Leo Square Scorpio… Leo Wins

I called my daughter this morning, she was with my ex. “Ready for this? Want to do this… meet this guy?”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it,” she said. I was surprised.

The producer called a few hours before we were supposed to meet to ask if we could hook up earlier as he had another family he wanted to meet in the afternoon. We were able to accommodate him and is reinforced something I had already noted. That is that this is going very fast.

Last year this same doctor recommended my daughter for a national study… and I interviewed for that three times over the course of some months only to be turned down. This on the other hand has gone very quickly. It had barely been 24 hours and we’ve already met this guy and apparently sold him… according to my daughter that is.

I asked her as we were leaving, “How do you think that went. Think we’ll be on there?”

“It went well,” she said. “Yeah we’re getting on. He said we were awesome like twenty times.”

“Oh yeah,” I said haplessly like some kind a stupid Capricorn. That confidence of mine, it comes and it goes.

Anyway, if they choose us they will follow my daughter around some… probably to her yard sales or dog walking jobs and my son will also be included which brings another strange twist into this.

When I dropped off my daughter, we told my son it went well and he would probably be on TV,

“Cool,” he said. “Third time.”


This is when he reminded me he was interviewed at the airport by the local news because his plane was late and about a week earlier, at the reservoir, (along with my daughter) just for being kids playing by water on a hot day. It is hard to miss the trend, huh?

Anyway, my kids are both very comfortable. I am not at all comfortable but can see it’d be in my best interest to follow suit so I will try. I will also try not to swear on Frontline.

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Leo Square Scorpio… Leo Wins — 5 Comments

  1. It must help that you’re a photogenic bunch! And as a fellow potty-mouth, I wish you luck in not swearing on national television. 😀

  2. MC – thank you. I don’t know if you can. The next step is wait for his call. He mentioned his boss would be in town mid-week and insinuated we’d be meeting her but did not commit.

    He is interviewing families and explained the process which was exactly as I imagined. They are going to want to profile a few families that show various attitudes and experience with a common illness. In my daughter’s case… well she is the end of the continuum in all ways. For example her doc has told me many times that she is the most difficult case he has ever had and he can contrast this against something milder.

    After meeting him and guessing by interpreting his response to us I would also say we represent an eccentric approach. By that I mean, I am pretty sure we will be the quirky family which is another thing to have in there to provide a mix. My daughter and I do quip about these things even though they are serious so I suppose we illustrate a certain way of coping.

    Anyway, outside of that I have no further information although I got the impression they were going to do this right away and would not be surprised to seem them film within a week or so.
    School starts in 2 weeks, so I think this will motivate them.

  3. I see. Well you guys DO sound like you are going to be the most diverse and together family featured. I wish you all great fun when you do the show and I take my hat off to your daughter. She sounds like she has a great spirit. Come to think of it, so do you.

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