Jupiter Square Pluto: August 4, 2017 – No Big Earthquake!

Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn, exact on August 4th, 2017.  It’s a bit premature to consider this, but I keep hearing about it. I disagree with most of what I hear so I decided to post my contrary opinion.

I’ve been writing about Pluto in Capricorn representing cracks in the foundation for ten years now.  Jupiter does increase the scale of things. Capricorn is an Earth sign.  Does this mean we are going to have a giant earthquake? Maybe. But this would not be my bet.

For one thing, Jupiter is in Libra, an Air sign concerned with relationships. How does that add up to EARTHQUAKE?

Also, people tend to overlook Jupiter’s concern with religion and philosophy. This is what I think stands to be transformed (Pluto).

How do you view partnerships?
What is your relationship philosophy?
What’s your love story?
Are your views worn out?

Jupiter is also associated with truth. True, high minded (Sagittarius) love (Venus) is not an EARTHQUAKE. It’s also not the destruction of the world, as some are suggesting. I. DON’T. THINK SO!

If you want to fare well with this energy be ready to ditch whatever it is that you have outgrown. This could be your old decor by the way. Or your tired hairstyle.

You may want to kill off your old way of interacting with people. But what comes across to me is that whatever happens, the result will be positive.

This does not mean there will be no pain involved. Or no effort. I would expect to meet both these things in a BIG way. But the earth is not going to swallow us all up.

I’ll tell you what’s missing here that makes me feel “safe”. Mars and Saturn aren’t really in action.  So if someone is trying (Mars) to scare (Saturn) you, I’d brush them aside.

Do you have planets around 17 degrees Cardinal? How’s this look to you?

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Jupiter Square Pluto: August 4, 2017 – No Big Earthquake! — 11 Comments

  1. Interesting… My Part of Fortune is in the 12th Cancer is at 17 degrees and my Pluto in Leeb at 16 in 3rd. I also have a lot of fated contacts that day. Sun/Mars conjunct natal Jupiter in 12th and sextile natal Venus, transit Venus exactly conjunct my Anti-vertex in the 11th, Mercury exactly conjunct natal Saturn/NN in 2nd and Uranus sitting atop my MC. It’s fitting as this August marks the end of a karmic cycle in my life and the beginning of a new one. Especially around family relationships (hence all the 12th house sorrow action) My Part of Fortune was activated when the old cycle went into effect 20 years ago. Looking forward to a fresh start!!

  2. I have no planets at that degree. I do have a 8H moon at 12 degrees Libra and a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 28th degree Libra.

    The past exact square made me throw out some worn out opinions/values/thoughts about relationship and how I, MYSELF, have behaved in the past and how I eant to transform the future. So I found a therapist to help me ensure I worked with that philosophy (anxiety of my partners cheating)…

    So I have been forced to think about where and what that fear came from. If I have outgrown it or if ai CAN outgrow the scars that make it run so deep (Venus-Sun in Scorpio, opposite Chiron).

    I kinda feel that I need to dig deep, transform it and let it go if I can. And if I can’t let go of it, then get to the bottom of it and maybe find peace with it. That’s my process at the moment.

  3. My natal Jupiter is at 16 degrees Capricorn in the 1st house, and my MC/IC Axis is at 17 degrees Libra/Aries. So, transiting Jupiter in Libra at that degree will be squaring my Pluto-conjunct-Jupiter-transit in Capricorn, conjuncting my Midheaven, and opposing my IC. Not exactly sure what that will all mean, but it seems like possibly enlarged (Jupiter) transformations for self (1st house Jupiter, plus my AC is Sag), home (IC) and career (MC)! Pluto is in the mix, and the aspects are hard (squares and oppositions), but it’s Jupiter, after all, so I’m hoping there will be some benefit, even if it’s volcanic!

  4. My Venus Libra is 17, and Jupiter Libra is close by at 21- Cancer Moon 19 – I’ve been eyeing August as a time to move, and start anew. I’ve had the experience of one thing after another dying off where I’m at over the past several years. Ready to uproot, and thrive emotionally somewhere else.

  5. True, high minded (Sagittarius) love (Venus) is not an EARTHQUAKE. It’s also not the destruction of the world, as some are suggesting. I. DON’T. THINK SO!

    The August eclipses seem more likely to be some kind of problem.

    Do you have planets around 17 degrees Cardinal? How’s this look to you?

    Mars. Guess it might get whacked. Though honestly, Pluto over Mars has been… energetic, mostly.


  6. Yes, I have planets there, mid degrees cardinal. I like it. I’m looking forward to this transit. ‘Jupiter is also associated with truth.’ Thanks. I’ll remember this, for a long time.

  7. Instead of planets, I have my lunar nodes at 17 degrees cardinal. Does that count too? NN in Capricorn and SN in Cancer. I have also the asteroids Fortuna at 16 degrees Libra and Pallas at 18 degrees Libra. Actually Jupiter at 17 degrees Libra hasn’t much impact on me.

  8. This will be BIG for me. Pluto will be conjunct exact my natal mercury in 8 house exactly square my moon / saturn conjunction in aries 12 house. Which means jupiter will be opposite this conjuction and square my merc. (There are just a few minutes difference between my natal merc square moon / saturn conjunction. I’m expecting a SHOWDOWN of the events and crisis that has been pulverising and transforming me over the last few years. I guess I’ll have to make some compromises which at the moment I’m no way signing up to. Perhaps the picture (or people) will change and compromise will be more acceptable. It certainly looks monumental and provoking, perhaps crushing and moving a few bricks or perhaps the whole lot will be come down ready for a period of rebuilding! I’m up for a challenge, cardinal is dominant in my chart (I have a stellium in early Libra too) so an airy hurricane of sorts in my personal world could be just what’s needed!

  9. Thanks – this has reassured me a little, as it hits me very directly (Asc at 17 Libra, Sun Sag) and I’ve read a couple things suggesting a scary eruption of difficult truths, like the bogeyman is waiting to get me. It’s helped to be reminded about the potential for transformation and expansion of positive things like ideals and spiritual belief too. My grandmother is close to passing, she is the root of my family, so I can see how something like that could be painful yet open up my horizons…

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