Jupiter Saturn & Pluto Retrograde Conjunct My Ascendant

My lumbar spine scolosisMy spine surgery was abruptly canceled last week, nine days before it was supposed to take place.  Let me tell you, when you know you’re going to be the hospital a week, unable to drive for a month, you have a business, family visiting and a need to buy groceries when there are none on the shelf, it’s a pain.  But it’s nothing like the pain of having the surgery nuked, unexpectedly, out of the clear blue sky. 

This is is all for my benefit or so I’m told. I work hard to hold my tongue. It’s that Mars Neptune in Pisces squaring Gemini. To be effective, you must pretend to be mindless.

In whatever case, it’s been an difficult undertaking.  Rules, rules, rules, rules and waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting.  Obviously, I have to persevere.

I just want to pop on here and explain my absence. I’m here and working with clients. I just have to get this other stuff done – period.  I am very slowly making headway.

I have a telemedicine appointment with a potential surgeon tomorrow morning. I’m hoping he can and will fix my back and that I like his proposal. If we connect successfully, I still have to wait on a (remote) second opinion, even though I have seen six orthopedic surgeons and two neurosurgeons.  The way it’s going, I might have surgery by the end of the month – maybe!

That’s about it!  I am keeping up with my newsletter. I’ll know more after I talk to this doctor. While he’s definitely accomplished, these surgeons tend to specialize. His nurse mentioned, “tumors”. I don’t have one so he may refer me…

Thanks for keeping things lively around here. I appreciate it. And yes, that is the spine in question. Ugh!


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  1. Just how is the delay in your benefit? Sounds to me like a bureaucratic snafu.

    Insurance companies don’t really care about your health. They care about the bottom line. That’s why they like to funnel you into programs using only lists of doctors and surgeons with whom they have negotiated lower rates.

    • I don’t feel the delay benefits me at all. Negotiated rates may be part of it but I think it goes deeper.

      In whatever case, I am sure this surgery costs 100K or more. I can’t pay for that so I have to do it their way.

      I will say the surgeon I will talk to tomorrow has a lot of status. He was also recommended (without reservation) by the surgeon I had chosen. The hospital is also premier in the area. These are the things they emphasize, while downplaying restricting my choice.

      They also take possession of your medical records… you can extrapolate from there.

      I also think this is a test drive. They are doing it for spine surgery at this point… but not a joint replacement. I really don’t know, outside of the fact, you do it their way or it won’t be covered. Paying out of pocket is not an option for me.

  2. That’s insane they’re jerking you around like that! It’s major and life-altering surgery! After six doctors they need a “seventh opinion”?? wtf, the system sucks.

  3. They require you have your spine surgery at a specific facility.
    They require this second opinion deal.
    They require you register with them.

    All of this is new and surprising.

    • Complicating an already difficult process feels so much more oppressive than it needs to be. Your daughter and grandson are there. Hope you all feed each other the amazing love that must be the “X” factor to keep on keepin’ on. Pete and I add to that loving, Elsa.

    • What do you mean by ‘you have to register with them’? Is there an other option, that is not controlled and help you anyway?

      • They have created something “Orthopedic support”. My surgeon put in the pre-auth and was told I had to register..

        When I called to “register”, they took info ( verify member id, etc.) This was step one.
        I was told there was two other steps… talk to a nurse who would “manage my care”, coordinate with the “center of excellence” hospital and doctor.
        Third step – go through “community medical” – this consists of talking to another nurse, releasing health records so they can get this second opinion… and answer my questions?

        I don’t have questions but anyway, once step three is done, I will get a full report, a copy of which will be provided to the new surgeon. I have been told all the way through this how great and happy and lucky I am to have all these people helping me.
        They are called “allies” by the way. These nurses are my “ally”.
        I also have a coordinator at the hospital and on top of that, the literal business manager of the hospital has called me THREE times.

        All of this, to delay a surgery for a month, ultimately. But I have to get on the phone with every single person, multiple times, so you can see the annoyance factor is off the charts.

        • Oh Elsa! I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this! I went through such a process with my operation being a Workmen’s Comp case. By the time I jumped through all the hoops and had surgery 3 years and 2 weeks AFTER I was injured, it took my neurosurgeon 3 hours to even get through the scar tissue that formed to begin fixing me. I was out of my gourd with my annoyance factor plus being at a pain level of 12 for those years. And that’s not factoring in COVID and riots that are happening now. I know I’m barely on here but you are in my prayers daily.

            • Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe. Hoping your appt. Monday goes great and you move closer to surgery. Keep ploughing through and I’ll keep sending you positive vibes!

              You’re an inspiration with your perseverance and patience! I aspire for a fraction of those abilities!

