Jupiter Stellium In Virgo – Clean Bill Of Health

blood testsI was diagnosed with Lupus (and Raynaud’s) a year ago after years and years of suffering a variety of intense ailments. I started taking Plaquenil last November. It slowly brought my symptoms under control

I had some flags on my blood tests, taken last week. It turns out the abnormal results are normal, particularly for a person who takes Plaquenil. I also have virtually no pain and only minor swelling.

I have learned to deal with Raynaud’s, for the most part. I don’t think dressing for ultra-warmth on mildly cold days is that big a deal. As for cold-cold days, I have a nice collection of scarves and gloves at this point. If I have to leave them on, indoors, so what?  I am a smiling person. This more than makes up for this oddity as far as socializing goes.

I feel I may stay at this level for years and years. I’ve not had a doctor say that, so it may be my imagination. But most definitely my problems are eighty-percent resolved at this point. I only have to get by an eye check next month to make sure the Plaquenil isn’t messing with my eyesight. It’s a rare side effect. I don’t think I’m that unlucky.

My husband is home now, after eight years on the road. I’m adjusting to my empty nest. It may very well be that 2016 will be a very good year.

Does anyone else see positive potential ahead?


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  1. I do. I have been inordinately lucky…blessed with a supportive ex-husband, healthy son, decent education and kick ass boyfriend. I still struggle but now I actually believe I can graduate next year and finally get a good job. I’m glad your diseases are under control and your husband is home from the road. ♡☆♡

    • Aloha! I had my third episode of Bells Palsy 12/26/14. Now, 10 months after the fact & a very slow but steady recovery, I am 90 % well. The last symptom removing is a weaken right side of my face. My eye tears regularly, especially when I eat or speak. My speaking is difficult at times as the tongue, cheek, and lip muscles have been weakened. I am grateful to be almost my “old self” ….
      I am happy for my new self, as these last 10 months have brought many challenges. Today I am comfortable and confident to go out to eat (without embarrassment of drooling all over everything) and speak In a group without sounding like Daffy Duck. Employment is just around the corner. Good things are on their way. I KNOW the truth, is is EVERYTHING!

  2. I’m glad to hear of your good check up personally any kind of illness just sucks in my humble opinion. Most especially when it happens to people who I have become somewhat acquainted with. Tried to send you a video via email that might be something of interest to you because the women interviewed was diagnosed with Lupus at like age 16. As far as the Raynaud’s that is a circulation issue though I have not been diagnosed with it I still have circulation issues. I’m looking at getting Chi Machine for my issues and my husbands as well. it is supposed to help balance the bodies circulatory system. Who knows but I will send you a email when and if it works but first must get the machine.

  3. Yes! I’ve started my volunteer work, at the moment it focuses on youth. I’ve teamed up with a great memeber of the clergy and it certianly has a great buzz about it. I can see avenues of possibility opening up for further work down the road. I can see possible great people to work with and I didn’t have to leave or travel to another city to achieve it. (a car crash at the weekend put an end to my car but made me see that everything I need is right under my nose.) It feels great, I haven’t glowed so brightly on the inside with such intensity and joy for a long time. Glad others, like yourself Elsa, are feeling hopeful.

  4. Great news!
    So it seems you don’t have an empty nest after all with the big man coming off the road just in the nick of time.

  5. Elsa, I love you as if you were family to me – I’m happy beyond words for your update. And if the news was dire? Same. Love you bunches, wishing you everything best always,

  6. Hope the coming days in 2016 only get better for you. I am glad you have your husband home now. Things are bound to get better with your favorite guy around and your new home settled.You deserve all the even keel you can get, you rode the waves enough this year.

  7. Yay! Excellent news glad to hear that your course of treatment is working for you, heres to continued success with your health, your evolving home life ect…

  8. New home in a safe place with tons of room to garden the earth! Health going in the right direction! Husband home all the time! Doggies are happy…. visit from the son….

    Its all good….its all real good 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Good news, and thank you for keeping us posted.
    It’s good to know that things are looking up, after all the things you’ve been throuh.

  10. Great news, Elsa! Nothing wrong with scarves and hats and gloves and layers of wool!
    Make sure you’re getting enough iodine in your diet, too. Some studies say as much as 70% of the population is iodine deficient these days, leading to many ills. Natural sources like seafood and kelp are best. And lots of garlic for circulation. Bring on the shrimp scampi!

  11. the Jupiter transit with Venus and Mars is helping me, too. It is something I am fully aware of and working for in my health. I changed my diet, stopped a snack habit, and exercise daily. Cholesterol and glycerin were climbing to dangerous levels. No with Jupiter conj my natal Moon, I have lost weight (about 5KG) and feel great.

    I’m glad I found this site, Elsa, I have been lonely for real astrologers!

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