Leonard Cohen Redux – Astrology, Storytelling, Dance, Dissecting Art: Virgo / Pisces Polarity

Silverfoot left this great comment on the blog about the film, “Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen” : “…watched it in Documentary film class last year. and I am a big Cohen fan, but even taking my bias into account, that film is brilliant. So much of it is set up in a kind of candid camera style, like the cameraman is just recording the events as they happen, but then they let Cohen subvert that, and reveal the constructed nature of documentary film.

So for me, it was the “CAVEAT EMPTOR” bit that really grabbed me. His need to be a double agent working for the audience, to show them the film is not entirely ‘devoid of the con.’ There’s something vaguely Virgo/Neptune going on there…needing to be upfront with the ‘truth,’ but doing it stylishly.”

Silverfoot, my sister is a Pisces and a dancer / choreographer. And she explained once how difficult and frustrating it was to work so hard to make something magic (a dance) only to have Virgo come along and point the strings that hold up the puppets.

“I saw a wire in Act 2,” says Virgo. “That’s how they did that.”

And the whole illusion Pisces has worked so hard to create is now kaput! “It’s ruined by the Virgo,” she said. And I have experienced the same thing with my storytelling.

As you know, I’ve been telling these stories in serial fashion for years now. And it’s an organic process for me. By that, I mean I don’t work with an outline. I just decide to tell a story and like Khalil Gibran’s, Children, the stories come through me. This is how it feels anyway. I don’t write them as much as I allow them to be written through my hand.

I also don’t write them in advance. I write and post as I go so it’s a very flowing thing but there are some people who just can’t stand that. It’s as if they just don’t have the ability to watch a movie, or to let a story unfold and I’ll give you a good example.
When I wrote ‘Shack Man”… well he has a Pisces Mars. So in the beginning of the story, when I first met him, it was very hard for because it was impossible for me to discern what he was up to. His action (Mars) or rather his action, followed by supposed inaction, followed by his action then inaction; (two fish in opposite directions) had me completely baffled.

I reacted to this in accordance with my personality, thrusting and then yielding, blowing my top or whatever, which was what the story was about at that point. It was the set up of the rest of the movie but people just could not stand this and the comments came in like this:

“But what happened?”
“Well, what WAS he up to?”

And I don’t mean “comments”. People became furious. They were going to string me up and I just couldn’t function on this. Here I am telling them what happened and they’re mad as hell because I won’t tell them what happened! But this IS what happened. I didn’t know what Shack Man was up to for weeks. For many weeks! And this is what created the pressure cooker and the stew and the story itself and here the people don’t want enjoy this.

I mean eventually what he was up to was revealed to me and eventually what he was up to would be revealed to the reader but it’s like they want to fast forward through a movie. And worse, a GOOD movie! ::shakes head:: You put the movie in, fast forward to the end and there! Was that good for you?”

And other people had another way of disrupting the art. “But how’s this figure with the last story you told?” they asked. “Yeah, but what about, John or Tom or Bill?”

Well jeez. Let me stop this movie right now and ‘splain this to you! And to me it makes no sense. It’s like watching Martin Scorsese’s “The Color of Money” and wanting to discuss his other film, “Taxi Driver” in the middle of it. Huh? It makes you want to bang your head on a wall!

So back to the Cohen movie, at least this was revealed at the end. Just imagine how disruptive it would have been if they’d chopped up the movie by injecting reality every 10 minutes. Or how about a novel where every 10th page there’s a notice, like a warning on a pack of cigarettes to tell you this is not real, or that perhaps you could be doing something else, like your laundry instead of reading the book!

So anyway, maybe you can see why my Pisces sister would be driven to nearly pull her hair out over the Virgo scrutinizing a dance without appreciation for how inspired and very delicate in places the thing they’re being treated to actually is. It’s called missing the point! But with Cohen having both Virgo and Pisces his chart… well I just thought this was a vivid illustration of the polarity.

Are you able to enjoy a movie without trying to figure it out? What’s the deal with Virgo/Pisces in your chart?

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Leonard Cohen Redux – Astrology, Storytelling, Dance, Dissecting Art: Virgo / Pisces Polarity — 13 Comments

  1. Hmm, I’ve been known to skip ahead in books but try really hard not to. I have Saturn in Virgo opposed to my Pisces ascendant and my north/south node in Virgo/Pisces as well.

