Jupiter Trine Saturn December 2013 Through May, 2014 – Work On Your Story

Jupiter in Cancer will trine Saturn n Scorpio for the next six months. These planets are a natural pair, like the Sun and Moon or Venus and Mars.

The planets complement each other because one is visionary and the other one can commit and follow through.  Together, it’s a winning combination.

Jupiter is associated with stories, Saturn with hard work and perseverance.  This a great time to “work” on your “story”.

To get started with that, take responsibility for your story.  You’re stuck (Saturn) with your story (Jupiter) so if you don’t like it, come up with a vision (Jupiter) of a life you do want, set a goal and work towards it (Saturn).

Jupiter (in exaltation) in Cancer brings a lot of luck into the equation, but as I recently suggested to a client, you want to get these things in the right order.

Plan (Saturn) and let luck / providence (Jupiter) assist you..as opposed to jumping off a cliff, seeking adventure with no plan at all…to land with a thud.

I think most who follow this simple (Saturn) guidance (Jupiter) will be happy with where they end up.

You may like the path you’re on.  If so, carry on as you should have the wind at your back at this time.



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Jupiter Trine Saturn December 2013 Through May, 2014 – Work On Your Story — 5 Comments

  1. I love the sound of this pairing, appreciate that ‘the wind could be at my back’. I pretty much eat up the story that’s my life becoming so much more aware of the edges of it with all its convolutions and oddities. This combo with Pluto digging through my Capricorn Moon makes for quite a saga. Think I’ll keep at the work. Thanks for this morning to break my fast, Elsa.

  2. This transit intrigues me. While Jupiter trines Saturn up there above us all, transiting Saturn is conjuncting my natal 11th Jupiter, for almost a year. I think the transit to my Jupiter loses juice next September. Can anyone point to how these Coinciding Saturn/Jupiter transits harmonize with each other, through trine and conjunction?

  3. I’m a feelin like I’m being poured into a form of some kind. Jupiter conjs sun. 1st house saturn. At the same time I hear All Aboard! Chugga chugga chugga chugga woo woo. That must be uranus going direct. It’s a force. It is indeed time for a new story. The old one is worn out.

  4. despite what’s going on our lives, and the people we love, the energy seems to pull me towards astrology, stronger than ever. A feeling of embracing the collective; I dont understand it, but other than that, am loving the Jupiter Cancer & Saturn in Scorpio; there’s alot of wonderful lessons and many beautiful experiences to awaken. It feels electrifying and intense at the same time.

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