Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Direct With Mercury & Mars Retrograde

planet postcardWhat have you noticed since the planets that make up the stellium in Capricorn went direct? I see things slowly sorting out.

The stellium is conjunct my ascendant (body). I had this very serious surgery which went exceptionally well.  But I’ve had to go through the rigmarole.

Post surgery, I was on drugs. I dealt with the side effects. I weaned off them. I went to my follow-up appointment. I got my x-ray…

You can see the Capricorn / Saturn deal here. Slow, methodical progress… hopefully with no significant  setbacks.

Today, I’ll see my primary care doctor. I don’t have pain but I still have Lupus.  I’ve told people for years now, Pluto in Capricorn – consolidate your losses. But you also count your gains. So today, all kinds of trouble I’ve had, caused by horrible pain, will be flushed off my record. It’s done, baby!  I survived this. We’re not talking about there being no way to place my body in a bed  without excruciating pain – done! Gone! Can you imagine?

Today is a milestone. Once I clear this appointment, there is nothing but a rheumatologist appointment after Christmas. By then, we’ll all be in a new story… and this other one will be truly behind us.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde and this does slow things. It’s frustrating and it’s annoying. But the big pieces are properly oriented and I hope this helps you better see your own situation.

Do you feel you’re slowly clearing a problem?



Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Direct With Mercury & Mars Retrograde — 24 Comments

  1. I love the word rigamarole, and I’m happy for you that you are getting thru yours! I mostly have no idea what you’re saying, technically, but I really enjoy how you say it, so I keep reading. I follow Human Design and the gene keys, and a lot of times I can relate what you’re saying to that. Lupus is so hard- I’m really happy for your success!

  2. Thanks, everyone. I have had SIX major surgeries in the last five years. I really think I’m done. Seriously! There is nothing looming.

    So the astrology is really clear here…. rolling over my ascendant. I think my doctor is going to be stunned, when he sees me. I really look like a different person. To see me, you’d never dream what I’ve been through. But it’s real and I have the film to prove it! 🙂

  3. Yes, there is slow and methodical progress. Like the dance footsteps of a waltz…. “Slow, slow, quick quick, slow”

    For this to happen in the 12th house with Pluto, I think one need to spend some good long time thinking about it to have it all make sense. Luckily Jupiter is involved, even if it doesn’t make it easier, it kinda… Fuels the meaning behind many things that have happened.

  4. Yes! My hip labrum was ripped by a fake chiropractor about 6 years ago, and I accidentally found that HCQ for Covid works for the AR I had developed. So now I have much less pain and some pretty nice advances.
    Also my guy was going through hell at work that developed into a suicidal ideation that over the course of a few months I was able to talk him out of, until he was offered a new job, moved, left me to pack and put our house in the original town on the market, and follow him over to the new place. Gradual betterment in that area too.
    …And, my daughter has gone from not even calling on my birthday to sending cryptic notes saying she wants me to visit and she loves me. I am still confused, but hopeful.

  5. Aloha Elsa love to read you have been able to get through such a tough period, you are no doubt very strong.
    I am a Taurus with Scorpio ascendant and North node in Taurus, Chiron in Piscis. I have had a very challenging 1 year and a half health challenge, with my lower back and now also left glute and right shoulder. Working hard with a physio, but I still feel progress is very slow….but fromreading your post finally I migh be able to have a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel…more like a rabbit hole…blessings

  6. Elsa that’s great news! I’ve noticed with the stellium that my bones hurt more. I don’t have the best hip either or lower back from injuries sustained in the past. I just recently had Radioactive Iodine for thyroid cancer. Two years ago I had a thyroidectomy to remove my thyroid due to papillary cancer. I see the rise in this everyday. Can you please talk about Uranus in Taurus and the throat? I was diagnosed under this aspect in 2018. I hope I’m done with this. Now my daughter could possible have a goiter on her thyroid and she’s 25. I hope she’s clear of everything. No one in my family ever had thyroid cancer. I’m soon to be 62.

  7. Rooting for your recovery and admiring your tenacity, Elsa. I have the Capricorn stellium sitting on top of and crossing back and forth over my 23 degree DSC. Ready to push on through and get to lighter feeling energy. Methodically and in a disciplined way I’ve been trying to close out an energy cycle that has tested me to the breaking point. I’m being tenacious too! Blessing to us all.

  8. Your surgeries and attitude have been an incredible inspiration, for years! Continued blessings and thank you for the sharing.
    We are seeing the slow progress of turning our story of life from a wagon into a long-playing record of what it takes to live a real life of unconventional folks. Living with goats, and an evolved and compassionate Capricorn gives weight to Saturn in a big, hands-on, on the ground way. Magic and details run a parallel path she told me over the garden gate. Later, I’ll gather her original ‘magic beans’ before the frost, and we’ll make yummy winter beans with those purple beans.
    Yes, the direct movement is here, and we’ll happy!!

  9. (((Elsa)))👏👏 Congratulations on your successful end of a long and painful journey. Well done!
    Soon we will be talking about scones again and beautiful tomatoes and peppers growing in your garden. Please do take one day at a time and rest a lot. Love ya💕 girl!
    Aries Rising

  10. I am talking to one who is talking about the Pluto in Capricorn generation.. saying they’ve only seen 5-7 years of normal and things and they hate to think the new normal will be normal for the rest of their life.. it’s a dark vision of the future.. there is no optimism

    I mean.. what are the ethics of bringing a child into a world like this?

    • He says that a period in early childhood without physical contact.. also escalating ‘new normals’ could fuck up the children growing up today. I shut down a little when he said that. I don’t know what to think

  11. Hello! It’s great to hear you are pain-free. My Twitter feed tossed up a link to an artist who turns X-rays of people’s scoliosis spines into eerily beautiful paintings. Unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the post …

    Say, I just learned that on November 5, the rulers of the Cardinal signs will all be in their signs: Moon/Cancer 1, Venus/Libra 9, Mars/Aries 15, and Saturn/Capricorn 26. The astrologer writing about this was pretty excited, because it happens only once every 300 years (1578 and 1783). What do you think?

  12. Very very very slowly though. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and then the darkness of the tunnel again. The light and the darkness over and over again. It’s just part of my life. The rest is all ‘sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everything la la la.

  13. Yes.

    I just gave myself permission to let go of a psychic burden- someone who owes me money and won’t respond to my communication. It’s not too much so I opted to let it go, and let her go, and the relief was immediate.

    The rest is just plugging along and checking things off the list, piece by piece. Can’t move quickly but I’m getting somewhere.

  14. I’m SO happy to hear this, Elsa! Amazing! You have always been the Phoenix rising, and this is another example. Truly inspiring. Peace and love to you!

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