Jupiter Square Pluto: August 4, 2017 – Point Of No Return

Have you noticed big changes in how you relate to others? Your spouse? Your lover? I bet you have.

Jupiter in Libra has been in aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, throughout all of 2017. These planets will clash one more time, on August 4th @ 17 degrees. Post this event, they’ll separate.  Jupiter and Pluto won’t square off again until 2023.  That helps put this in perspective.

We’re talking about Jupiter here. So even if you’ve lost something, which is likely; there’s probably some silver lining.

Even if you can’t see the silver lining, you may be able to see how the loss opens the door to your future.  This is true, even if you future is daunting.

I’ve been hit tremendously hard by this, personally speaking. I’ve got natal Mars and Saturn tied up with this; you do the math. There have been lots of shocks with Uranus involved, but I’m trying to mark the point…the point of no return, you might say.

Post August 4th, I will be on a different path, permanently. Chances are you’ll be in a similar situation.

I think it will be beneficial to consider what I am saying, in depth. Because from here, Jupiter will head into Scorpio. That’s another Jupiter-Pluto exchange.  Go deep to get free.

Has your life path transformed over the last year?

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Jupiter Square Pluto: August 4, 2017 – Point Of No Return — 25 Comments

  1. Jupiter in Libra vs Pluto in Capricorn. I became more loving in the face of complete rejection, so much my heart hurts now. I have barely any control over my emotions. None actually, but some over my behavior. Hopefully Jupiter in Scorpio won’t kill me.

  2. Jupiter enters my seventh house after many years of being in a very large sixth house on July 31st. As though to punctuate this period I’m likely going to a work colleague’s leaving do on August 4th which will likely be the first social event since I started working there, and my birthday is August 5th.

    It’s interesting that you say you will “permanently” be on a new path! Jupiter in Libra is justice… Will “justice” be brought into our political reality?

  3. It’s definitely changed & I can see the point of no return coming. Lost my job, haven’t been able to find anything else. Will likely need to move back to San Antonio after being here in Austin for 2 years. Losing my independence, losing so much…I’m not sure I see the silver lining yet. But, I’m looking for it!! ?

  4. My natal Venus is 17Cap and Ascendant is 27 Cancer.
    I’ve been hit with both Uranus and Pluto for the last while.
    I’m definitely a lot more soft, feminine and receptive now.
    Finally breaking free from being conditioned to act like a man.

  5. I’ve called 2017 “The Year of Emotional Turmoil”. My Moon is tied up with this. Jupiter is conjunct and Pluto is square.

    There was some relief after Pluto went Rx, but I know it’s just a reprieve. The square was exact in May.

    • This has also been tough on my Saggie. Jupiter is in her 1st, Pluto, her 4th and Uranus, her 7th.

      Her only affected planet is Jupiter on her Cancer MC, but she is a super Sag, with four planets in the sign.

      Mr. Pisces, her ex, was over the house last week. (She invited him.) There was a lot of things said to make us both think this is on the road to a redo. She “rocked his world” like no girl ever has. Let’s see where this goes now…

  6. I thought 2016 was difficult. Nope! 2017 has been one helluva challenge. It’s like living in quicksand. Everything is destabilizing and then restabilizing and then on forth again. With Uranus hitting my MC and Jupiter approaching my IC, it’s been crazy. There’s been a lot of healing with it too though. My approach to my family and spouse is definitely changing –in some ways, for the better. I hope whatever August 4 brings will be positive in the end ?

  7. Thanks Elsa, I really needed to hear this. I’ve been hit so badly this year.
    Right now, I’m looking forward to August 4th. I can feel the change coming on, tad nervous about it.. but I know it will be for the better

  8. Yes, endings. I decided to downsize and sell my house. Memories have been unleashed as I’ve cleaned out closets but I’m prepared to embrace a simplified lifestyle.

  9. I appreciate the marker. We have been reckoning with what it takes for us to move across an ocean, once again, and at a time when we are ‘rusty not so lusty’. Jupiter separating from the Pluto square could be just the loosening we need; I’ll take that as a sign, a good one. When Jupiter goes into Scorp, it will conjunct cross my MC, Mercury, Chiron and Sun in that order while Pluto moves further from my natal Moon, and closer to my First House. Chickens coming home to roost.

  10. Oh yes, relationships, the way they play out, and the way I relate, have been completely transformed. Good relationships have become better, richer, deeper. Conversely, I have been like a scythe cutting certain people from my life. I’ve seen so much at play, and what may have fooled me one time can no longer. I’m exceedingly grateful for this transit. Pluto is transiting my 7th.

  11. I’ve been through many changes in my life. But reading about this permanent change that happens after a certain date makes me feel scared. I am in an emotionally unstable period right now. So I guess this text triggers my anxiety. I must try to be cool about it.

