Jupiter Types Are Not Prone To Complaining

My husband said he was taking me out because I was his girl. As it turns out he had Mother’s Day on his mind as well. We wound up going out for Greek.

The waitress was an obvious Aquarian so I complimented her hair. This was my Venus in Leo amusing herself.  She offered us a sample of some wine she was pushing. We tried it and liked and ordered a bottle.

Back with a new bottle she opened it and allowed us an opportunity to okay it. The soldier looked at her like, “pour the son of a bitch already.”

“Should I just pour?” she asked, picking up the cue.

“Yeah,” I said. “We have a very hard time being unhappy,” I explained.

It hit me how fortunate we are to be this way.  Hit us with your best shot.
It is only going to go so far and it’s not very far at all.

Is it hard for you to be unhappy? Where is Jupiter in your chart?


Jupiter Types Are Not Prone To Complaining — 18 Comments

  1. I don’t ever really remember being unhappy. May be strange, but true. Discontent, frustrated, and po’d 😉 at times, but not unhappy.

    Jupiter’s in Libra, smack dead on my descendant.

  2. I’m pretty particular about things, but I usually manage to be happy anyway. Jupiter in Virgo trine Moon trine Venus.

    Example: Yesterday I went out to eat with my husband to a Pho place that we both just love. I noticed that my rice tasted a little like bleach. I’m actually very allergic to bleach so this was a little alarming, but when I noticed that my pork dish also tasted like bleach I figured out that it was the chopsticks and ate my meal with the metal silverware instead. We had a great time 🙂

  3. Me too! Never been there. I can be temporarily upset but being unhappy? Not really. I have Jupiter in Aries in 4th exactly opposing my Sun in Libra.

  4. I don’t even know if I’m happy or unhappy – I have nothing to compare it to. I have ups and downs. But in situations like this – I think it’s “Can you make the best of it,” and to answer that, yes, I can. Stick me in a tough situation or one that’s disappointing somehow, and I’ll find a way to look at the bright side, laugh, ease up. I guess I’ve just had a TON of practice 🙂

  5. Jupiter in Pisces/1st house….. Happiness is so relative…. Happiness and unhappiness are integral parts of life experience… I find It very easy to be happy if I am following my heart and intuition. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget that I have control over my attitude, and this can result in un-happiness… I would also say being happy most of the time has gotten easier with age, experience, and the integration of Buddhist philosophy….

    I can be very unhappy when I can’t afford to feed my addictions… If I don’t have tobacco and caffeine security, I am very un-happy….. 🙂

    I struggle with feeling joy and happiness if I am depressed, but we can’t be happy all the time…. Knowing un-happiness and the depths of depression gives me great appreciation for happiness… It’s all so relative…..

  6. Jupiter in Scorp in 12th, close to my ascendent. I ain’t ever satisfied, in the words of Steve Earl and my therapist, and therefore find it difficult to be happy. I’m working on the happiness thing and think it has something to do with freedom for me…

  7. it has to be something serious before i’ll let something get me unhappy- i try not to get concerned over minutiae- it wastes too much energy to get worked up over nothing.
    jupiter’s in gemini in the ninth, conjunct the midheaven…. (which is to say, i had to learn how to get a little more zen about a lot of things, and i’m the happiest i’ve ever been, by far.)
    does that mean i have more jupiter than i think?

  8. Even with Saturn sq my Sun natally, I’m at heart a happy person ’cause Jupiter conjuncts my Sun. The older i get the more content i am with myself too [Saturn benefit available to all!!]so it’s a win-win situation. 😀

    [danged cockeyed optimist . . .]

  9. and what’s this about teasing aquarians about their hair? 😉
    hm, maybe that could explain some of my difficulty in taking compliments about my appearance….

  10. I find that I get unhappy when others invade my personal space. Whether that is psycological or physical. This probably has to do with Saturn in my first house. I am very sensative to door and window boundaries. I know this may not make sense to some people.
    But Taurus moon gets alot of security from my home life, and feels not put upon for I always welcome guests, but just with those who don’t respect this home boundary. People who are clumsily leaving things right in the entranceway, or talking to loudly… right outside the door. Or doing things secretly right under my nose. These things make me very unhappy. Otherwise you won’t catch this chicken with a frown.

  11. BUt there I go complaining… So what does that say? haha I have to laugh at myself. I lean toward trying to be happy despite everything that I complain about. Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  12. Amethyst–Aww…one of mine and my hubby’s simple pleasures is going to eat Pho without the children. I savor every last noodle 🙂

    It takes A LOT to make me unhappy. Even then, it doesn’t take much to pick me back up either. Just stick me with some close friends, give us some food and wine, and the laughs come guaranteed. Jupiter in Libra in the 11th.

    Also, I have (thankfully) the gift of being unable to sweat the little things. The bigger picture is always in the back of my mind. My short attention span helps out with that too..lol.

  13. I have Jupiter in Leo which is supposed to be a good placement but it is also square Neptune and my ascendant which I think inhibits it somewhat. I do go through life with an inherent expectation that things will go my way at all times and I can get quite discontented when they don’t.


  14. Being unhappy does suck Charlotte. Some find it more difficult to be happy in life, however that is because they have learned how to live with unhappiness over the years. The trine aspect between Jupiter and Saturn would seem like a good aspect however in many cases it means exactly what you say. Easier being unhappy. Whether that is a glimpse of clinical depression or bi polar disorder or not, happiness seems to come around in the cycles far less for some of us. It is indeed hard to be happy sometimes.


  15. I’m usually pretty up, but when I go down it can take me a while to find my way back to a happy place.

    I find that usually when I’m down I’m concentrating on my flaws, worrying about what other people think, or having security issues (I have a big irrational fear of being broke and homeless).

    I find it helps to call my friends and get them to tell me nice things about me. I also keep a load of happy making stuff that doesn’t require other people . . movies that give me hope or make me laugh, ice cream that I like, places I like to go (where I feel at peace/happy), books that make me feel better. I work my way out of it moment by moment.

    And I keep a keen awareness of the stuff that doesn’t make me feel better. When I feel like crap bed feels safe and comforting which is really nice and hard to resist, but ultimately it doesn’t help with the feeling like crap it just gives me somewhere to hide (which if its the best I can manage is okay, but if I can get up and go to the bakery and get a croissant and think about traveling thats waaaaay better). Or how about this when I feel like crap it bothers me so much more when people act ignorant or rude, and I have so little tolerance. So, I try and remember that while they might be my problem today? if they really are like that, they have to live with themselves, like that, the entire rest of their lives, which must suck so much more.

    In addition to fend off feeling bad, because winter gets me really down, I try and set up at least one thing a week with my friends in advance. Ie. Every tuesday we go to the movies, or thursday the bar for a game of pool or whatever. Something which I know even if I loathe dragging myself out to do I’ll probably enjoy by the end. That way I get at least one boost a week, even if the entire rest is terrible.

  16. Jupiter trining Cap moon – I have a wicked sense of humour which keeps me amused and happy when up against a Saturn-Sun-PLuto Conjunction(residing in the 8th house, no less). Oh yes thank god for a jupiter aspect otherwise I would just be wicked MUHAHAHAA

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