Libra People Pleasing Twin

Libra barbieDear Elsa,

Why is that I’m always trying to please everyone? I rarely tell people what I really think; instead, I take a political road so people are not upset. The only time I tend to take a side is when I get angry, which never happens.

My twin brother doesn’t have this problem. He is six minutes older. What’s going on?

People Pleasing Twin

Dear Pleasing,

I really had to think about this. I can tell you why you want to please people easily enough, but the twin thing threw me. Because you and your brother would have charts that are essentially identical. I had some theories about why you might suffer this way while he doesn’t, but felt uncomfortable with the idea of me (a non-twin) telling you what it’s like to be a twin.

In a bid for clarity, I emailed a friend of mine who is a twin. He said it helps to think of twins as “siblings”. One of them is older than the other, even if it’s only by six minutes! As he put it, thinking in these terms “helps unlock a lot of twin mysteries.”

That was interesting, but I still had to mull. See, you’re a Libra, and Libras are the people-pleasers of the zodiac. But it’s very superficial. In fact, the sweeter Libra is, the surer you can be that they want to smash you with a bat. But this is more complicated than that.

Because the other thing Libra does is balance. When you go left, Libra has no choice but to go right. So this is what I think is going on.

First, you try to please by your nature, to an extent. But secondly… you brother is not so willing to ingratiate himself. He acts yang, so you go yin to compensate. And the idea that you’re the little brother would support this theory.

But this is no good for you. Because you’re more than just “Libra”. There is tremendous fire in your chart. And anger!! And if you don’t find a way to express this, eventually it will make you sick. Or cause an accident! Are you reckless? I bet you are.

Anyway, I’d recommend you turn the tables on your brother. Do it like an experiment, because he’s Libra too! Assert yourself. Turn the heat way up (I know you can) and just watch him. See what you learn, because I bet he moves to make peace…

And beyond this just imagine Libra’s symbol: a scale. You have been living on one side of it. If you internalize this, it will cause you great distress, which is the point. Because once you see you’re out of whack like that, you will automatically move to balance.

Pretty cool, huh?

Good luck!


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