              Thanks for checking in. Good to know you’re hanging in there.

              • I don’t have an appointment. I am back in the data gathering stage.
                The surgeon’s office will set up the myelogram… they will call me with the appointment time. I will or will not have a conflict with the time… may have to reschedule. I understand I need a ride home from this?
                Then the test results will have to get to the surgeon and they will have to schedule an appt to go over them in his office… I will have to take a day off got the appointment, he is not close.

                I figure 10-14 days.

                Meantime, hopefully, the remote doc will do their eval with what has already been submitted, in the same time frame. Can’t go forward without this opinion, even if it will be ignored?
                But I bet when they hear of the new test, they will have to re-review so no surgery before July, is a pretty safe bet.

        • It sounds very strange, because it is the opposite of being an ally. Look at your spine! Maybe you “play” nice, just go with it, but wait for the right moment to force them into surgery. That would be the end of being nice. Maybe, you have a “nice” emergency? After the surgery, you register.

        • This sounds appalling to me. I find language to be weaponized in situations like this – you don’t need “allies,” you need your doctor who you had and liked in the first place. I don’t like where this is all headed, in general. I hope you get what you need without too many more hoops to jump through.

  4. At the very least, your bank account will benefit from this tremendously.

    Sounds like the previous surgeon was a mirage. It makes me wonder if he could have warned you about the insurance situation but opted not to. Anyway, the only surgeon that ultimately matters is the one who does the procedure…maybe there could be something to observe here in the feelings you had about the old surgeon but also the new ones you’ll be consulting with. A subtle energetic shift might work in your favor. Also, anyone who does this kind of work is highly trained. They don’t just pull people off the street to do this.

    Your comfort matters in this, so don’t be afraid to advocate for that and maneuver through this newly revealed limited system in the way that most benefits you.

    I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, just wanted to approach it from a certain angle.

    • The original surgeon had no idea of these restrictions. My visits to him were covered. These requirements kicked in when it came down to surgery. For example, a steroid shot or an ablation probably would not have triggered this.

      The only thing I can fault him for, is he started the per-authorization, nine days before surgery. The surgery had been planned a month or more before they submitted the stuff to my insurance company (UHC by the way). As soon as they got it, this erupted.

      I will speak with the new surgeon within three hours.

  5. Happy you are safe,still wondering what when where who or why the full moon, eclipses and retro grades will effect me.kisses ,oh man you should see the echinacea I planted

  6. Unexpected outcome. He does not think my symptoms match what he sees on the scans, consequently, he is not confident the planned surgery would alleviate the problem. He’s ordering a myelogram to get a clearer idea.

    He also said the case is too complicated to consult via telemedicine. He’s got to see me in his office…

    I am sure the remote docs will wait for results on the new test too. Bottom line, no surgery this month, I’d say.

      • I don’t know. That is my spine right there. It’s badly crushing nerves and needs to be corrected. Everyone can see this. I just don’t know.
        But I believe what he’s saying… my symptoms are not correlating with what he would expect – closely enough – that he can be confident the surgery the other doctor planned would resolve this.

        So the other neurosurgeon said he wouldn’t touch me. The one who planned the surgery did not just spit out a plan. He told me he has to “consult with his people”… which he did. So it’s just really a sordid mess, for real. Meanwhile, I intermittently shriek in pain.

        • I know, it is very hard. But you are almost threw. Then everything is getting better. I think you will be maybe healed. They need the right diagnosis, for the right surgery. They don’t know, what you have. That is the problem. But it changes with that new doctor. They are afraid to tell you, that they don’t know what you have. Maybe, they have to do a surgery out of the blue and look inside, to make a decision. They can’t plan. That is scary for everyone. Besides, in a case of a wrong diagnosis, you have the right to be compensated for all that pain in the past. But don’t tell them. I think, this is problem Number two. The doctors, who made the wrong diagnosis are scared of you and the new doctor.

  7. Sorry to hear this, Elsa. Last time I heard, you had found the guy. I’ve got to believe there’s a reason…

    I hear wonderful things about Shands in Gainesville for neuro-related conditions. Hopefully, you won’t be back to square one.

  8. Every time I see that picture, it gets more and more painful to look at! I can only imagine what it feels like to live with the pain day in and day out. I hope all of this rigamarole is worth it for you in the end. This too shall pass.

  9. i just want to send blessings to your spine & your surgery. you give us so much always and i hope it is returned to you a thousand fold. if anyone teaches us destiny unfolding its u so may this delay b for ur highest good. maybe itl b beyond all this retrograde and eclipse stuff. theres a great little louise hay book where she goes thru the metaphysical vibration of each vertebrae. u will probably receive great benefit from it.

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