Learn Astrology – Answers To Common Questions Beginners Ask

vintage zodiacAre you trying to learn astrology? I’ve written about 75 posts on basic questions. I went out of my way to make the information accessible by using real life examples.  If you read through them, you’ll be surprised what you’ll pick up.

You can check these posts out here – tag – Beginners

You can learn from the comments as well.

Next, get your natal report. It’s just $10, but it’s invaluable. This is because it will list all the points/placements/aspects in your chart that need attention.

Interpretation is included, however your next step is to google everything in your report and read about it from other sources.

“Sun in the 4th house”
“Mercury square Uranus”

This takes awhile, but if you go at your own pace, eventually things will begin to gel in your head.

If you take this on, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Are you studying astrology? How’s it going?


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Learn Astrology – Answers To Common Questions Beginners Ask — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve been studying for almost 2 years now. It’s going great but it feels like there’s just so much to learn that I might never be able to consider myself an expert (mercury opposite saturn for ya). I remember you mentioned in a post a few months back that it takes at least 10 years to be an expert in something. Sometimes I start to feel discouraged, as if I don’t know as much as I should, but it just makes me strive to work harder and learn more. I have a bit of difficulty grasping New and Full Moons, everything else seems to come a bit more easily. Something I’ve learned is to detach myself from what I’m looking at, then I can interpret it more clearly. I tend to only look at my own chart extremely lightly because otherwise I became too analytical. I’m still in the process of trying to put together an astrology community group in my city. It’s slow but there’s progress 🙂

  2. I’ve been studying since I got here over 4yrs ago and I’m still going strong. Wish someone had really introduced Astrology to me when I was younger, that is how satisfied I am with it. It’s a never ending process, there is always more to learn, deeper layers of the onion to explore 🙂

  3. I’ve been studying astrology for a few years. I think this site is a great resource to see astrology in real life. I’ve not been doing as much astrology book reading as I’d like, but I am constantly studying astrology in real life.

  4. I’ve been studying fairly consistently since fall of 2011. The first few months were largely what you’ve described: find out the basics of my chart, google the hell our of each aspect, house/sign placement, etc. I still do this from time to time, but usually using new books.

    The other thing I did was begin keeping a daily journal, and write the sign and degree of the moon, which I’m still doing. This has helped a lot in keeping up with things astrologically, along with regular visits to your blog. Your site has been an anchor to my astrological studies. Thanks Elsa!

  5. Thanks for the great links, Elsa. I have studied Astrology on and off for almost 40 years. I started in my early 20’s, but put it aside for a long time to concentrate on my computer career. I picked it up again about 3 years ago and found myself a little rusty, to say the least. There are so many details that I forgot!

    Your site has been very helpful in getting me back up to snuff. I love your use of keywords to describe the quality/energy of a planet or transit. I do a lot of reading on my own as well, but its going to take me awhile to get back to where I was.

    Another thing I really like about your site is that you talk about the weekly “drama” of the transiting planets overall. How it affects someone personally is another thing, but its very important to emphasize that those same transits affect us all, and you do that.

  6. Hi Elsa,
    I’ve been studying astrology for about 15 years, picking it up mostly from blogs and internet resources. (I loved your astrodispatch when it was around.) Have been following your blog for years and really appreciate your teaching, your candor, humor, personality — and devotion to all of us, which shines through. I learn something every day from your writings. and appreciate you very much.

  7. Hi Elsa,
    I’m new to astrology on internet, more used to books. But I find your blog and all the input from everyone very interesting, astrology in real life very hands-on.
    I ditto JoFrance and your use of keywords, I find this very “practical” by its diectness & simplicity, wasn’t used to this approach. Gives a good idea of the dynamics.
    And also your style is great! I love it! To me, a new way of lookingat this science, and very alive. I’m hooked.
    Your blog helps to learn (and helps with a lot of othe things too).

  8. How is it going?
    Slow and steady! It feels great and it is exciting to understand something new or identify a trait in someone. Once I correctly identified a Scorpio and then a Virgo, maybe they were lucky guesses (I know sun signs aren’t everything) but it was FUN. I am thankful I heard about your blog. The way you address astrology is perfect for busting stereotypes and applying it to real life ( nothing wrong with romance but the is more going on in life…)

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