Pluto In Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo -> Saturn In Libra: Limited Communications, Talk Of Serious Things, Strong Partnerships And Rebuilding A Family Post Wipeout

I was talking to the soldier when a call came in from his son. His son has been at war for a number of years. He’s just been home about a week so it’s sort of jolting and ultra happy that he can that they are able to communicate so readily. No one is used to it. I think there was a 2 year period they did not speak on the phone at all so it’s a big event they can talk… for both of them. He clicked and took the call.

Later the soldier and I were talking. “What’s he got to say?” I asked.

The soldier explained he’d called his son to tell him that he was now planning our wedding and he also was making plans for Vid. He specifically wanted to get his son’s opinion on his education so he could begin to plan for Vid. Can you believe this?

He laid out our financial situation for his son, told him what he expected Vid’s options for college would be in 7 years or so and told him the variety of feedback him to provide to this end. The soldier’s son is back in college, see.  So he can feed us information around his impressions of what he is learning, how it is taught, etc.  I told the soldier how grateful I was he would initiate something like this and his son would pitch in.

“Well, P, we have to plan our family. We have to come up with our vision and plan for our retirement and we have to help Vid come up with his vision of who he wants to be and how he’s going to get there. Yep, we have to plan for our family even though we’re 90,” he added, making me snort.

I really admire a leader.

Later we talked about this some more and again I expressed my gratitude. The soldier has no idea why I’d be grateful. I guess he doesn’t talk to all the unsupported single mothers that I do but then I realized I have reached out to his son as well, in a very profound way and over time.

“We’re building our family,” the soldier repeated and this is true. What is crazy is having someone to build with. Someone who will expend the same amount of energy I do and this is what I’m not used to however it is the way of the (near) future.

Saturn in Libra will show the importance of strong, committed relationships or alliances of whatever type. My relationship with my clients falls under this category.

As for Pluto in Capricorn, the soldier and I have both suffered a wipeout on the homefront and this represents our rebuilding on the ashes.

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Pluto In Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo -> Saturn In Libra: Limited Communications, Talk Of Serious Things, Strong Partnerships And Rebuilding A Family Post Wipeout — 11 Comments

  1. Saturn is still dancing around opposite my natal Saturn, and as you know, I’m going through something similar. Right down to the immense gratitude I have to this man who has changed my life in every imaginable way since last fall, but also to the Universe itself. My birthday was on Monday, and when I took a moment for myself (three 11 year olds in the house – oy!) and looked back at last year’s birthday…holy hannah. It’s a 180.

    We’re building a family here. Maybe not a traditional family, but since when has tradition mattered to my chart? lol Amazing. I’ve waited 44 years for this! And it was worth it.

  2. wow, elsa, i feel so happy for you reading this…you having soldier in your life and rebuilding together…and the way you write about it all makes me cry….waaaaah 😉

    krisinluck…happy birthday!!

  3. I hope to God you’re right about this being the way of the future, for the sake of all us other single mothers out here.What a man.

  4. and I should have said yay! for the soldier and men who simply step up to the plate without retoric, who know what is right and just do it.

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