Karma Time & Possible Danger : Venus Square Mars & Saturn In Scorpio

karma timeVenus in Leo will square Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, August 25th-27th.

While Mars Saturn has a (well deserved) bad reputation in astrology, energy is neutral until directed.

In this case, Mars is in its home sign, Scorpio. With the planet conjunct Saturn, it’s possible to direct your energy in a effective, disciplined way.

Now this is for good or ill. You may want to hunt (Mars) a love affair (Venus in Leo). But there are many other possibilities and some of them are sinister.

For example, this harsh energy could be directed towards a child (Leo).   I hate to worry people, but take particular care to guard (Mars Saturn) your girls (Venus) the last week of August.

Saturn is associated with karma. Some will suffer rejection and/or be acutely aware of the lack of love in their lives. It’s times like this that make a person work on the issues that dog them in relationships.

I know that many don’t know where to start with that, so I created these classes to help them. They are specifically designed to jump-start progress. If you hurt bad enough that you’re ready to invest in solving your problems, I would start with this: Finding Love With Astrology.

Then if you want to know more or if your issues are Venus-Saturn themed, I’d get a transcript of this workshop – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate. Both courses together cost less then one hour of therapy. I don’t think you can go wrong.

On the high side, anyone who has disciplined themselves (Mars Saturn) and been committed to doing the right thing in their relationships (Venus) will probably get a benefit at this time.

Hard work and dedication (Mars Saturn) pay off (Venus).

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Karma Time & Possible Danger : Venus Square Mars & Saturn In Scorpio — 26 Comments

  1. I also think that these aspects set off the uranus-saturn quincunx that’s been aspecting a few weeks already.
    I think adding uranus, squaring venus no less,just adds to the tension & desire to set limits & be done with something & hopefully with real insight (uranus).

    • I agree. I have just seen the end of an interwebs relationship and feel very relieved. Insidiously, his controlling nature became apparent to even me, the cutter of all slack. I ended it positively, wishing him and his new lady, all the best. I intend to keep it at that level. Also, this has coincided with a wonderful trip back to my homeland and the breaking of a baby toe! Poor Pisces, me… Hahaha. Did I mention I love Saturn? ( I would certainly say I’ve learned a lesson, too)

  2. It’s going well for me at the moment. It’s a grind, but I am getting some longstanding problems resolved, slowly but surely so I feel optimistic.

  3. This looks like a setup for a sexy (V sq M) night gone bad (Mars/Saturn – impotence, Venus/Saturn – feeling ugly, Scorpio Saturn – issues re: intimacy, Leo Venus – ego/pride involvement with appearance).

  4. This is hitting my Daughter’s Natal Venus/Mars square. She is supposed to start daycare on Sept 1, but there has been some trouble with application to a public daycare center. There are private ones, too, here, but the problem is we’ll need them to be open until 8 pm, and this only happens on public sector. I was expecting the decision on where my daughter would be directed by Thursday, since this should come a month prior to child starting daycare. But apparently, director of the nearest center has probably forgotten about it, and now it seems we’ll be directed to another one, which is 35 minutes tube ride/walk from home and work (opposite direction). This needs to be done now, because I want to be able to introduce my Daughter there softly. We would be doing the orientation then, and seeing this, I might not be completely comfortable taking that tube.

  5. Encountering a conflict is inevitable. All anyone can do is walk away with from this with some insight of where some therapy is necessary.
    Action Plan (Mars/Saturn) of Providing the Ego (Leo) with something enjoyable (Venus), as long as that action plan provides deep healing. (Does that make sense?)

    BTW, with this transit, I think anybody who decides to cause harm to any children or girls will be seriously punished and deeply fucked.

  6. 🙂 Trine/Sextile my 8H Uranus. That’s nice. I have worked VERY hard at my money (Venus) issues this past year. I hope Saturn rewards me! Its transit through my 7th has been one of my favorite transits to date so I’m not worried about the relationship side of Venus. It will be a hard week though, a lot of people at the lodge are leaving that week for school 🙁 🙁 Its like the end of the summer. The lodge closes just 3 weeks after that. Sad sad sad!!

