Kid Astrology: Her Father’s Eyes And My Moon

“But she’s mine all mine to the end of the line, till some silly boy tries to take her away. I’d give my life for her, I’d gladly die. Suddenly I realize, I’ve always wanted brown eyes… looks like I got my brown eyes.”
                               –The Bacon Brothers

My oldest, my son, got my water Sun-Mercury. The middle, Nems, got those as well. They both got Saturn aspecting the Moon which is reminiscent of my Capricorn Moon, but both of their Moons are in air. The youngest, though, got my exact same Capricorn Moon as well as its square to Venus (which opposes my Venus). Her Sun in Virgo opposes my Sun. The Moon in Capricorn is not an easy Moon and its square to Venus is a tough one to handle. She got my toughest aspects and the toughest challenges in getting her needs met. Moon in Capricorn can have a hard road in particular in their relationship with the mother… me. Ouch.

Because of this I pay close attention when she expresses an emotional need. This is a kid with an insatiable appetite for hugs, the one who does the “Mom, mom, mommy, mom, MOM, mommy… I love you,” thing. I make a special effort to curb any annoyance I might feel and address her core, emotional need. After all, most of the babies in larger families get a lot of attention, but that is not the case for her. Her family (Moon) is somewhat restricted or reserved (Saturn), so I try to remember that and to correct for it.

The shirt she’s wearing in the picture is a hand-me-down, as are most of her clothes. Luckily she’s happy with wearing her sister’s seconds (tradition), but when she does express a real need I try to accommodate. When she asks for something special I know she needs it, because she rarely asks for much.

Are there similarities between the charts in your family? Did you get a hand-me-down planet?

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Kid Astrology: Her Father’s Eyes And My Moon — 17 Comments

  1. You’re a good woman, Satori, for addressing that moon. From one Cap moon to another, I know how hard that is. Perhaps (and I hope) she never realizes just how difficult it is for you sometimes. I am personally thanking you for her.

  2. She is so gorgeous!!
    My venus in capricorn is prob conjunt her moon or something. Is it at 18th degree of cap? 🙂

    I hope it is possible for her to escape her moons energies through your efforts. That would be awesome.

    My mom has my moons sign and my moon is her sun sign (pisces sag) other than that my whole family has a really strong sun saturn tension signature, squares, conjunctions, oppositions..

  3. She’s a beautiful child, especially with those eyes, and she already exudes a certain gravity/wisdom that probably comes from that Moon. I have it too, and it is of course a painful Moon to have, but I recently discovered that my late grandmother, who shepherded me through my difficult childhood, also had it. I’d like to think it is what gave her her grace – I’d like to think that this difficult Capricorn moon endows one with the grace to meet these challenges.

  4. I was born just before new moon with the balsamic moon aspect, moon conjunct sun, My moon is in Leo, my sun in Virgo, in the 11th house. My brother has a balsamic moon too, in Aquarius, and so does our mother, in Scorpio, opposing Uranus.

  5. I didn’t know that about Cap moons and mother. Interesting.

    I inherited my Dad’s 8th house stellium and Jupiter in Cap. His stellium is in Aries tho. My mother has mars/merc in Pisces. My moon is 3 degrees from the conjunction. My son’s moon is 2 degrees from it.

    It’s funny how stuff trickles down through the family tree astrologically. There are so many nuance ties sometimes it’s hard to organize them all into something tangible.

  6. it’s been a while since i looked at my family’s charts but the one thing i remember is that both of my parents and one of my grandmothers have a moon-jupiter conjunction. i have a sag moon trine jupiter. my brother must’ve got his cap moon from someone else!

  7. I got so much from my parents. I got my father’s Taurus Sun – his is 29 Taurus, mine is 0 Taurus. I got Mom’s Scorpio rising. Also her Moon is 0 Taurus, conjunct my Sun. My grandfather had a Scorpio Moon, both my grandmothers have Scorpio Sun.

    The only one I would have preferred not to inherit is Dad’s Venus-Saturn, but I am aware of this “deficit” and working on overcoming it, so I won’t pass it on to my potential kids.

  8. We all four have Moon in Air signs. The three women (mother and two sisters) have Gemini Moon. Our mother is a Gemini Sun (Moon)
    I share exact Asc with my mother. My father´s Venus is conjunct our Asc (Mothers and mine)

    Also My mom and I share have reversed moon´s nodes. (I have seen this frequently between brothers and parents with their kids) My father´s Sun is on my north node (and mother´s south node)

    I have Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Libra in 4th hour, my Mother has Saturn in Scorpio in 4th house.

    The list goes on an on…

  9. Hello Satori,

    I am sure you such a Response-able mother! – Seeing what is really there in your child and tending to her needs. I remember reading some of your posts where you drew from the wisdom of your cap moon, venus square. You found the usefulness and the bright side of those placements. If you are able to do that for yourself, she will too.

    With Cap on my IC, -Mars and Venus in the 4th,I take mothering very seriously. But of course, I am self-critical of how well I am able to nuture my kids. … How do I know if the nuturing I provide sinks in? I can not “control”, what they hear and how they feel it….many times I feel my lack as mother, empty, right when they need it the most, at the end of the day….

    Our clan, my husband, myself and two girls, we all have Venus/Saturn signatures. My girls and I share Uranus/Moon/Neptune aspects. … Basically we love to work and we all such sensitive, strong individuals. Thats the bright side.

  10. Oh she is darling! And lucky to have a mom looking out for her needs.

    This was an intriguing one so I thought I’d take a look and here is what i found:

    My oldest’s Pisces sun is directly opposite my sun. My younger one’s sun is exactly conjunct my AC.

    Both their descendants are exactly conjunct my IC.

    My dad’s north node is conjunct my sun.

  11. Well, I didn’t inherit anything except Sun-opp-Moon, but what I think is remarkable is that my daughter inherited my tight Sun-Saturn conjunction and a retro Mars in Scorpio. We’re tight – I get her and she gets me. She also has some Sun/Venus/Moon contacts with her dad, so they’re also intertwined, which is comforting because I wouldn’t want her to be imbalanced toward my side. Her dad is a good man, so I’m glad there’s a little here and a little there.

  12. WOW she is beautiful Satori. Look at those eyes! I have capricorn moon so think its wonderful you cater to that since you have one yourself. There a lots of patterns in our family, one main one is that we are all of sqaured stellium charts. It Fascinating looking at patterns in family charts.

  13. The women in my immediate family, my mother, myself and my daughter all have mars in Scorpio. We have strong drive. My mom is a career woman and focuses her drive outside the home, climbing the corporate ladder and getting a Masters while I was growing up. My capricorn moon felt the deficiency/ her lack of presence, so I focused my drive on early education, getting 8 years of college out of the way by 24. My daughter has a lovely Taurus moon, with mars conjunct Venus. I do my best to not control her, but to control her environment and schedule so that she has space to figure out her own powers.

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