Libra Under Pressure With Cardinal T-Square – Death

charlie The moon is in Aries today, squaring the sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Libra fills in the complete the circuit.  If you planets in Libra like I do, I bet you’re feeling a bit “contained” and yes. That’s an understatement.

I woke this morning, to the news that one of my clients, who was also a friend, was found dead in his home.  This was out of the blue sky.

Now Libra likes to sort of float along, prettily, in a party dress or some other attractive garb. It’s an AIR sign!  I’m sure you can see how this must have hit me.  Bam! Stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s just so heavy.

The friend has a sister he’s close to. I’m sure she’s devastated. He’s also got friends and the people who work with him, love him. In fact, it was one of them who contacted me.

It’s truly rare to meet someone who is universally liked and respected. This man was like that. I mean, it was truly, truly an honor to know him and work with him. His passing knocked me down at the knee-level which is appropriate for Capricorn / Saturn.

That’s his chart pictured.  Transiting Saturn and Pluto surround his sun, but beyond that, this was essentially is Jupiter and his Saturn return.  I really can’t believe he’s gone. I know he would approve of this post.

RIP Charlie, a Capricorn with a stellar reputation.


Libra Under Pressure With Cardinal T-Square – Death — 30 Comments

    • Thank you. I don’t think I will meet someone like this, again in my lifetime. What everyone says, is true.

      If you love and care for someone, let them know *before something like this happens. 🙁

      I do think he knew he was loved, though. He’s was truly exceptional in a variety of ways. Further, I’m sure that I’m only aware of of a fraction of his goodness.

  1. So sorry to hear this news. I don’t think there’s anything more heartbreaking and shocking than sudden, unexpected death. He sounded like a wonderful person and friend, condolences for your loss.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Elsa. Regarding Jupiter, I just read this from the Oxford Astrologer:

    “Jupiter is associated with death in my opinion. You often see a Jupiter transit when someone dies. More often than a Saturn or Pluto transit. These latter show one grimly carrying on, but Jupiter shows a release beyond the boundary.
    I also believe that a Jupiter death is probably lovely for the one departing.”

  3. I am and will be in shock for a long time. He was one of the sweetest gentlemen I’ve ever met (on Facebook) and feel like I’d known him for years. We had so much fun chatting and I’d always post funny animal videos or pictures and tag him. So genuine and we don’t have enough of that in this world. We lost a really bright light and my heart hurts, especially for his mom, sister and sweet niece. Rest in Peace my sweet friend, I’ll always remember you!

  4. Go well, Charlie, peace go with you.
    My heartfelt sympathies to everyone who loves this excellent man.
    “No one else like him” is a notable achievement. Good on you, Charlie, for deserving that description.
    Thank you, Elsa, for eulogizing him for us. Words are useless, when people are bereft… so, here’s an offer for a (beyond limits of location) hug, to both/all of you who love him, and miss him.

  5. I’m baking scones today and thinking about, Charlie and his qualities.

    Charlie listened. He thought about things. He understood and appreciated, people as individuals. He was able to see a person, clearly, and love them as they were. He did not have an agenda for other people’s lives!

    He also wrote me for my scone recipe and and baked scones for his workmates, I think it was.

    I knew he was great. But I never thought about the void he would leave if he were to die. I hope he can see us all, and know how we feel. I don’t know what else to say.

  6. Just like that?

    Thank you for sharing his nice parts.

    I’d like to be remembered well.

    I been watching carefully sitting through My cap sun at 23 degrees.
    my saturn 11 degrees cap.

    12th house

    I’d like to stay on the planet.

    I’m not done yet.

    This is disturbing.

    • “Thank you for sharing his nice parts.”

      I think he was just a nice person. I am thinking about him because he set an example of how a person might conduct themselves. I’m asking myself today, if I might be more like him in some way. Because he’s no longer here when means, the example he set is gone. ?

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  7. He sounded lovely…so sorry for your loss of this person, friend and client Elsa.

    Also a big heartfult (((<3))) to others here who have or in the process of losing someone.

  8. May the angels wrap their wings around Charlie now and set him free to fly away. I see the 11 th house producing the sudden death and the magical 10 degrees Saturn notably exact opposite the eclipse Tuesday. Did he have any medical issues related to Capricorn/Sag? RIP dear one. .

  9. Love and hugs to you and to Charlie’s family and friends. My Capricorn friend died suddenly in April 2013 and you predicted it (on my birthday). You also posted that we would get a Mercury blast (Pluto /Uranus / Mercury 12th Hs) and I did (that post has disappeared sadly) and it changed my path.
    Looking back I see how many amazing things you were posting then around death and transformation and that square. Goodness knows there’s been a lot more of both since.
    ‘The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus will square Pluto in Capricorn. Clearly, this reads “sudden, unexpected death”’.

    My friend was probably a bit like your Charlie. He was like a centre of gravity for everyone he knew, a rock. I think of my friend most days and the hole he left for us all is the size of soul he was. A space that is un-fillable, irreplaceable. But – I think he will come to meet me when it’s time, a friendly torch moving ahead in a dark wood to light my path. I think these souls go on ahead, because on a deep level they know we will need them. Let’s celebrate this weekend with music and wine and remember them, let’s be glad they were here and made life better, although it makes us cry that they are gone ahead without us.

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