Jupiter Square Uranus (Cardinal Grand Cross) – Windfall Luck

4 leaf cloverA few days ago, I sent a newsletter stating that I hope I saw some luck come my way. I had the thought and while I meant it, I also thought it was a joke.

… However, I’ve been having various windfall luck, since!

What’s even better is I don’t feel that doom is around the corner. It’s like I have a winning streak coming on and I sure did not expect this.

It’s all kinds of things, large and small. And really, I have had enough good runs of luck in my life to know when I’m on one.

Isย anyone else seeing things swing up?


Jupiter Square Uranus (Cardinal Grand Cross) – Windfall Luck — 28 Comments

  1. I believe luck is smiling on me: a new pair of glasses for the 1st time in almost 10 yrs. “Seeing things swing up.” PURPLE Frames for an old woman, still living and able to live life for all I’ve got! May not seem so grand to some, but to someone who knows luck comes in all sizes, PURPLE glasses and the money to pay for them. That is Big Enough.

  2. Well, I’m slowly pursuing my writing again (I abandoned it about 14 years ago). Currently working with a life coach–this was totally out of the blue. Long story short, yes, I can see this!
    (It occurred to me that this could be tied to Saturn in my 11th, too. LOL –turning hopes and dreams into reality through hard work and patience).

  3. P.S. Jupiter is passing through my 7th (Jupiter Return) and Uranus is passing through my 4th house. Uranus is natally in my 11th house. So natally I have a Jup/Uranus trine.

  4. I tend to think that your luck is actually a blessing, Elsa. I think you may be reaping some rewards for some very sweet things you do for others.

  5. I do but I feel like my luck is more preventing disasters these days which is important but doesn’t feel so jubilant

  6. The “Great Fracturing” of April is totally a winning streak if we do our homework: Breakthroughs, rebirth, a whole new way of experiencing life.

  7. Yes – yesterday I felt like the ‘it’ girl, magnetically attracting all sorts of positive attention – as if out of the blue, including an old ‘flame’ who had me swooning, if only via the cyber world, by remembering the erotic days of our beautiful youth. It was TBT on FB & he started to msg me – caught me off guard – but the memory-share was wholly worth it and I swooned anew. I expected this month of eclipses/the grand square to be dismal, but except for a flu bug, not so bad. Knock-on-wood.

  8. hi Elsa, it’s funny that you mentioned luck, because nobody really comes to that idea in regards to the Grand Cross, but I feel exactly the same, I’m changing, and it feels very good and easy, I don’t know if my chart shows any kind of luck, but somehow I can feel it coming…

  9. Had some substantial luck with unexpected funds popping up out of nowhere. Tax rebates, recent loan to friend paid back in full (surprise),and a small bet paying off. I think I like this square!

  10. This post gave me such a rush. Uranus is conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 7th and Jupiter is conjunct my natal Uranus in the 10th (not to mention natal Mars in Libra 2nd house). Due to a death of a former’s lover’s brother and a tribute concert for him, I leave for a two week trip that is a huge revisit of all I once loved. The plan has been in the mix for a few months and I have been anxious as to how it would play out. Now that I look at it from this perspective – and not the dreadful Grand Cross – I am ready to find the silver lining. When I revisit the past I just have to remember to pack the lessons I have learned and put them in my carry on.

  11. I can feel the wind, whipping around.

    It’s the solar return of my blog, my husband, then my son. There is so much change in the air…

  12. I got transferred to a new position at work yesterday. I had applied for it a while ago but was told it had been filled, so I had pretty much put it out of my mind. I also thought that it would take some time, that there’d be more of a bureaucratic process to it. But no, I was in the middle of working on something and then suddenly I was swooped up and taken to my new workstation. I like this new job a lot better, and I got it right when I was getting completely sick of my other one. I’d call that luck!

  13. A few blips but no swingin yet. I do feel lucky to be alive though. The sandhill crane pair showed up again this year. That’s always a good thing. I do notice that I am oversensitive to going downward. It feels intolerable and I just have to shift gears not to go there. I wonder what luck feels like.

  14. After reading all the comments related to how difficult this time has been for so many, I felt like I should keep my great luck and buoyant attitude under wraps. Thanks for the post. This time has been fantastic and I feel like its only getting better!

  15. I had a job interview on the morning of the Aies New Moon and found out the following day – April 1st – that I got it, yay! I’ve been trying for a job for more than a year, so this is a fantastic start to April,,, which I had been dreading ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I don’t think I have had any sort of luck….in fact I am praying for Mars to move. I hear tell that my luck will be in July and after and until then I am going to be swimming in a sea of mud. And that is close to what I am feeling. I am so tired… and I am not feeling lucky and I haven’t any evidence that I have had any luck other than I guess I am lucky to get up every morning….put two feet on the floor…we are relatively healthy and have work…but extra luck. No. None here. I figure I have three more rough months April being the worst so far this year….then I will be sailing on and glad to see Saturn leave Scorpio….dear God I can hardly wait. It’s been rough. Pressing down on me…. I think the dirty so and so has aged me 10 years in less than two…..

  17. I agree with soup. No such luck for me. There are moments of extreme peace, of which am sure Buddhist Monks sitting atop a temple in Tibet meditating all day, would think that is incredible luck. But, luck the way Westerners measure it, with material possessions and trappings? No way. It’s just the opposite. Am a Cancer and even with Jupiter in Cancer – it’s not helping. Maybe the cardinal grand cross could be much worse for me and Jupiter is protecting me in ways I don’t realize. But I have a weak retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius natally. It’s very close to Saturn. Both in the 8th house. Am certain the people on this blog who have had luck during this time, have a well aspected Jupiter since day one. And, am sure, Elsa that you do too.

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