Leon and His Ex-Wife: Scorpio Energy Deluxe

I spoke to Leon last night. He’s Libra with a Scorpio Moon conjunct Neptune and has been a friend for 25 years. When we first met, Leon and I used to really piss each other off. He’s very good at provoking and I’m very good at reacting, so there you go.

But fact is, when Henry died and I cried virtually nonstop for six months, it was Leon (and his first wife) who showed up to help me clean out his house, and continued to show long after everyone else I knew abandoned me.

So he’s that kind of “loyal”. This is his nature and he proved yet again, it when his first wife contacted him about 18 months ago, about 20 years post their divorce. She was in a crisis with her two kids after their father died. She was divorced from this guy who was abusive and controlling, but she never managed to really wrestle free of him and in fact he was mean enough to actually jack her up on his death bed. Yes.

As he lay dying, he asked her to make him a promise. “Please try to do something about your anger,” he said. “For the kid’s sake,” he added. Can you believe this?

Leon called me. “I don’t really remember her being angry, do you?”

“No. Hell no. That guy was a jerk. I remember her being ultra loving. She was sweet, Leon. She was good to you and she was always really good to me. Nothing but. I have terrific memories of her.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Well, that’s what it was. You used to pick on me relentlessly. Remember? And I’d fight you but eventually you’d get that knife of yours just right and there I’d be on the verge of tears. And she always stepped in. You leave her alone, she’d say. Shut up, Leon. She’d get on you like that. She’d run interference and spared me bursting into tears many times. You know. I would be right there and she would provide enough of a distraction I could pull myself together and handle you. Don’t worry about him, Elsa. He loves you. He always wants to come here. Let’s go see Elsa! I don’t know why he acts like this… see what I mean? She was like that. That was her energy towards me and you? Well she was just really in love with you and wanted to have a good relationship. All those love notes on the fridge at your place. That’s what I remember. Nothing mean, ever.”

“Okay, well this is good to hear. This is what I thought but I wanted to check. I think this guy sort of messed her up. He’s got her thinking all kinds of things.”

“Well it’s no surprise. That guy was a jerk from day one.”

So Leon (and his Scorpio) set about healing his ex-wife. And he did it without an agenda because this is the way he is. Now he’s a jerk in many ways. However when the chips are down he is a superb, sensitive and loving friend and this side of him sprang into action for his ex. And I wrote about it back then. I was so moved over how he was treating her and I felt very proud and grateful to know him.

To be continued

Do you show up when the chips are down, or do you find it too heavy and leave that to others who are better equipped? Do you have Scorpio in your chart?

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Leon and His Ex-Wife: Scorpio Energy Deluxe — 10 Comments

  1. I not only show up when the chips are down, I’ll pick em all off the floor and stack them neatly in a pile, or burn them, or do whatever is asked of me…

    I have Uranus/Scorpio on my MC

  2. Tons of scorp all over my chart. I am excellent when the chips are down. An old friend just called recently to ask for help, I hadnt heard from her in ages, she just knew Id be there.

  3. It’s weird though. I know I’ll be there when the chips are down, but do I project this?
    I can say “I’ll do whatever is asked of me”
    but what if that person is too shy to actually ask? I think my Capricorn Moon tempers my approachability in some ways that I don’t really want. I wish I knew how to change this (not just by using my flashy Sag rising)

    How does one appear approachable when you feel invisible?

  4. I try to show up. I find it harder and harder these days…maybe it is because I am floating and not connected, nor have been for a while.

  5. I guess I’m very thankful for the 3 scorpios I live with. I know that my dad (scorpio sun) is always always always always always always there for me, even though he is a jerk. My friend Katie is amazing at healing. She is always there for me and just by talking to her, speaking to her about my problems and letting her work her healing magic on the phone is like WHOA! I am SAAAAVVVVED JESUS! There goes my healing experience.

  6. Scorpio is my Ascendant and in Uranus for me.

    I am definitely the go-to person in my circle, the 2AM friend who picks up the pieces, kicks some ass, and helps when it’s needed the most.

  7. No Scorp, but I’ve got Moon conj Pluto – I’m always there when people are going thru rough times, I just don’t always know what to do about it. I try to just “be there” for people.

    p.s. I’ve noticed that many Libra men like to “provoke” or otherwise rile people up. It gives them a giggle, I think. 😉

  8. Lots of Scorpio here too. I have a circle of close friends and if any of them are in need, I’ll do as much as I can to help. If you’re not in my inner circle? I’ll definitely help as much as I’d help those dear to me, but you need to ask for it.

  9. A good friend from high school lost her father to cancer a couple of years ago – he was only in his late 50’s. I was the only one of the old “gang” who called, which I found just astonishing. What is wrong with people? Tip: Try “how are you?”:P
    The same year, a woman in her late 30’s, whom I only really knew from the gym, lost her mother – and I was the only person in her life who had meaningful talks with her. It was probably easier to share with someone peripheral, whom she still trusted. And she thanked me profusely, which was very moving. After all, the experience meant a lot to me, as well.
    I don’t feel very well equipped, as I’m only 31 and the only close people I’ve lost are 3 of my grandparents (2 of them died peacefully of old age). But I step up because I know others aren’t going to, and because I believe I can deal – and quite honestly – because I want (or need?) to. See below!

    I am a bit Scorpio-deprived…;) Only Uranus/NN/MC, but I’ve Sun in the 8th (in Virgo) and Pluto/8th (Libra, obv) in conjunction with Mercury/8th, Venus/9th and Mars/9th – all within 9 degrees, and sextile Neptune/12th.

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