Leo and Aquarius – The Personal is the Political

Leo Aquarius steamrollerIn astrology, each sign exists on an axis with its opposite. The energies of opposite signs represent two sides of the same coin, and if they are integrated, a unified whole. The most commonly used example of this is Aries and Libra existing on the me/we axis. If we are able to balance our desire to act on selfish impulses with our desire to be considerate of the other, we become a more complete version of ourselves. But there are other pairings that garner far less attention, much to our peril.

A great example of this is Leo and Aquarius. This axis is about the personal vs the political, or the self vs the group. But, as has long been a progressive mantra, the personal IS the political. And in balancing these energies, we are able to see the truth in this.

Leo and Aquarius both want to save the world. They both desperately want to shine a light on humanity and help lift us up. The difference is in how they go about it. Leo views it as their duty to shine as brightly as they can to serve as an example to others. They also make a point of showering others in love and affection, effectively lending others their light. Leo looks at Aquarius’ methods and thinks they lack humanity, the personal touch.

Aquarius, on the other hand, feels that Leo thinks too small and that their methods are too self-serving. Aquarius would rather operate on a larger scale, mobilizing groups and trying to change the social structures that have created so much pain and suffering in the world.

Neither one of them is wrong! It is obvious that the world can’t be changed one smile at a time. Sometimes big, structural overhauls are necessary. But it is equally obvious that we each lead our own personal, individual lives, and a change in structure that doesn’t also lead to greater personal happiness is probably not serving its purpose.

So how do we integrate? I recently got on a kick of listening to my old favorite music, and I came across the song “Underneath” by Alanis Morissette. The song perfectly encapsulates a blending of these energies. The chorus goes:

There is no difference in what we’re doing in here

That doesn’t show up as bigger symptoms out there

So why spend all our time dressing our bandages

When we’ve the ultimate key to the cause right here, our underneath

I think she got it right. There is no way to truly be effective in creating social change unless we also embody those values in our person lives. And there is no way to truly embody those values in our personal lives without also radiating that energy out in service of the greater good.

When we integrate the energies of self and society, we are able to affect change both in ourselves and in the world as a whole. We are able to shine without guilt and help others to do so as well. We are able to create a society that reflects the beauty in our souls rather than our ears and rigidity. We are able to stand tall and extend a hand to pull others up with us. And that is what Leo and Aquarius have to teach us.

You can check out Alanis’ video here.

Can you see the interplay of these energies at work in your own life?

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Leo and Aquarius – The Personal is the Political — 7 Comments

  1. No I can’t see an interplay!
    I’m Leo Sun & Aqua Moon… & blind as a bat.
    I try to be helpful to others in everyday life, but concerning the overall picture I feel helpless. I can’t believe in politics, it’s too corrupt.

  2. so cool. 😀 nice post on the leo/aquarius, although i have been reading it is Aquarius who is represented as “humanity”; or the people, because of it’s “symbol” of a human holding water; while leo is the lion, strong and willful, like the sun /center, but i see how both are confused /integrated as different oppositions/while in truth there are similarities. and aquarius is about being fair (like Libra their trine) to the world, and fairness to eachother as a whole. I think that maybe Leo might see the lack of humanity, becaue it’s not “personal” to them, if they get into a relationship with one. lol They see that as cold and not giving attention that the Leo/sun might need but working together – meaning the “people”/humanity (aquarius) giving praise to the sunshine (leo/willful and strong) it’s a beautiful combo.

  3. Yes, yes, yes !
    I’m Aqua Sun, Aqua Venus/ Leo moon (full moon), I’ve always been aware of both sides of the coin; group/versus The Shine. Seeing Leo as more about business (I do like Political too!)Humanitarian efforts a glow for me as a Homeopath and one in business; feeding both sides of the coin. It does have its difficulties too though, I’m very shy but my Leo Hair side is big and bright and “wants” to shine.

  4. I heard an Alanis song the other day, and remembered just how deep she is. And I was a young teenager when “you outta know” first was played on mtv. It was summertime and me and my cousins were kicking it at my nanny’s farm (For like a week- we had a blast. Jumping bales of hay, sneaking cigs, eating ice cream, dressing up, and talking about boys 🤪). Very cool person

  5. Great post – the heart and spirit of service that links the inner and outer.

    The Leo Aquarius polarity seems to be worked and integrated thru Venus /Pluto – Taurus /Scorpio.
    What do we value and how does it play into and effect what is shared ?

  6. I’ve been thinking about this lately, how timely!

    I have my node in Leo. I’ve been struggling with a few, important things lately on my own Cancer/Capricorn axis, and the sign Leo has been helpful. I can’t fix anything around me that I dislike, but I can fix myself. I have Libra Mars so I see the injustices, and I even see the solutions, so Aquarius kicks in and I want sweeping change. But I am only one person, so I have been working to live out what I believe to be right.

    There is a song I’ve been listening to that ends with the words “I am this dark world’s light,” which just about sums it up for me. We can be surrounded by injustice and lack of concern, but just living out our truths can be a light to others and have larger impact even when we feel so insignificant and small.

  7. Love this contribution, and can relate. Being an Aquarian, I have been aware through my Leo friends that I really need to acquire more self focus and confidence at times. I know that in order to help others you first need to help yourself. To call upon my polar opposite Leo energy, I visualise a Lion’s maned head, with bright warm sunlight in the background.

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