Libra: Balance & Giving What You Get

goose and the ganderHaving Libra in my chart, I like balance and even-handed justice. As an example, when someone files a restraining order, that’s fine but they are bound by the same rules they impose on the other. There’s an elegance to it.

If you oppress someone you’re likely to have this come back on you. If not immediately, then eventually which is typically worse.

If people feel cheated, they will cheat. If they feel they are getting a fair shake, they tend to give a fair shake back.  Give the benefit of the doubt and get the benefit of the doubt.

If you fire on me, I fire on you. If you’re a good neighbor, I’ll be a good neighbor. If you respect my country, then I’ll respect yours.

What do you think?


Libra: Balance & Giving What You Get — 19 Comments

  1. Yes!

    My mother always said “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. Of course I never knew what she was talking about at the time, but now I get it, and I wholeheartedly agree.

  2. Stephanie, that’s interesting!! Now I want to start a thread about gaming the system and how it pans out over time. Also, game the system but not people, or game whatever you can?

  3. I adore talking about this. How can I not with a Libra stellium? 😉

    I’ll admit to trying to game the system, but only when it’s an unfair system. Then again, “unfair” is extremely subjective, isn’t it. *grins*

  4. Rising and Stellium in Libra. I’m tard of gaming. I just want to be authentic and true to myself and fuck de world and I wish not to be sucked into an eye for an eye. Again.

  5. Yes, I definitely like this. And its also pretty hardcore because these lights are beign shined on the weak spots of all relationships, putting them into the realm of questioning (is this fair?? equal respect?? etc). I am already seeing the cracks in mine and recently had a major friendship go kaput. Not surprising.

    Saturn also produced a similar effect for me when it transited into Libra in October 2009…Im an early Libra sun (0 degrees) so I felt it like being hit in the head with a brick last year. But invaluable life lessons are being learned along the way so its a great thing 🙂

    Bring on the goose and the gander! lol

  6. I have Libra. I think, and saying “I think” as opposed to “I feel/I suspect/I imagine” is very much a Libra thing, that sometimes we are not actually sure what we feel, When someone crosses a line, we have something real to base our reaction on: you broke the law or you flouted the rules.

    Same goes for our own behaviour, which is where you can get the Libra dishonesty of “Well show me exactly what law/rule I broke.” We know we didn’t break the letter of the law, but maybe our motives were impure, or we didn’t abide by the spirit of the law. However you can’t touch us, our conscience is clear. 🙂

  7. Yup, I agree with even handed justice (Libra rising, Mars in Libra).
    But whether other people go by the same rules, that’s another story!
    A person may be *fair* (or think they are), then land on dishonest people.
    Oh well, maybe it evens out, in the end. I’ve been screwed so many times it’s pathetic. But maybe the screwers are getting their end of their stick too.

  8. Yep, theres a reason that Saturn (karma) is exalted in Libra. I think the trick for me is to not make it about giving what I get, thus perpetuating a cycle, but understanding that I get what I give, making the cycle what I want it to be. That doesn’t mean that everyone behaves as civilly as I want but that my scales are balanced within myself-Im clean-Im not enslaved by someone else’s behavior.

  9. I like my Libra placements. There was a fashion on here for exalting Scorpio, I have a stellium in Scorpio, including the Moon, and I can say the best things I have achieved have been through my Venus in Libra.

    That energy always seeks the balance between self and other.

    Scorpio cannot do that. Scorpio always thinks it knows best. Well, hooray. Don’t we all?

    Libra saved me from thinking it was all about me and mine. Others have themselves and theirs too.

    It is a beautiful sign.

  10. Libra really? Is that where we’re gonna put karma astrologically?

    I’ve often thought that Taurus seem to have quite a subconscious affinity with karma. Like, they feel it as a real concept.

    I have my south node and descendant in Libra.

    Karma has seemed to me to be reliably so brutal I don’t want anything to do with it. I used to predict the future about people when I was young (NEVER telling anyone of course) and it was often not really very pleasant stuff.

    Several people that I love, or have loved deeply, often experience karma. Not an oft repeated fact but about 90% of those that experience narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies have reflected on their condition and have lost the diagnostic criteria by about 50 years old for these conditions. Narcissists in particular experience quite a lot of psychological pain when others start to resist their behaviours and they don’t initially understand why. They often have a childlike innocence about them as well.

    It’s just not where real life is as well. I understand that many people feel powerless against their tormenters and want to know karma is real and I… truly… don’t fault them for that. But for me it is not where real life is.

    To me karma is like living in a land where there are weather events and someone keeps whining at you and telling you you are stupid for being concerned about the typhoon/ hurricanes/ whatever in the area. And then they go and build a house for them and their family and a volcano rises out of the earth and decimates it. I don’t think I would feel any real happiness at this.

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