Jupiter Retrograde: June 20, 2021 – A Special Day

2017 eclipseI don’t usually think about the moment that Jupiter turns retrograde but this year is special. When Jupiter in Pisces reverses course at 11:04 am Eastern time on June 20th, it will be part of Grand Trine involving the sun and the moon.

Jupiter is at home in Pisces.  The sun will be in Gemini at 29 degrees. The moon will be in Scorpio at 2 degrees.  I don’t know!  But this seems to describe a moment of enlightenment.  Mental and emotional doors open, allowing us an glimpse of something not usually accessible.

This reminds me of the Great American Eclipse of 2017.  I live in region where it was visible and I think about that day a lot.  There are certain things you witness that stay with you.

I think this point in time is like that though I admit it may act like some kind of cosmic dog whistle. If you’re not spiritually attuned; the type to look to the horizon for some kind of nuance, it may pass you by. But if you are like this type, I’d mark Sunday, June 20th on your calendar.  You just might see something special.



Jupiter Retrograde: June 20, 2021 – A Special Day — 11 Comments

  1. I well remember the 2017 Eclipse, though it was not visible in my area..I made two major changes in my life during that month..Coincidence? I think not…

  2. It’s conjunct by natal Chiron on the DC so I’m looking forward to some healing at root 🙂 It opposes natal Uranus thus making a kite formation ….. so maybe some surprise involved!

  3. I will be marking this one on my calendar because I started observing solstice last year. I lit a white candle. This year I will be smudging and peaking at my tarot cards. Not sure if I’ll be lighting a candle though. The moon will be conjunct my ASC not sure if Jupiter or the Sun aspect anything else on my chart.

    The 2017 eclipse was magical. I was able to to fully see it because the state I live in was part of the path it took to where you could see the totality of it.

  4. Hooray!! I plant seeds last Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s Wednesday
    And my seeds popped in days(serious heat and rain here,and my beloved moon chart,giving me
    That Pisces Moon) yesterday I began tiller
    But she pooped out quick; however
    Me and my might Hoe , cranked through all rows !!but 6 x 40’ rows( to be done today after work) will make round 1 weeding in ( da da daaaa!)
    The Dark of Moon , feels awesome
    Can’t wait for 20th,feels like something Wonderful coming! I believe your telescope and vibes
    Yes marking calendar!!

  5. Oh, this is nice, the 20th is my Mom’s bday, so this grand trine will be on her sun and with her for the whole year. It will also be on my Dad’s moon, so more fleeting for him.

  6. The Moon will conjunct my Scorpio Neptune/Jupiter conjunction as it forms the water trine with Rx Jupiter in Pisces and the Cancer Sun. I attend church on Sundays so I imagine the sermon will be extra meaningful.

  7. Jupiter Rx..right on my 29 degree Uranus in Gemini in the 9th…over the last few days the spirit projects I’ve been working on have taken the most amazing, unexpected turns & metamorphoses…can’t wait!:)

  8. I don’t remember June 2017, but that was around the time of my Saturn return. I have a lot of planets around an MC of 26 degrees, so hopefully tomorrow I get some kind of sign. I’ve been terribly tired in every way. I definitely would love some enlightenment!

  9. Been keeping my ears and eyes open for anything unusual. About an hour ago, a huge swarm of bees just appeared in the garden! I have never seen this before, it was pretty inspiring!

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