Life Speeding Up In May, 2022

let sleeping dogs lieToday’s newsletter was about “suspended animation”. It’s all the Pisces. We’re all hanging like a loose tooth, waiting for just about everything to drop. Crazily, this is likely to go on for at least another day but it may last a week or more.

I say this because the moon will ingress into Aries on Wednesday. Venus, Jupiter, then Mars will ingress into the sign in May. At that point, people are going to be up in arms and pissed off!

I have some concerns. I’m sorry but I am going to write this in the hopes of helping someone.

Those who are still pretending everything is normal. I’m beginning to think they’ll not be able to catch up. I say this because the exodus into Aries is going to speed things up. And Mars in Aries will run you through.  Don’t doubt it.

That’s a picture of my sleeping dogs from several years ago. Life is not like that anymore. If you see yourself in that picture, you may want to pick your head up and look around.  The time to act is soon.

Further, the fast moving planets in Aries will eventually square Pluto in Capricorn.  It’s not cotton candy, that’s for sure.

Can you feel this?

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Life Speeding Up In May, 2022 — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa, this is thought provoking!
    I know some of your writing is purposely vague, and I’m puzzled! Mercury is now in Taurus about to hit my mars,and will rx in gemini on my moon/Chiron. This will sextile my venus/merc in Aries, in the 12H!, where the tr venus will be! I’m scared because my natal venus is rx… I tend to put other people’s wants ahead of my own and put in 3rd wheel mode without realizing it (nept square)… I have been in a back and forth conversation with someone from a distant place and feelings he arouses in me are complex. Tr NN is also approaching my natal NN 1H in square with tr saturn so I’d assume I should forget about relationships all together, but… im also tired of loneliness as I’ve been single for years now (7years, just like a widow with husband lost to the crusades!).
    feel like I would drop everything to gi meet this person but I’m troubled it’d be a very wrong move!
    I’m not asking for advice but if anyone could shed some light into this venus return in 12H together with these other planets in May, id appreciate it very much! blessings

  2. Are there still people out there pretending everything is normal?! Who are these weirdos? Do they live in caves under the sea? 😂 I would like to meet them and party!

    I will have those million Aries planets conjunct my South node. I’m not expecting anything resembling normalcy. I don’t think I would recognise normal if it slapped me in the face and called me a Muppet 😣

  3. Yes, we are stuck in a quagmire but there IS some movement. I would much rather have that red hot Aries momentum right NOW and get everything moving. Yes, we could get run over by all that Aries but you just have to move fast and get out of the way and get what you need done. Love the peaceful picture of your dogs sleeping on the deck. Dogs are a joy!!! I miss mine🙁

  4. Better ,I can smell and taste it. I just confessed to a friend how I miss the smell of men’s cologne mixed with a man ,and the next morning a kid spilled this cologne all over my bus, I think it’s here ,we are still just closing our eyes, like just 5 more minutes feeling in the morning.

  5. I expect to see the cabin fever people who were already nuts, completely losing their shit. I don’t think it’s safe.
    On Saturday we had the most beautiful day of the year, and it was one of the most violent of the decade. “The totals for the weekend are 8 homicides, 41 wounded (49 total), from between noon on Friday, April 22 through 6:00 a.m. on Monday, April 25.”

  6. My life sped up enormously when a hunky former fireman/contractor walked into my condo. Of course, after I decided I no longer wanted/needed a man in my life! Called Elsa for a consultation. Yep, Pluto n Uranus n Mars transits. Best consult ever. I feel optimistic n positive for the change of heart/libido and future. Thank you Elsa!

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