Lethargy – Progressed Saturn Square Moon and Mercury

saturn-broachDear Elsa,

Am I doomed to a life without zest or passion? Every morning when the alarm goes off, I lie in bed hitting the snooze button, hoping I can stay under the covers for just 10 more minutes. It would be easy to blame this on my job, but I do it even on the weekends. This has been my pattern for the last few years.

And speaking of the job, I’ve had the same one for 10 years now. It is somewhat “creative,” but rewards are few and far between and I feel I’ve reached a dead end. I know in my heart that I want, need and deserve better for myself, but I’m scared to make a change.

I’m very blessed to have some wonderful friends, but overall, my social life is pretty lacking too. The problem is I don’t feel any real desire to spice it up.

How can I get more get up and go?

Thank you,

Dear Tired,

Are you doomed? I hope not! I’m at a bit of a loss here. It’s always freaky when the chart in front of you is incongruous with the way a person presents. And I’ll tell you what. I believe the chart over the person.

This is not to say I think you are lying! Obviously you’re not lying. But your chart describes a high energy, optimistic, assertive, passionate, and creative person. And there is nothing going on as far a transit is concerned to cause this level of lethargy in a person with as much energy as you possess. So it leaves me to wonder if you are depressed. Are you depressed?

Wondering this, I took a peek at your progressed chart and sure enough, you have Saturn (difficult, depressed, fear) square your Moon (mood) and Mercury (your mind). That’s pretty hard core. And when something like this sets up in the progressed chart, it’s quite long-lasting.

If you do nothing, you will see some lifting in about a year – very slow progress, but maybe you should do something. I would. A “few years” is a long time to live in such a diminished way. It’s possible a psychologist or medication could help.

It’s also possible your thyroid is out of whack. That would be the first thing to check. Because an under/over functioning thyroid will cause every symptom you describe. So this is my advice: see a professional.

Good luck.

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Lethargy – Progressed Saturn Square Moon and Mercury — 1 Comment

  1. My mercury and saturn squared up in my gressed chart. oand will for the rest of my life .

    I know how to ask the planets to be easy on me and help me become conscious of their energy. So that the lessons become education thus a gift.
    Karma is comolete unconscious and an automatic reaction to an action.

    So i guess i am able to cut (saturn) thoughts, change (square) thought patterns.

    And also pluto square moon, so that might translate to come to understand and transform (moon) collective emotions (moon) and thus fears (moon).

    I am leargic as well. But it is i think fear and hard patterns that puts me down. And also an exhausted body so you are right about the tyroid.
    Very helpful have been vit B12 and D test, magnesium which is also a tyriod co factor.

    For me it is literally trnasforming karmic patterns for others and that is tiring as youcan imagine.

    thanks for the blog post! lets focus on the possitive sides of saturn, there are many.

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