Libra Could Save Your Life!

hustle modeLibra is a sign that doesn’t get a fair shake. Libra is associated with balance and interdependence, and those traits are not highly valued in our society. We’re told to  go hard and keep up the hustle. We can sleep when we’re dead. We’re encouraged to drop relationships the moment they become inconvenient and told there’s something wrong with us if we’re not willing or able to go it alone. While there’s certainly value in some of those ideas, I think that we as a society are doing ourselves a real disservice. We need rest. We need balance. We need each other.

In my own life, I am in a phase where every single moment of my time is spoken for. I am juggling more competing priorities than I can even keep up with. This is wonderful in many ways because I am spending most of that time doing the work that I love, which is consulting here and helping people make their lives better on their terms. It’s great! But there are many, many other things demanding my time and attention right now as well, and I will tell you this right now: I could not do this without my partner.

tataI mean that. There is simply no way I could manage without him and without his labor, and he couldn’t manage without mine. We are profoundly interdependent. Between the two of us, we are able to balance all our priorities and make sure everything that goes into living a hectic modern life is accomplished. We remind each other to rest. We take turns cooking. I make sure the bills are paid, and he makes sure I have fresh sheets. I haven’t cleaned a toilet in years, and he hasn’t refilled the soap dispenser in so long that he didn’t even realize that I bought new ones – in 2016. And even with this division of labor, we are both stretched to our limit. I shudder to think what my life would look like if I had to take on all of that on my own.

This also allows us to rest every now and then. We all need it, and we suffer without that balance. A few years ago, I tried to do everything myself. I had gotten it into my mind that it was easier to just go ahead do anything that needed to be done without stopping to check in and make sure I was taking care of myself. Then a minor rash that I thought would clear up on its own turned into cellulitis, and worsened so quickly that I was septic within just a few days. I was rushed into surgery and hospitalized for days. The surgeon told me that if I had waited any longer to seek treatment, I likely wouldn’t have made it. But even that wasn’t enough to get me to slow down. I went right back to it, and a few months later I was taken down again, this time by severe pneumonia. It was so bad that I got winded walking ten steps to the bathroom. My fever was sky-high. My throat was so inflamed that I couldn’t swallow at all and had to be put on an IV. This time, the doctor sat me down and told me very frankly that I was killing myself. She told me that a healthy person in their early thirties simply shouldn’t be having these kinds of issues with this kind of severity. I had to slow down. I had to learn to balance. I had to learn to rely on others. My life depended on it.

So thank God for Libra. I am so grateful that I did learn these lessons. If I hadn’t embraced balance and interdependence, I would not be here talking to you now! Libra energy literally saved my life. And while I know that most people’s stories aren’t quite as extreme as mine, I think we can all apply those principles. There’s nothing wrong with going it alone every now and then, and there’s nothing wrong with working hard and pushing yourself. But eventually you will hit a limit. And when you do, you’ll be very, very happy to have a little Libra in your life.

Have you ever pushed too hard?  What value has Libra energy brought to your life?

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Libra Could Save Your Life! — 25 Comments

  1. Thank goodness you pulled through!. With my moon being in Libra, I have to work at maintaining my equilibrium or it does affect me physically. Many a time I’ve juggled study, work, and caring for others to the detriment of my well being. Reflux, psoriasis, eye twitches and migraines have been the result. My partner has Mercury in Libra and is fair minded so fortunately when I speak up I receive assistance. Your contribution today has reminded me of the value of balance; thank you ?♎️

  2. :O How the fuck do relationships work tho seriously.. I’m such a mess that I’ve only lived with highly cardinal 6 planets in Capricorn people.. where I know exactly what my place is and what I have to do (nothing..) and I lived with them temporarily til I couldn’t acquiesce to their way..
    You don’t feel weird having to go to the bathroom when your partner is in the house? (Blush)
    I’m hard to get along with.. I don’t know much about this subject. I’m less interdependent than dependent/avoidant.

  3. How do you know you’ve hit your 30s and aren’t a fucking idiot? Wasn’t there a time when 20-25 year olds were adults? Maybe Gen Z people are that way, and we wasted time with our thumbs up our asses.. I think I lack basic manners and skills.. idk… Don’t have a lot of Libra game even though Libra SN
    that said, I’m listening to ‘Rose Tattoo’ by Dropkick Murphys when thinking about my friendships and relationships.. I’m more about the give and take than I’ve ever been.. totally unable to function without connection almost (Venus/Mars Pluto transit).. and I HAVE lived with people, but it wasn’t so smooth..

  4. :O I say because this post really surprises me and has a lot of ideas to chew on. I really need people. But the way Libra is packaged tends to make it hard to identify. I especially need people’s reassurance and words. But sometimes it’s hard not to fart when they are living with you and to always wear eyelash extensions and shit like that.
    I tend to be dependent on people in so many ways, but there’s always a power imbalance, either I give or I take. It’s a different polarity. I either demand that people take care of me (i.e. ask for stuff like directions) or care for them rather forcefully (i.e. buy them vitamins and show them exactly how to take them) :/ when I do get up in people’s faces at all.. usually I try not to get up in people’s faces like I did. Sometimes we need help, it’s not interdependence all the time. In my case it’s occasional dependence.. I tend to want people to care about me if I do ask them for help of some kind (nothing special usually, can even be asking for a recommendation of a dish)..

