honesty about the sexual chemistry- that stuff happens but its taboo to talk about it. THANK YOU THANK YOU for talking so honestly about it. YOU ROCK ELSA AND YOUR HONESTY THAT HAS KEPT ME A FAN THESE LAST FEW YEARS IS EVEN MORE APPRECIATED IN YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY. It makes the rest of us who think we are crazy not feel so alone.. that is meant to me a compliment :). Now if I could finish accesssing the story..I am as far as running into a girl he is dating.

  11. Brava Elsa!
    Purchased and looking forward to reading as soon as I get some of my mojo back– miserable flu has got some of my brain cells hostage & got me good for now…cough! cough!

  12. excellent that e-publishing brings this to everyone, it’s a whole new world of late! Yes, thankyou,Elsa, just bought it and look forward to reading on my kindle..or maybe on my phone..yes, android phones have a kindle app need to miss out..and sure the other smartphones will have an app too.

  13. What an odd chap..taking women by surprise by breaking into their homes and getting into bed with them. Absorbing, intriguing with such an interesting and understandable way of handling the potential legality, too..although most would have had him locked up, which may not have proved as reformative as the penal system would have us believe. Did you ever check out his chart, Elsa?

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