    • My Moon is at 19 Taurus (with Uranus at 19 Scp) I have had enough too… this thing is triggering my Yod. This last year has been an emotional rollercoaster from hell with Saturn… I’m done too. Can I please check out now?!

    • It’s conjunct my Venus as well. Enough? Yes, definitely had enough. My Venus is at 17 and Saturn at 13 degrees of Scorpio..I have a feeling the misery is not over for us yet 🙁 Not looking forward to this. At all. This has by far been the most emtional and heartaching transit that I can remember. My boyfriend (of 6 yrs) and I are separated as of today. The “reassessment” started right when Saturn was within 1 degree of my Venus, fresh off my natal Saturn. When Saturn stationed shit hit the fan. His ASC is 17 Scorpio (conjunct Uranus!) too so I know this is no walk in the park for him either. I was being passive aggressive (and very down in the dumps) about getting married and this Full Moon has definitely “illuminated” these issue.:.not to mention the Full Moon was exactly conjunct my IC/MC. Crazy how spot on the timing seems to be. Hopefully by the time the Mars/Saturn combo happens we’ll be able to decide which way this is going to go

  7. Wow, the Sun, Moon, Venus & Jupiter (on dsc) will all be in my 7th house and Mercury just over the edge into the eighth on the 27th. Most are trine my natal Sun (no longer squaring them!) but it’s squaring the tr Venus, making a Mars|Saturn-Venus-Sun T-square. Oh, shit. Originally I was hoping this would be good romantic karma.

    On another note, the 27th happens to be my sister’s (who I do not like) birthday; interesting.

  8. I am hoping it can be dealt with in a fashion of some balance, while the moon is in Leo in that area….observant things must come to exist….impulse of desire is not common sense….good we know and work with the stress of gradification’s….

  9. Karma, that strange word that came out of the 60’s….it is a wheat reaping machine of love and hate…..balance in this life time requite a style, guilt and observation, but Those who covet,manipulate and take things,souls or human life in this life do have a reward at the end of the tunnel,a burned out light bulb…then again like all fools of life why should we care…..go to the local swamp if it exist…and there are all kinds of bodies that have been buried for a reason….gave yards are for the good…paupers cemeteries are for the bad and sad….what ever Karma you do, join the Boy Scouts…or sell girl Scout Cookies…

  10. Thank you for the heads up! I’ve got somethings brewing during that time. My Mercury and Venus in 5H will love the Sun, moon, and Mercury; and my moon will sextile Mars. But my Neptune will get lots of action with the Mars and Saturn conjunction in my 3H. It feels a little confusing.

  11. This conjunction at 17 Scorpio will land on my natal venus/neptune at 17 scorpio in the 5th house. don’t really know what to expect

  12. I was born Jan.12,1956 and this transit is horrible. I wish all I had to worry about was my love life. Our finances bottomed out, through a series of events, before we got our groceries. I do not see things clearing up until approx. Friday, Aug. 29,2014. I hope I am correct. My best friend for years is gone. If anyone has any idea when this aspect goes out, please tell me.
    This is a wonderful site. Thank you for helping all those that come here. Bless you all. Love and light. xxx

  13. Mars & Saturn are opposing natal Mercury, my thoughts are gloom and doom! good to know there is hope and this too will pass!!! loved the news letter, huge help! thank you!

  14. I had just been discharged from a psych hospital. While there, the Sagittarius friend who unintentionally brought about my ex-husband agreeing that we needed a divorce ( topic he dodged for years because of what others might think etc …) she went to check on him while I was in hospital and he fell in love with her thus demanding a divorce 3 months later on our joint (different years and locations) birthday. This has been a memorable year. Can’t wait to put it in a box.

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