  12. I’ve only just realised that the dates for Jupiter sq Pluto in 2016 and 2017 coincide with a) getting dumped then b) being told it was only ever ‘just sex’ because I’m ‘too emotional’. He popped back up in my life recently, but I discovered he’s involved with other girls (and me, because apparently I didn’t see what a douche he is before…). This one, August 4, is on my Asc and IC (if using whole houses), and I assume it’s the final, final ending… I also realised, last night, that he first came into my life on last summer’s Uranus retro station (in my 7th) and vanished – out of the blue, after saying we should catch up – the day it went direct. As Uranus goes retro just before the Pluto-Jupiter Sq I can only guess that whatever challenging truth pops up is meant to move me on to necessary changes… I.e. killing off our ‘thing’ for good so I can truly be present for someone new. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster as when we met I had a sense this was my husband… but seems very, very unlikely!

  13. Jupiter on my Libra ASC has been the calm after a storm that lasted from 2009-late 2016!!! My identity has been completely lost in those years… having children, getting married, buying a house, getting laid off, getting a new job, acquiring too much debt, quitting that job, infidelity, fracturing two bones after an accident, two oral surgeries, from impacted wisdom teeth, getting cheated on by the person I cheated with, divorce, going back to school, suffered breakups with several dates after divorce, watching my grandma pass away, selling my home, etc. I won’t EVER look back at that old life!!! Hot mess! Enjoying three vacations in a row in three continents with my beautiful children this summer. Restoring my identity and amputating any negative events and people out of my life…Pluto style! I don’t care what color lining is waiting for me at the horizon, I’m going for it with all the Jupiter optimism and faith. Point of no return!

  14. Yes it has. And I’m waiting to see if it is for the better. I think it will be but damn talk about Phoenix rising from the ashes. My twin sister and I are going to get Phoenix tattoos when this is all over and I am normally NOT a tat kind of girl!

    If I get there anyway…still in the thick of it with Cap rising and Saturn in my twelfth conjunct my moon, then onto the first house Life pretty much is a day to day battle.

    For those who are especially suffering–hang in there!

  15. yes Elsa my life path has been transformed (in progress)…Jupiter also trines natal Pluto/Jupiter/Sun here, l felt very empowered at the beginning of the year and from there things went and l got entangled in situations that indeed changed me, changed others, changed my relationship (for the better l have to say)! However not without some sort of loss indeed, not without pain, hurt, tears and more pain. Now l have to deal with that, with the pain l tried to bypass it but it didn’t work…not really. l am back at it again and this time l have to go through it. It’s been a long while l have been feeling like this…but this year so far was a year of awakenings for me and l am grateful, l was sleeping for so long. l am really curious to see how the year will progress also after the 4th of August.

  16. Oh yes. It’s not even been a year, but in September ’16 my ex broke up, I moved back to my home place (300 miles-ish away). I’ve moved into not one but two new homes during that time (the 2nd home just this weekend) – and I’ve even exchanged old BF with new BF in December 2016.

    Phew! Talk about changes!
    Jupiter is transitting the 8th house in my chart, so my foundations have been transformed, but in a great way I think. This might also be thanks to Saturn and Uranus linking up in a good way, transitting my 11th and 2nd house. Almost everything I was dreaming about has happened the past year. My moon is in Libra as well, so some of these changes has been from a place of deep, heartfelt needs. Something needed to change, transform and end. It did in 2016 and a wave of new stuff came to life in 2017. I think this is one of the themes from this transit. Life – in all its varied forms, some good, some bad – but nevertheless transformative. Pluto-Jupiter personified, sprinkled with drops of optimism and larger-than-life…

  17. Hi everyone ! I’ve got Jupiter-Pluto in aspect in my personal siganture, opposition to be exact. Spectacular endings en beginning have always been a part of my life. This time, my children are off to live with their dad. He’s actually coming for the move next saturday. Natal jupiter is in my 5th House. I knew this would be coming, there’s nothing you can do just accept, my kids wanted to go live with their dad for a change. That means I’ll see them 7 weeks a year since we live quite far apart. This is the major change… But yeah, there is an upside to this shift…I’m going to be “free” for other ventures… Uranus is currently transiting my 5th house opposing my natal Uranus and in conjunction with my natal Chiro in the 5th. Considering Jupiter in Scorpio? I’ve already enroled in a training to become sound therapist, so energy healing and harmonisation. I know this will also be important personnaly as part of my path to healing and letting go of the past and going through my mourning. Jupiter in scorpio will be on the verge of entering my 12th house when I start the training which is running for a year…

  18. Looks like I will have a big shift in a long term relationship. It was a bit of a shock to find out they are not as I thought they were…but I am also hoping for better things to come. Better to find out how people really are so you can make the adjustment and move on. Saturn is also on my Moon right now also, so I am thinking I will be a bit sad about the whole situation.

  19. Huge, unexpected and seemingly negative changes: job- fall 2016 and marriage – April 2017 (husband moved for a job), which I attributed to Pluto transiting IC. But Jupiter transits conjunct my sun on Oct solar return. Light at the end of the tunnel? But 8/4? We go on vacation abroad the next day?

  20. Missty- that’s a tough change! You seem to be dealing well though and evolving yourself. Yes, the upside seems to be freedom (Jupiter) for oneself.

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