Jupiter Transits: People look in the wrong place for the wrong thing… Like a lotto win for example

lotto-2-balls.jpgFollowing up on my posts re: Jupiter in Capricorn / Year Of Capricorn…

Regarding Jupiter transits I think people are frequently disappointed because the look in the wrong place for the wrong thing. Too many expect a Lotto win which I don’t think could ever occur under a strict Jupiter transit.

For example, Uranus would probably have to be involved because a Lotto win is sudden and unexpected. You would probably have to have the 8th house or Pluto involved as well as lotto money is what? It is other people’s resources!

But people (by and large) just don’t want to accept limitations which I suppose makes sense when we’re talking about Jupiter but think about it. Do you really want to eat until you explode? No. You run into a natural barrier there – Saturn and for that we should be grateful.

As I mentioned in the last post it is reasonable to expect an *opportunity during a Jupiter transit but most times these things are like seeds. They require vision (Jupiter) to manifest. Just imagine someone handing your a seed and you say “What the hell is this?” The answer is, “Put it in the ground and find out!”

seed.jpgI have significant Capricorn so I can give you a prime example of a Jupitarian opportunity that is specific to Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s an opportunity (Jupiter) I have worked for (Capricorn) and it’s name is Astro Dispatch.

Now I don’t get a damned thing out of the Astro Dispatch at the moment but it is a seed that I have put in the ground and I do tend it. What happens from here is up to the universe but I am telling you if you really want to see the fruit, check back in 12 years. Yes! 12 years before we know what that means or what it will lead to because this is the length of a Jupiter cycle.

Now as to this particular seed, it has to do with publishing (Jupiter). It is expansive and high-minded (Jupiter) and I am working hard to run it responsibly (Capricorn).

Based on this, I expect a good result but you see my point here. Jupiter provides you with seeds but nothing more. It’s very much like this blog. You may bet ideas here but if you don’t apply them what do you think is going to happen, hmm?

I think one of the most important skills you can have in life is the ability to know a seed when you see one and beyond that, I guess you had better be able to farm. Overall, I think people are going to improve their skills on this front, again out of necessity. That necessity thing is something else, you think?



Jupiter Transits: People look in the wrong place for the wrong thing… Like a lotto win for example — 16 Comments

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    I am trying to address this “lots of work for no pay” situation, it is unclear if I will be successful at it.

  2. nobody who publishes adsense ads can request people click on the ads, or they can get thrown out of the program permanently. ditto for weird click patterns, and the click origins ARE tracked – so please _don’t_ go click-crazy to try and help out elsa, or she is as risk of losing that income entirely.

    it’s best to only visit ads that you are geniuninely interested in (as this is only fair to the advertisers as well, who spend money for the click), occassionally toss in a tip in the jar, request a consultation, link back from your other websites, etc. there are many ways to show your support. 🙂

  3. Er… there is a tip jar, yes? I don’t want stolen money anyway! I mean, I really don’t. NO robbing Peter to pay Elsa! I got karma to worry about here!

  4. Ugh, no! I just read Jilly’s comment and wondered if that’s how things work. I’m a complete numbskull when it comes to even *noticing* the ads, lol.
    I’ll stick to getting consultations when I’m able to, as I’ve enjoyed them so much 🙂

  5. lol… I’ve gotten to the point where I automatically filter out the ads and don’t even really see them anymore. Joys of having a 12th house mercury I guess… sometimes the auto-filter is useful, sometimes not.

  6. Elsa- This is excellent advice! I am going to watch the twelve year Jupiter cycle. Very important to nurture the seedlings! Have you ever noticed how some people yank their seedlings out of the ground from time to time to see if there still alive?

  7. My seeds are all vague and non-concrete. I am limiting myself to get more of what I want. Sometimes I have to limit everything just to get silence…. This cappy sun is definitely feeling the less is more. And I think in 12 years it’ll be “lasting” things rather than a whole circus of miscellaneous odds and ends. That is the hope.

  8. I agree. I have natal Jupiter in Capricorn and this transit is what I call a ‘plus/minus’ transit – you lose on some fronts but then you gain in others and so find that the net result is neutral or maybe a small plus.

    In general I think a Jupiter transit makes you feel optimistic about things so even when events don’t go that well, you don’t feel as bad about it!

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