    I am the first to admit I really lack patience but when someone is telling me a story I try so hard to let them get through it. In the written form, it can be a little frustrating, I just want to get there already. But with your stories, how can people demand anything? They’re not paying you and should have no expectations whatsoever, but be happy to be provided the opportunity to read something great! Jeez. I look forward to your stories and have gotten very used to the serial way in which they are written. It gives me something to look forward to. What good is having it all at once?

  2. Ha, to be honest I don’t actually read your stories until they seem to have got to their last installments – then I sort of go back through them from the end to the beginning. I get too impatient, and frustrated and I lose interest otherwise – I’m a writer and a Virgo Ascendant and I’ve always got my own inner critic on overdrive so I don’t drive myself crazy going “where is the continuity?” or “this is odd and circular” or whatever I just stay away from it all.

    BUt there’s different kinds of storytelling and different kinds of readership so each to their own and what they like best.

    I have to say though, I have a short attention span – can’t handle things that go on for too long (Mercury-Uranus) perhaps, so I would happily fast forward through half the movies I see (Taxi Driver among them) – too much slow buildup sends me off to sleep.

  3. Very interesting…

    Hehee…my Arie is impatient and wants to get to this supposed “reality”, but my Moon/Mars/S. Node in Pisces complicates or diffuses things, or diverts things, or something. It’s confusing. I’m trying to learn the Virgo thing, actually, without being fanatical about it.

    Kudos to you for not pressing fast-forward.


  4. wow! i got quoted ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i used to be a dancer and choreographer as well. and as an aquarius i would have all kinds of big sky-high dreams and ideas about what to put on stage, only to have a practical old Cap come along and crash me back down to reality. “How are you ever going to afford those costumes?” ๐Ÿ˜€ for me, the Virgo was a “stage mom” (in a good way) who made sure everyone’s hair was tidy and their lipstick wasn’t smudged. but i guess that’s the flip side of the same coin: instead of revealing the hidden structure, she *is* the hidden structure.

    i love to be swept away in the illusion, the bigger and more fantastic teh story the better. but having worked in both theatre and film tech, as well as having done both dance and acting, i’m also always pulling apart what i see for how they do it. i can detach logical brain from emotions (very aquarian, i’m told), and appreciate on all levels at the same time.

    but fast forward? never! imagine what nuances you might miss without knowing it…

  5. Ooohhh…

    Depends on how good the illusion has been created is how long I’ll stay tuned. If it lacks a flowing feeling, or an enticing universal message (or maybe just a slice-of-life commentary), I’ll pick it to pieces and then clock out.

    Well, Moon in Pisces, 9th house. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And opposite is a nice obsessive/compulsive/erractic Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo in 3rd.

    Usually, I’ll just watch or read a story unfold, enjoying the ambience while picking out salient details critical to it. Both parts are important to me, and neither will outweigh the other. It DOES drive me a bit crazy, tho’, if a story is all fluff without logical underpinnings, or all logic or dry fact with no real style in its presentation at all…

  6. Oh, it just occurred to me–I’ve also got Saturn (in a stellium with MC & Chiron) in Pisces…maybe another reason why I like some semblence of structure supporting the illusion…as well as some illusion softening reality, lol!

  7. Hmm interesting. I guess I should add that sometimes Pisces can activate intuition in a majorly strong way, which cuts through illusion very quickly. Other times, it mangles things and makes for paranoia and all forms of murkiness. My difficulty is telling the difference, sometimes. Gotta go with how it feels–that’s where I notice the most change. “Separate the small, clear voice of your intuition from the loud, frantic voice of your fear”…

    it’s not always as cut and dried as that, but that’s a decent guideline.

  8. For the most part I just let things wash over and enjoy them as they are. That said, I don’t watch a lot of movies ๐Ÿ˜€ If a book isn’t adequately holding my attention, I’ll skip to the end just to get it over with.

  9. “Well, Moon in Pisces, 9th house. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And opposite is a nice obsessive/compulsive/erractic Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo in 3rd.”

    Hey, Tinkerer, this is me as well! I don’t have a hard time losing myself in an illusion, though, but if I’m called to analyze a book or a movie, I can do it well and enjoy it, too.

  10. The only book I’d love to skip pages so that I can see how it all turns out is the book of my life. Sometimes I just need to know that certain things will turn out okay in the end. I have a hard time having faith that they will. But in art and in movies, no, I don’t have a problem being patient until all is revealed in due time.

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