Land Sharks ‘Round The Zodiac: The Perpetually Disillusioned

A few years ago I started a series on land sharks ’round the zodiac. I wound up dropping it but was thinking today about people who a perpetually disillusioned.

To become enchanted and subsequently disenchanted with a person, place or thing is a Neptune phenomena. I have Neptune prominent (on the midheaven) and draw routinely draw people who cycle like this.

“I loved you but then you did this…”
“I thought you were this but obviously you tricked me and you are this other…”
“Elsa, I used to like you but now you are a piece of crap.”

This happens almost once a week. Sometimes it happens every day and after awhile you can’t help but see that you’re just a vehicle for someone’s pattern to play out. It goes like this:

Here’s some cookies, Elsa, here is a big fat tip.
“Thank you,” I say.
A week or a month or a year later, I take the fall and it is, “No more cookies for you, Elsa, and no more tips!”
“I understand,” I say, making space for the crazy.

There are people out there who always wind up disillusioned. It is not possible to not let them down. They create this experience and they do it not only with people but with places, procedures, objects, and everything else you can think of.

Know anyone like this? Are you like this?

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Land Sharks ‘Round The Zodiac: The Perpetually Disillusioned — 28 Comments

  1. “β€œI understand,” I say, making space for the crazy.”

    Very well written! I enjoy your site so much and visit often. I <3 how you write in a fresh & funky manner. πŸ™‚

    I have my Nep/Sag/1st so I tend to bring people in of this nature. I should “Just say no” to the craziness. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the ponder! xoxo Ana

  2. I remember one person doing this to me this summer… otherwise i don’t think it happens to me. So NOW i am wondering whether i do it to others. Hmm….

  3. I think everybody does it to an extent but there some out the who do nothing but. They were almost going to like and be satisfied with you at “wong wast” they found someone who is not an asshole and then you too, become an asshole. πŸ™‚

  4. Is this behavior a sub-set of. “projection” — sounds like it to me… I have a theory that charts with few oppositions wind up projecting less. But… it’s just a theory.

  5. projection? Well yeah, they dream you up. I was always just myself, before, during and after.

    You can’t blame me if you thought I was more wonderful then I am.

  6. Anyone? Everyone! Hollywood is built on it.
    Perfect means, ‘of face’. What you see is what you get. I think maybe folks can only do so much reality.

  7. Describes my childhood…had a big big dream (Neptune in the 12th) of how I thought Things Would Be…
    Pluto transited through my 11th House (hopes and wishes) when I was a child/teenager and killed my joie de vie.
    It’s transit through my 12th/Neptune took care of the rest. However over the years I bounced back in my Saggie/Jupiter way. Reality turned out to be not so bad!

    I have had this happen to me, but usually I feel the other person is trying to get in too close, too fast and since I prefer a more organic unfolding of friendship when they decide I’m a so and so in short order I’m able to move on quite quickly.

  8. cherie, har har har. I hope you keep thinking that way and you might. I was going to write about the people who DON’T do this because they exist as well.

  9. Well, as you know, I’m very Neptunian. You’ve encouraged me to learn how to direct and manage my energy and projections. As you’ve taught many times, this begins with awareness and personal responsibility. Your recent video on projection felt like an ice shower and helped to save my ass, by the way. Thanks!

  10. Elsa, I’d love to hear about people who don’t have the fog machine operating and/or don’t project. And how do you know when/if you’re doing it (or not)… I’ve got the Neptune stuff and the projection stuff in my chart, and think I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on it with age and experience, but maybe I’m just imagining it πŸ˜‰

  11. hahahahaha…they inform you that you won’t get any more tips? so funny. it’s one of those cringeworthy moments where the person thinks they’re in control but quite obviously they’re not. heh, if you have to announce your departure guess what, maybe we don’t care?!

  12. venus – if you knew what went on behind the scenes on this blog, you’d faint. In fact I was telling one of the not so computer literate regulars about some of the hijinks the other day and she was shocked.

    She explained that she immigrated to this country, got invited to a special party. She went (she was a teen) and turns out the party was an ORGY.

    Well shit. She was a virgin, so she stood with her back up against the wall, eyes wide, scared to death someone would say something to her or touch her and she said she felt the same way hearing about my blog (behind the scenes).

    She just can barely fathom someone coming on and introducing several screen names, having them interact, “grooming” the readership here for their operation underway.

    And then there are the people who fall for this shit. ::sighs::

    Really, the less you know the better off you are and all I can say is if you see someone come in here and start some shit, then obviously that is someone coming in here to start some shit.

  13. The constant reality-checking that goes on here is one of reasons I keep reading. I’ve learned SO much about delusion, projection and taking personal responsibility for same in the short time since I discovered this blog. What’s that thing you say…all boats rise? It’s definitely true for me.

  14. Opal I can second that emotion! This blog has really opened wide my eyes very quickly!

    I’ve known for some time that I tend to project in romantic relationships and lately I’ve really been getting a handle on it. Apart from that, I’m pretty easy to be around whether you are a stranger or a friend.

  15. I think human beings are like this.

    A human is a human. They are what they are. They are flawed. They do things we can agree with, and they do things we don’t agree with; sometimes, in the same body!

    You have to understand that a person is a sum of their parts. Ain’t not a one of us perfect, and you have to decide the level you want the person in your life (a little, occasionally, in certain circumstances, a lot, constantly, enough to become a lover, not at all….and the list goes on).

  16. you’re surprising, sometimes.
    i think it’s good to have your illusions stretched and cracked from time to time.
    if you’re willing to admit that they were illusions, that is.

    i’m more likely to get mad at myself for unconsciously refusing to see the obvious. probably because at times i’m very good at it.

  17. I don’t think I do this often. Considering my Neptune, though, I could be completely deluding myself. *snickers* I check it out with others, however, and a vast majority of the time they concur with what I’m seeing/feeling.
    (Then again, says Libra, they could just be being polite… Hm…
    Okay, it’s obvious I have no idea, isn’t it? *lol*)

    The only time I’ve ever felt taken in and disillusioned by someone, he had Neptune rising, a 12th house stellium, and was undergoing a Neptune transit.

    I suppose that means that even if all I’m seeing is an illusion, I’m damned good at keeping it alive for me. That’s a good thing, right? πŸ˜‰

  18. I forgot to say:

    “Let’s get together for tricksey land shark reruns, popcorn and beer. It’s that kind of a day.”

    FUCK. YES! I’m so down with that, cherie!

  19. Yes, I know many chronic disillusioned people, it’s their way to avoid looking at their own reality. Some feel disillusioned by their partner or their children almost every day… an they also think their game of “punishing” others is relevant, that’s part of the illusion.

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