  5. I get this completely.

    I don’t have this with my life so much but do have it a bit with ’emotional labour’. I used to meditate so much and be so content with my inner world that… Well, that was my reality.

    However, up in that space people can’t meet you and when you get in trouble that can’t be “meditated away”, you have to come down… Like Icarus!

    Now I’m carefully working with my energy field to be more ‘inter dependent’. Especially with girls. It is a hard lesson but a necessary one!

    • Totally identify. I’m not enough for myself anymore (Venus Pluto transit).. I need a lot of interconnection.. and others emotional labor

      but never been a fan of equal energy Human centipede like give and take…possibly because of the oppositions in my chart. Need one and then the other..

      Like really I think a lot about other people and need them..

  6. Libra is on the cusp of my 6th.
    I definitely feel this is this is true for me. I met a few Librans that seemed like messengers and good luck charms. An Aries was a catalyst when my shit starting spiraling out of control, not surprisingly.

  7. Tonight I had an eye-opening discussion with a couple other ladies about how people are losing their ability to connect with one another. Social media was supposed to do this and now it’s doing the opposite. We can’t sit still, we don’t want to talk face to face, we can’t have a conversation without the phones coming out, everyone is isolating and go go go go go!!!!!!!
    Last year I developed colitis, at 40. It’s not genetic, so pretty sure relentless stress caused it. Before that I would have endless sore throats, hair falling out, weird facial skin rashes. Now that life has calmed doen, all that is gone except the colitis. I’m stuck with it for now. But it taught me a good lesson about honoring my Libra planets and North Node. The flip side of Libra energy, BTW, is people-pleasing….bending backwards to keep EVERYONE happy. That will also make you sick. Libra has to learn that they count as much as “the other”.

  8. Thank you for this article. A lot rang true. Getting a balance can be tricky – I’ve swung between oversharing/over burdening friends and isolating, helping to the point of interfering vs feeling detached when empathy is needed. How to find and maintain a balance? I’ve been forced to slow down and take stock and it was the best medicine in the long run but still a work in progress.

  9. Today, I think my stubborn boyfriend would agree with your findings. This Libra Sun (that would be me) dragged him by the ear to the ER to have him checked out for chest pains. Sure enough, he has a blocked artery in his heart and he’s having a procedure performed today.

  10. I’ve known Libras who have had massive hissy fits at relatively mild comments or actions of mine. I have libra ascendant (although a stellium in 3 H Sag, too), so I try to bring justice into my conversations and actions. Many libras I know are hypocrites and are totally unauthentic because they’re always trying to please. I do this too, although I’m trying to stop (it’s hard). In fact, my lack of people pleasing pisses Libra off.

  11. Balance is important. I totally agree. Libra is not my favorite sign, however. Librapeople are nice. Really. But they seem to be the ones to get away with just smiling and lacking an opinion. Just is not fair.

  12. I have Moon in Libra in my 8th house square Mars in Cap natally on the cusp of the 12th so yeah, balance baby!
    What can get me out of balance is unfairness. It’s my cryptonite. When I or someone else is treated with unfairness, my anger is fierce!

    When I have carried to much hurt/grudges I have learned to turn to my Cancer house. That is in the 6th.
    In other words, when my moon is imbalanced, my health suffer.
    So, the first way to feel balanced again is by taking care of the little details – and excersise like I was paid for it. Excersise, developing healthy habbits, eat healthy foods, go to bed early etc. You know, all those little things.

    It also helps to use the Venus houses. That means the Libra and Taurus houses. Depending on the sign-system I have Taurus in both the 2nd, 3rd and 4th house. So, this offers me some ways to exploit the Venus energies as well. Sometimes I clean up my home and buy pretty stuff (flowers or some nice new pillows etc.) which always gets me in a good mood. Sometimes I devour chocolate and Netflix. Also a good balancing act for stressed minds.
    Other times I buy a pretty dress or whatever, also makes me feel good.

    As my Libra is in 8th house and my Venus is in Scorpio, physical intimacy can also be a good outlet for my stress/imbalance.

    With a Moon so afflicted as this, you need to learn how to cope when stress is f*cking with your life. It’s not always easy, but I try to use astrology proactively. That way I am able to control the outcome, also in relationships. I know it’s about taking responsibility for my body and health instead of blaming my partner for things he didn’t or did do. I have come to discover that if I have my own shit together it’s easier to deal with others’.

  13. Reading the comments it looks like people can’t resist bringing up Libra’s shadow – insincere, shallow, dependent, vain. Over the last few years the Librans I’ve known have only been concerned about keeping up appearances with niceness but haven’t a clue about how to have real relationships. I think the sun sign can reveal qualities you identify with but you have to consciously actualize them or eventually its just an egocentric facade. Like Leo who can be charismatic and generous or just an obnoxious show off.

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